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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Ford Escape sees just a very minor shuffling of equipment.

  • Good performance and fuel efficiency
  • Many high-tech features
  • Comfortable seating.
  • High-quality cabin
  • Agile handling
  • Lack of interior storage cubbies.
  • Occasionally frustrating electronics interfaces

User Reviews:

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  • All around good vehicle so far. - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    I bought the 2.0 AWD Titanium addition. This model is not included in the drop down box for the 2015 model year. I don't know why but whatever. Anyway, I bought this vehicle as opposed to other SUVs on the market mainly because it had the towing package. I am a big fan of Hondas as they have been very reliable for me but the styling of the new CR-V did not impress me. I have the same minor gripes as other people with lack of cubbies up front and that the back only fits my golf clubs diagonally and just barely. Also the gas tank is way undersized. Just recently filled up and trip computer claimed I had 362 miles to empty. Not the case, generally have to fill up around 300. Overall I have found the vehicle comfortable and the Sync system works great. Acceleration and handling seem very good. I think for the price of the Titanium trim, you should get the LED headlight accents/daytime running lights included in the trim level rather than having to pay additional. That's about it.

  • Love My Escape! - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    Drove a Camry for 12 years and 165,000 miles. Did nothing but change oil and tires. Giving it to my son for college graduation. Bought a loaded, 2015 Escape Titanium 2.0 4 wheel drive 2 months and 3,000 miles ago. Hoping have the same luck with this vehicle. Test drove Santa Fe, Rav 4, Terrain. Escape no question hotter look, hotter interior, and better drive. Way more pep than the others. I wanted a small SUV with decent gas milage. Miss the 30-32 I was getting with Camry but knew my milage would go down. Getting 25.1 average so far. Like the fact it is all wheel drive moving to 4 wheel drive when I need it. Looking very forward to see how it does this winter. Love the interior. Hands free Navigation, phone, stereo, climate. I have had no issues with voice commands. It let's you know what you can say, very easy to get comfortable with. Love never needing to take the keys out of my pocket. Love the key pad on door. I got the full length sun roof - LOVE IT. Never had one before. Heated seats, memory seats - LOVE IT. Also love using the foot to open back gate, that has come in handy many times. I know it is early but every time I get into it I look forward to driving it. So far so good!

  • Good value - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    I bought this vehicle on New Years eve 2014 and at writing have 22,000 on it. I knew I was not buying a high end luxury car and don't try to pretend that it is one. Fuel economy is fair to good (25.3 combined over 22,000, I don't ever reset trip 1) and I am not disappointed although like everyone else I'd like a little more. The rear seats are of the "lay flat" design so they are not the most comfortable, that is a trade off in any SUV/CUV with lay-flat back seats. We seldom have back seat passengers and only for a short distance so its no problem. I have put several hundred miles at a time in it and I'm big guy @6' / 275, and find the front seat a bit on the firm side but still comfortable. I would like to have a slightly larger fuel tank even if only one or two gallons more. Overall this is a very good vehicle for the price. Its only been in the shop for its oil changes.

  • poor mileage since recall - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    I used to get good MPG, 22 in city, 28 highway, ever since the so called recall for who knows what my MPG suck, 17-19 city, 22 highway and I am not a fast start, dime stop driver. What happened, who knows, took to dealer and their test says overall 22mpg, that SUCKS. I have 9000 miles on this car and why did it drop, well Ford claims it is not due to the recall, I disagree 100% as it happened after the update. Won't be buying another Ford, and this is my 2nd Escape, first one was a LEMON, had it 5 weeks and was in shop every week. Ford in my opinion is 100J% WRONG, I asked them to remove the update considering it can be done, it is a computer they do it to and they mouth off about some stupid government law saying they can't do it. So be careful if you expect to get good mileage, you will not. I cannot give high marks for anything because of poor miles per gallon after the recall. The information below is good except for zip code, will not allow me to enter mine and the miles, I have 8,800 miles

  • So Far So Good - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    Leased a 2015 Escape SE 4WD 2.0 in August and have about 1200 miles on her so far. Got some extras that I didn't necessarily want but the dealership gave me a deal so I took it. Have the vista roof and wouldn't recommend it honestly it barely tilts open and if you open it 100% instead of the standard opening, there is a terrible buffeting sound that travels throughout the inside of the car. I would recommend the 2.0 because it really performs and takes off MPG is so-so but that is to be expected when there is so much power to give. There is no interior storage but I knew that when choosing the vehicle so I can't really call that a "con." I don't understand the negativity behind MyFord Touch I've never had an issue and thus far has worked flawlessly. Some more observations: -Headlights work fine and I like that they automatically come on when the wipers are put to the low setting -Grown to appreciate the dual zone climate control -Can't live without a power hatch after having one now -Driver seat is very comfortable -All cars should come with built in blind spot mirrors -Keypad entry is nice use it more to lock the car than anything else -Engine turns over very quickly -Power reserve stays on even when the keys are out of the ignition as long as a door isn't opened -LED interior lights are nice and bright Only "issue(s)" I've had would be the power shade for the vista roof vibrating within the first days of ownership while parked on an incline and it hasn't happened since. It's only happened two or three times but the car will shift very hard when turning it on and shifting out of park.

  • i have the 2 liter 4. 240 horsepower. - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    my escape is the 2015 se 4 wheel drive 2.0 liter 240 horse version with trailer tow pack. now that i have lived with this car for almost a year and 11,000 miles later i am quite happy in my choice. the power train really sets this vehicle apart from the rest. plenty of power for towing a trailer. (and i do on occasion) handles great even with 4 adults on board. i purchased this vehicle in feb and the 4 wheel drive works great better than the competition. like i said i am very happy with it for i did some research before the purchase. one of my purchasing points was ease of entry into the vehicle and this one was the best for me to enter. i replaced my ford super duty pickup with this vehicle. combined mileage is 25.4. highway is 30.5. heavy two axle uhaul trailer loaded is 17.5.

  • Work car doesn't work - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    My employer purchased a fleet of escapes as patrol vehicles. Seats are garbage, shape of it hurts the lower back, can't sit like a normal human. Not enough space between door and center console to sit without my equipment on, let alone with a full rig. Feels like I'm sitting on concrete. Armrests are non existent. Need to have the window down in winter to have somewhere for my arm. Fuel economy? 8mpg. Had the car 3 months, spent half it's life being repaired. Stay away. Get a Toyota!

  • 2500 miles and twice to dealership - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    Bought a 2015 Escape S in Feb 2015. As of August 2015 it has 2500 miles on the ODO, sleeps in a covered garage safe from the elements. It has been to the dealership twice for safety recalls. While I appreciate that the manufacturer issued the safety recalls, I think that their quality control is lacking and could have avoided these recalls. Due to these recalls, I have lost 2 half days from work and had to spend money out of pocket for taxi to get back to the dealer (they offer one way shuttle). I purchased a new vehicle because I couldn't afford to be losing time off work, but its a lesson learnt. It is also amazing that a cargo cover is an option that doesn't come with a vehicle that's listed for $23,500. To ford's credit they had a representative call me to find out if the vehicle was working properly after the 2 dealer visits, but if they invest in quality control Vs resources for follow up calls, they would have prevented this review. This is my first experience with ford (I wanted to buy American) after being a customer of japanese manufacturers for 20+ years. I have to say that I am underwhelmed and wish I had stayed with a Japanese car. I'm in the process of investigating trading in this vehicle for another brand because of my experience so far.

  • Burned by ford - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    Bought a 2015 escape in February in June started hearing a noise coming from the engine. The mechanics at dealership said it was fuel injector that ruined the piston.We had to have a new engine put in. We felt should buy it back because it was defective, Ford said no because it was a new engine being put in,this was not satisfactory to us.We had to buy another one. The dealership or Ford would not trade it out for another Escape so we had take a hit and pay another 3 thousand dollars plus pay the taxes again. We've have bought 12 cars from this dealership over the years and this is how we were treated and Ford didn't care either therefore we will not buy another Ford product!!!!!!!!

  • I would never buy one! - 2015 Ford Escape
    By -

    I have this for a company vehicle and it is by far the worst car as far as comfort, storage, and accessories that I have ever had to drive! Unfortunately I drive 40,000 miles per year so comfort is important. The front is cramped with no where to store personal belongings. The gas tank is small and requires frequent fill ups. The Chevy equinox is by far a better vehicle as far as comfort, accessories, gas mileage, and storage. Unfortunately the Ford was my only option.

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