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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Ford Escape sees no changes of note. An all-new model is set to debut next year.

  • Hybrid model's impressive fuel economy.
  • High-tech entertainment features
  • Nifty automated parking option
  • Feels old compared to rivals
  • Non-reclining and non-sliding rear seat is difficult to fold.
  • Poor performance from rear drum brakes

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  • Good Commuter Car - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    I purchased this vehicle new in August 2012 and I have had no major complaints for 3 years. PROS: This is a decent commuter car, no bells and whistles, nothing fancy. This is a $20,000 car so you get what you pay for. I can answer my cell phone hands free, (SYNC & SUN Model), which is pretty cool. I have not noticed the braking system problems that so many have mentioned. It turns well and easy to navigate in parking lots. Plenty of cargo space for shopping, bags of mulch, flats of flowers etc. I get 25 mpg for my commute to work in highway stop and go traffic, but I have gotten 31 mpg on long highway trips. Running the AC will greatly reduce MPG. CONS: Once every 6 months the starter makes an awful noise, as if I tried to start the car while it is already running. (???). I have a 4 cylinder so there is no "get up & go". Leaks in rear window & probably driver side door as carpet is always wet when it rains. (not sure where the water is coming from). The door handles and the sun visors are very cheaply made, (hate them). Radio speakers are pretty generic. Backseat area is small. Only a small child would be able to sit in the middle seat. The rear folding seats is the worst design. It is a major project if you want to fold the seats down. It is a multi-step process, AND they will not lay flat unless you take the head rest off too. Ugh awful. I don't carry passengers so I took off the three headrest and stored them in garage, so if I need to lay down the rear seating I will not have to deal with the headrest too.

  • Loved Our 2005 Escape So Much We Bought Another - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    I previously reviewed our '05 Escape XLS 2.3L 5M on 10/28/09, and provided an updated comment on 8/13/2015. My wife and I loved the '05 so much, we wanted another, but didn't want a newer '13 or '14 model due to it being a brand new design - I wanted to stick with the tried-n-true previous design. So we ended up getting this AWD SUV, upgrading from the base '05 XLS to the top-of-the-line '12 Limited. Actually, I'd have preferred an XLT with the 2.5L 4-cyl, but my friend works at a local dealership, and he steered us to this model with the 3.0L V6. It evidently came off a 2-year lease - it only had 11k miles on it. And (I think) since it was February - the middle of an awfully cold WNY winter - we ended up getting it for a very good price. And it was sold as "Certified", so the only repair we needed on it so far (replace right front brake pads due to uneven wear, machine rotors) was covered under the warranty. The SUV has been solid so far, but will likely need a new set of tires for this winter, and it has developed a quirky, intermittent problem with the ventilation system. The A/C & heat works great (I've read forums where many owners experienced problems), but the fan speed, at times, can not be adjusted or controlled. Best Features: Powerful acceleration, very smooth ride & tranny, blind-spot mirrors, top-notch sound system. Wife loves the moonroof and handling in snow. Worst Features: Not a fan of the faux-chrome shiny plastic covering the Limited aluminum (?) wheels. Showing signs that the rear-wheel well rust issues that plagued earlier Escapes may still be a problem. Gas mileage is only average (22.1 MPG long term) not the 24+ MPG we got consistently with the 2.3L 4 cyl '05 model. It makes me mad you can't get an AWD Escape anymore with a manual transmission.

  • A good purchase - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    I have owned four Escapes over the years, and own a 2009 and a 2012. I have now had the 2012 for a year now and put about 10K miles on it. I have had no issues with it. It will get over 30 MPG on long trips when driven at highway speeds.

  • Won't own Fords again! (That Sucks) - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    I leased a new 2012 Limited 4x4 V-6. I have always liked Ford products, and even worked for them in the 90's.This rig has had a water leak problem since purchase. It's been almost 3yrs,and thank god my lease is almost done!! It has had 12+ repairs on the same problem, and mostly has had the same repair done. Repair doesn't work! It is a small leak, and most of the time it runs down the back window, but has run from small hooks in back,sunroof, soaking passenger side floor boards front and back.Living in the NorthWest isn't helping. Super disappointed in Ford for how this was handled or not handled. I've been ruined for life and no longer will support any of Fords products! (wish differently)

  • Worth it.. - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    I got my 2012 Escape used, about 2 months ago. $21,500 I've put almost 5,000 miles on as I drive a lot. Its almost fully loaded, Sunroof, Premium sound, heated leather, microsoft sync. This is my second Ford, and I was hesitant about this, because I had a 2008 Ford Fusion I purchased brand new for $23,000, and it was a total lemon, it was serviced a million times & had transmission issues, thats for another review though, the escape handles beautifully, is good on long trips, Sync really comes in handy because I tend to talk and drive and it allows my iPhone to play my playlists directly off the radio. I reccomond this vehicle %100

  • Great Car for the money - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    Bought the 4 cylinder limited model to get better gas mileage than we were getting with out 8 cylinder. Having said that you can definitely tell its a 4 cylinder. it definitely doesn't have the get up and go that Ive become accustomed to but thats a trade I was willing to make. It feels luxurious and comfortable inside which was surprising to me since I am tall and I thought it was going to be too small. But for the money you can't beat it and I am happy with my purchase.

  • Terrible brakes and awful safety features - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    Safety: The brakes on this SUV is notorious to be the worst braking system in it's class. It takes 154 feet to stop this SUV from 60MPH and brake fade is expected, which adds on more footage. This means that it takes a minimum of 11 lengths of Ford Focus' to stop the Escape at the best without brake fade. Also, the Escape uses drum brakes on the rear. What is this 1990? The brakes also lock up frequently and this is a known problem all over the internet. The IIHS crash test ratings are not great either.

  • Ford Certified and after sales service- Awful processes and follow through - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    I have been a big fan of Ford and GM cars with all their warts and issues, so this was a curious experience with Ford and its dealer at Lawrenceville, New Jersey. A car is really a sum of experiences. I bought a pre -owned Ford Escape Certified by Ford. Shocking gaps at all stages. 1. Ford Pre certified. Was given a gar with broken bumpers and mechanicals. The dealer refused to change it the bumper and I also decide to focus on other transmission issues. After 4 weeks, car called in for a day. I got it after nearly 2 week. No loaner or rental. 2. Service - the words dripped with honey but you know when you are spun. Ford directs you to dealer 3. Its car - rough and cheap though functional

  • New Car, Bad Transmission - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    This was our 3rd new Escape (2005, 2007, & 2012). We have always liked the 'box' for use ability. However, our 2012 XLT V6 Escape developed transmission problems at about 10,000 miles. Ford adjusted trans and slipping seemed to disappear ... initially. Over time it got worse with terrible slipping, hunting for gears, & loud clunks as it found 1st & 2nd gears. At 20,000 miles Ford now tells us the transmission will need "several new parts" (which they have to order). No, they will not replace the trans ... just fix it as they tried before. Our goal now is to get the car running and dump it. We are the 3rd generation of loyal Ford customers and, we are the LAST.

  • Reliable and good gas mileage - 2012 Ford Escape
    By -

    Had this vehicle for 100K miles plus with no problems and great gas mileage.

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