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  • The worse handling I have ever seen - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    Make a sharp turn at 30 miles per hour and it leans heavy, I mean real heavy, like ready to rollover. Should not be allowed on the road. Totally unsafe. The death mobile !

  • CrossRoad Plus Rocks - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    I recently bought my new dodge CrossRoad Plus and currently have 5000 miles on it. There are many pluses on the SUV and very few minuses when it comes to operation, comfort and road worthiness. My SUV has Fast pickup and passing capabilities as the V6 is very strong with great torque, it is very easy to see all around the vehicle and has minor blind spots when going down the road. My gas mileage on trips has been 23.0 MPG and normal everyday driving is at 20.5 - 21.0 MPG for average. If I am trying to get places quickly and planting my foot the gas mileage will drop 1-2 MPG. The interior is roomy for a compact SUV and has a great amount of cargo space, it also has a number of hiding places like the compartments under the rear floor board. The controls are easy to use and the 8.4 inch infotainment screen is wonderful, with easy to use ergonomics on the screen as well as on the steering wheel. I can go to Costco and Sam's and carry almost as much in this vehicle as in my full size Dodge Ram. I have seating for 7(even though I have never used the far back seats) and the seats are very comfortable. I do wish that I had air vented seats in the front and power passenger seat as my wife is very used to that and some times in the Texas weather your bum gets warm as we do drive more distances. I listen to my music from my phone using slacker radio and the sound is very rich and bold. It can be ran very loud and it automatically turns the music down when you are at stop lights or idling. I also like the fact that if I use navigation on my phone the sound is ported through the sound system while in the Player mode on the radio, so when I am listening to my music the navigation sound is easily understandable(I did not get the 8.4 infotainment system with navigation this time around). The Drivers seat is very comfortable on short and long trips and is easily adjustable. I like the tilt and telescope on the steering column and it easy to adjust as well. The ride comfort on my Journey is amazing, I test drove many vehicles including Hyundai, KIA, Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Chrysler and found the Journey was more comfortable than any of the other compact SUVs and comparable to vehicles with a much longer wheel base. I believe it has one of the best rides in the industry, I have owned more than 30 vehicles in my time of driving. Overall the vehicle is fantastic it has everything that we need and more for an outstanding price. My only draw back on this vehicle is the downshift when passing as it takes too long to happen and when using the cruise control(which I do on a daily basis), it will take a drop of 3 MPH before it downshifts. I think this was done for gas mileage purposes. It has a 6 speed transmission and I think it would have been better with a 7 speed for the cruise control downshift issue that I see. The Journey has been around for some time and FCA/Dodge has worked all of the kinks out of this vehicle.

  • Drive to THE ROCK! - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    I researched SUV's of all makes since Jan '16, (this is when my second vehicle went to car heaven ...it was 14 years old). Yes, I'm very analytical, and when it comes to my cold hard earned cash... darn right I'm going to do some homework! I went to a Hyundai dealership in Rockwall, (waste of time, as no one was willing to deal, their loss). I then went to dealership right next door... GREAT PEOPLE! They did all they could to get me into a Honda CRV.....(it was almost a sell, those cars are awesome, but without me doing research, and without knowing exactly what trim/ package I wanted I was not going to make a hasty decision! )Although their offers were FABULOUS, and were willing to earn my business with the extras... I just had my heart set on my Dodge Journey, and I was going to find it or go home and start researching the Honda CRV!! They even called me (although too late) to let me know they could get me what I wanted from one of their sister dealerships... NOW that's great customer SERVICE and customer follow up! I purchased a Certified Pre-Owned from ROCKWALL DODGE. Melvin my sales person was fabulous, he took our offers seriously and we made the deal. There was a miscommunication snafu regarding add-ons, but this company was quick, fast, and in a hurry to make any misconceptions on my part or sales persons part to make it RIGHT! ROCKWALL DODGE wanted to make me happy not only right then, but in the long years to come, not only with my vehicle... but with my entire experience! They have! Job well done ROCKWALL DODGE!! (The only thing is I am missing the key to my wheel locks!, I didn't check before driving home, I'm sure this can too be resolved... these guys are great!!) The vehicle is immaculate inside and out; there is one "miniature" ding on the passenger rear door, and it took me a while to find it after I got home. My vehicle is a V-6 FWD however, not 4cyl AWD. I love the "beastly power" when I need it, I love knowing it's there, though I try not to abuse it. (wink) My gas mileage from Rockwall to my drive way was just under 400 miles and I was still able to go to work my first week after coming home without having to fill the tank! (20-25 miles daily). The color is equivalent to a well tailored business man's power gray suit! (place wolf call here). The cargo space is AMAZING, with the third row, I simply keep it laid down for my ladder, and I still have plenty of room for vacation luggage, there are also lots and lots of secret embedded compartments for added storage. The only thing I will be adding to this new love in my life is a AMP step for both sides of the vehicle that will drop for me when I open the door. I'm 5'0 nothing, and enjoy climbing on things normally, but I'm at a point in life when I can afford to do things the easy way. So ladies... don't be afraid of this vehicle, it handles like a dream and if you have kids with lots of stuff, and they have friends with lots of stuff, you'll still have plenty of room for your stuff.

  • The Journey Begins - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    There are a couple of different styles and I was shown the bells and whistles first. I had to settle for the one with less options and feel jilted.

  • Great car for the price! - 2016 Dodge Journey
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  • Crossroad plus more than expected - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    I have had my Red Crossroad plus for four months and 5500 miles now and love it. I got the 4cyl engine due to special pricing, the engine is a 4 cyl but does better than I thought it would. The ride is top notch and it is very quiet inside, not that much road noise. i traded in a 2010 Honda Accord, a car that I really liked but its road noise was big distraction. The journey is very quiet and has a tight supple ride. Handling is crisp and steering is nice. Lots of space inside, it looks much bigger inside than it looks on the outside. The crossroad plus has all the bell and whistles, love the nav system and the backup camera. The vehicle turns heads as i drive by. It is a splendid road trip vehicle. We took a trip from Texas to Utah and Colorado and had a wonderful time and love the Journey. So far no problems with the car. Very happy with this vehicle. 11-24-16. Update. four more months have come and gone since the last review and I just love the Journey that much more. I now have 8000 miles on it and the gas milage is even better as it gets broken in. Still no problems what so ever and as quiet and comfortable as ever. FIVE STARS PLUS great job Dodge!

  • Great Value - Awesome Ride - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    Great car for $$. Upgrading to 3.6L engine was so worth it. It has very quick exceleration, hugs the road and has a fantastic (touring) suspension system. You can barely tell when you go over a bump. Love the interior with leather upgrade, full power & heated driver and passenger seats, heated mirrors and larger touchscreen in dash. Tons of storage in rear floor, inside front passenger seat and trunk area, especially when 3rd row seats are folded flat. You can fit lots of boxes, lumber and anything else you desire in there. Just wish it had a little better gas milage- abt. 19mpg. for 3.6v engine. Only regret is that I didn't get navigation but I got it a great price with rebates @ 24,995.00 for the Crossroads Plus- 3.6v upgrade and bought what they had in stock and unfortunately it didn't have navigation. Still worth it considering all the upgrades, ie. leather, power heated seats, larger 8.4" touchscreen, 3rd row seats, etc. Definitely feel it was a great bargain for what you get in comparison to the competitors. Overall a wonderful ride.

  • Awesome affordable buy!!! - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    Went from a 2004 Toyota Sienna to this. Was amazed at the space and storage areas. Especially having 3 ypung kids. I needed a decent amount of space! Mileage has been great! I went with the crossroad edition. 4 cylinder instead of the 6 cylinder. Awesome features. With rebates I saved a ton of money. Started out at $27,000 and got down to $19900. Absolutely love it!!!

  • Happy Journeyman - 2016 Dodge Journey
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    Despite some of the bad reviews this thing gets online, my wife and I love our Dodge Journey Crossroads Plus. It's comfy, spacious, has plenty of power for us with the 4 cylinder, looks sharp with the Crossroads Plus trim, and the infotainment system is arguably the best in the world. You can get all kinds of add-ons that are mostly just preference items - we have some key upgrades like the 8.4 Uconnect system, power seats, and back-up camera. The only real cons I can think of is the 4-speed transmission is kind of choppy at lower speeds (not noticeable for highway driving and such). For the price, this is the most spacious SUV you can buy, and it's packs a nice ride to boot. If you want a sports car or full size monster SUV, then well, get one of those. This is an affordable family mover and fills that role very well.

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