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This Year's Model Updates:

The Dodge Journey heads into 2015 with no major changes.

  • Seating for up to seven
  • Useful interior storage solutions
  • Smart touchscreen interface.
  • Available built-in booster seats
  • Weak acceleration on four-cylinder version
  • Below-average fuel economy regardless of engine
  • Mediocre handling abilities.

User Reviews:

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  • I have driven 5 of these buses - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Front seats stiff and not very comfortable, A-pillar blocks a lot of side view traffic. Large blind spots, mirrors not big enough, Rear seat headrests block view from rear window. Car tends to pull in one direction , doesn't seem to steer straight. Transmission is poor, takes for ever for the V6 to get up to highway speeds. Engine deserves something better than the current transmission. Cheap looking plastics inside, they crack or break. Windows seem to have a lot of noise at highway speeds. Could use better tires and better suspension too. I have had 5 of these as company vehicles since 2009. Overall design is OK but can't understand why Fiat can't fix these same old issues.

  • luvinflorida - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I bought my Dodge Journey Crossroads brand new in April 2015, I was so disappointed that it did not come with navigation or DVD player but did come with a big 8" screen...for what if you can`t watch a movie or follow navigation ?? The radio is something cheap and not a Bose. I would have also liked to have seen it come with a sunroof, this car offers nothing really for a $35,000 price tag !!!! NO WOW factor at all. I did buy the 4 cyl model which was a Big mistake as it has NO power and takes forever and a ton of gas to get up to speed. I`m waiting for the time when I can trade this SUV in as I will do it with a Smile on my face as I will Never buy another one again !!!!!!!

  • whiney whisltley - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Diappointed gear whine/whistle noise at 65-70 mph. Like an old schoolbus. Hav driven rentals before without this noise. Maybe just the late 2015's? Swtched supplier? Would have otherwise been great car.

  • Do not know what all the complaining is about? - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I love this car. I am a life long GM guy and this puts the Chevy Equinox to shame. The car size is just right, not too big, not too small. This car is fantastic in the Winter. I love the auto heated seats and steering wheel, also the awd. The seats are very comfortable, the radio nav screen is nice and big. The rear air and heat are awsome along with the 3rd row. The 1 big thing it needs is daytime running lites for extra safety.

  • not a reliable car - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I bought my car in july 4th abd since then have taken it to the dodge place twice for parts on my transmission failing. It has less than 2000 miles on it and i bought it with 3 miles in it. This is the biggest garbage i have ever bought from dodge. Should have kept my caliber

  • This SUV reliability sucks!!! - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    We purchased a 2015 Dodge Journey with only 13 miles in less than 24hrs the vehicle shut down on us 3x it has been in for service 3x with the problem happening more than 10x even while on the highway with my children in the vehicle. The dealership refused to trade it out!! Even if we were within our 30day warranty 2,500 miles warranty period!!! I would NOT recommend this vehicle to anyone!!!! Now there is 4 other Dodge journey in for service for the same problem as mine!!! So discussed with the service at Dodge Larry H. Miller in Avondale, AZ.

  • 10 Days Experiance Rental in California Mountians - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Recently rented a 2015 Journey LTD with V-6 for a 10 day vacation to the Sierra Nevada area of California Sequoia/Yosemite/Tahoe. Traveled one-half of the trip on inter-state or four-lane highways and the other on winding mountain roads with 35 MPH speed limits and grades of 6 to 12%. In total, we traveled 1,301 miles and averaged 21.02 MPG. The car was slightly over-powered on the freeway and slightly under-powered in the mountains no complaints. Shifting was smooth and concise. The seating was very comfortable. Handling was better than expected almost a good as a sedan. Overall, pleasantly surprised. I drive a Toyota now, and would seriously considered - depending upon the reliability rating.

  • Loving my 2015 Dodge Journey R/T.....Edmunds??? - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Went to the dealer to buy a Jeep Cherokee and test drove three versions, then tested the Journey. The Jeeps were a hard ride and costlier compared to the Journey. There wasnt much difference in mpg with the Jeep Cherokees and the Journey. The ride is smooth, the seats are comfortable and it feels like a solid SUV. The R/T is loaded with plenty of technology, storage, room between the rows and 19 inch tires. The lease was more affordable with better incentices than the Jeep Cherokees. So far, the gas mileage is better that the 19 city/25 highway as stated in the sticker. It has the pickup necessary to get you out of a bad situation, for a vehicle of its size. We all want better mpg, but this is a medium sized SUV and you know the mpg will not match a smaller car. No sure why Edmunds is so hard on this SUV, as it is an enjoyable ride and a good value for the money. I don't regret this lease and actually pleaseantly suprised I picked it over the Jeep Cherokee. I plan to enjoy it for the next 36 months lease and turn it in at that time for another SUV.

  • Here in Brazil it's far the best option! - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    We've been on vacation september last in Orlando, where we rented a Journey SXT, being a VW Jetta owner I was a litlle worried about the car's size. We liked so much that returning to Brazil we decided to invest some $$ in a RT JOURNEY V6. Here you also have the Fiat Freemont, that is the fruit of the joint venture of Dodge and Fiat, although they only sell the four cilinder engine. I test drove it and it's awfull!! In the othe hand Journey has been an excelent car, strong as hell, confortable as heaven and beautiful as our super model Gisele Bundchen :-)

  • Great car! - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    The vehicle is amazing! We were choosing between this, a Dodge Charger R/T and a Durango Limited. We loved them all so much, but we went with the journey because it was the middle size (not to big or not to small for our family) It has amazing options, plenty of room, nice features, nice look, and so much more. It looks sporty but yet nice at the same time. It is AMAZING! My sister in law has a Ford Expedition, and my other one has and Acura MDX, and they are both jealous. Everyone loves it!

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