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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Dodge Journey Crew trim boasts a stronger value proposition, as Dodge has added a few more standard features (such as leather upholstery and heated front seats) and reduced its price.

  • Family-friendly size
  • Smart touchscreen interface.
  • Strong V6
  • Available built-in booster seats
  • Sophisticated interior
  • Overmatched four-cylinder delivers slow acceleration and poor fuel economy.

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  • TOO many problems - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    From the first day I have had problems in and out of service radio,alarm,remote start,and the TRANSMISSON has never worked right bangs, shifts terrible awd does not work right and what do you say when all you hear is the comp.doesn't show anything even though I have driven this car for 36,000 miles wish me luck filed lemon law and there willing to hear me maybe someone will listen

  • 2013 3.6 L Dodge Journey SXT - about 28,000 km. - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    On June 1, 2014, was getting off a highway onto a ramp, stepped on brakes to slow down to ramp speed limit and then the brakes locked suddenly, and the vehicle came to an abrupt halt with the ignition still running. As expected everyone in the vehicle lurched forward. What a major scare! Have not had another incident since then. Have limited confidence in the vehicle now and am not willing to take it on long distance trips.

  • Postage stamp sized rear view - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    We bought the Dodge Journey because it was a great value, it was big enough for our family of six and it got better gas mileage than a mini van. The seats are very versatile, but with all seats up, the car's blind spot doubles. The rear-most seats combined with the middle seat, block more than half of the rear window and all of the side windows. And the middle seats are difficult to return to an upright position when someone has to get out from the back. The stow bins are so shallow and small that they are practically worthless. The car seats are not the most comfortable, mainly because the headrests are too far forward.

  • Value olus bells & whistles - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I decided to get down to 1 vehicle. Got rid of a 2012 Malibu fully loaded and a 2006 Honda Element AWD. I wanted all the comforts of the Malibu and the space and AWD of the Honda. I narrowed down between Edge and Journey. For the price (and I get supplier discount for either), the Journey gave me more bang for the buck. dealer gave me a heck of a deal on a new Black version. Not a fan until I had them paint the calipers red. Only issue was the brake switch went out on a rear taillight. It stayed on or came on for no reason. It has done well this winter. I have been very satisfied as a driver. Passengers are not as comfortable in the front passenger seat.

  • Great fit for us - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    We have had our Journey for 1 year now and it is perfect for us. Compared to Terrain and Sante Fe and Rav4 when we were shopping new and used. This size (need to fit 2 vehicles in 2 car garage), options and value were our reasons we bought it new. $7000 off MSRP! Rides smooth, accelerates quickly although transmission can be clunky and/or unsure of it self at times. Gas Mileage is as advertised 16-17 city, 23-24 Hwy. Wife loves deep red metalic color.

  • JUST BAD - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    OK I bought this vehicle for my wife and it has been in the shop 4 times in 5 months. 1 started on its own and ran all day in the parking lot using a tank of fuel 2 AC will come on by itself 3 doors wont unlock 4 wont start (at the dealers when they said it was ready) I took it to the dealer to be fixed and they finally just said "it must have a ghost" I ended up getting rid of the thing with only 5000 miles on it. this is my 5th Dodge that I own. 2 Durango's, 1 Ram, and a Challenger. then this thing. I called the complaint line and they just said SORRY. after spending around $100,000 total for all the Dodges I bought I thought that they would help me out.

  • Great Value on Dodge Journey - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I just purchased the base American Value model, and don't regret it a bit. The RAV 4 and the CRV were close to being the winner, when I gave Dodge another look. I don't feel short changed at all, except I saved thousands off the sticker compared to those two. Beautiful inside and out, with great build quality. My kids love the back seats that move and recline, great for long trips. The rebates the other guys did not offer really made it a no brainer. Living in S. FL I didn't need or want a sun roof, so don't feel cheated out at all. Runs smoother than the other options, less get up and go with the 2.5, but will save on speeding tickets.

  • AVOID! - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Not impressed at all. We got this vehicle for my wife to tote the children around based on the safety rating. What we did not know was that Dodge makes a crap product.

  • Great car for a GREAT price - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    This American Value Package is a deal. You get options included that cost additional from other manufactures. The car is great in the City and handles the Interstates well. I can't think of a better car with options for this price. We did not take the third row seating as it eliminates all the storage in the vehicle except for a space about the width of 1 suitcase standing on end. We are only two people and use the car to transport ourselves primarily. However, we take 2 grandchildren on occasion and need the storage behind the seating. I am not sure haw this effects the acceleration but mine get up and goes pretty good!

  • The best overlooked crossover on the Market... - 2013 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Me and my wife purchased a 2013 Journey 4 cyl. about 3 weeks ago, and absolutely love it! We got it out of neccesity as we took in our 2 nephews and 1 niece, on top of our daughter, so we needed a vehicle with 3rd row seating. We don't want to spend a boat load of money, and we really didn't want to take a risk on something used. So after much research I found the Journey is the most affordable new SUV with 3rd row seating on the market. Dodge is definitely on the way up, and this vehicle doesn't disappoint with features of interior, even in a base model. It has touch screen interface, keyless entry and keyless engine start. Plenty of storage all things considered with the 3rd row.

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