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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2011 Dodge Journey receives a number of significant changes, including a new, more powerful 3.6-liter V6, retuned suspension and steering, and a revamped interior featuring higher-quality materials and a new touchscreen interface.

  • Sophisticated interior with many useful features.
  • Family-friendly size
  • Low price
  • Wide-opening rear doors
  • Limited third-row legroom
  • Short on cargo space.
  • Base model's lackluster four-cylinder engine

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  • My Journey - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I absloutely love my journey. I have taken it on road trips and the gas mileage is way better then what the sheet says. Highway I am averaging 30.8 mpg, and the city is 23.3 mpg. I had a 2011 Chrysler 200 and I would not change purchasing my car. I have a Great Dane, Rottweiler and Border Collie...all three fit with ample amounts of room compared to my 200. Awesome storage for their toys, food and water. Love this car!!!

  • Best Vehicle I've Ever Owned - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    We bought our Journey used (2 years old with 18k miles.) We've put 10k miles on it in those 2 years. We put Toyo tires on it about a year ago. The tires they put on all the new cars are crap. We put Toyos on our last vehicle, a 2002 Dodge Intrepid and they lasted five years. We also just put new brakes and rotors on. The rotors had warped. Apparently that's a common issue with the Journeys. We put cross drilled rotors and ceramic brake pads on. Well worth the money- keeps the rotors from getting too hot and warping.

  • 78K and still no problems - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I bought my Journey brand new in 2011. This vehicle has been great so far. I too have had some of the same issues that I see here. Had to replace tires at 30k this is not unusual do your research all manufacturers put cheap tires on new cars. I did replace all 4 brake pads and rotors at about 50k n new problems. This vehicle is comfortable, safe and affordable I would recommend one to anyone. I cant wait to get another one in 2 years....

  • Glad I leased it - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Worst vehicle I've operated. I am only happy I leased it and didn't have to keep it. Bad news was I broke my lease early because it was in the shop for major repairs too often, LEMON. New brakes and rotors after 9500 miles, really. Check engine light twice came on for camshaft issues, really. The last and final time before trading it in was it lost one of the cylinders...REALLY! Too many major problems for this SUV as well as the poor fit and finish of exterior panels. Cut my finger on the rear door edge plate. I had to sand it smooth so not to do it again. Traded after only 28 months and less than 23,000 miles. Very happy w/my new 2013 Toyota Rav4.

  • Dodge Journey Nightmare - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Three visits to install trailer hitch. Four visits to fiX sound system (replaced) 5/20/12 - 14,500 miles brake rotors warped - replaced at cost to me of $50. after contacting Chrysler to complain. July 2012 - Slow leak in sidewall of cheap tires after rotation at dealer. Cannot be repaired. Front tires scalloped. 4 new tires = $800. January 2013 - Check engine light on - Cylinder head replaced. February 2013 - Check engine light on - Re-program powertrain control module. May 2013 - Check engine light on - Oil pump on back order. Brake rotors warping again.

  • Attitude of it's own - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    The car in general is the perfect car for my family. Unfoutunatly the last month, the Front passenger door refuses to close. I believe it is the cold weather causing something to freeze up and cause a died door syndrom. After about 20-30 minutes the door "resets" itself. It has been to the dealer four times now and they dont understand what is wrong. They have contacted a Dodge engineer, they did what he instructed and it agian is acting up. Just about feed up, rather riduculous that I have to have my seven year old hold the door as I hold him to get this thing to the shop 20 miles away, for no one to know what the problem is. I can not be alone on this one, am I?

  • 2011 Journey AWD - Sixth Chrysler/Dodge Vehicle is a Disaster - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I admit, I made the mistake of trading in an 08 Chrysler Aspen with no problems (60,000 miles) for the 2011 Journey AWD in the hopes of better gas mileage. DUMB!!! Gas Mileage: 12 avg. mpg in the city & 15.8 avg. mpg on the hwy. Sound System: Broken CD player, stations change when traveling over a bump, no sound due to poor wiring located under passenger seat. OE Tires: Worn pre-maturely, Over $1000.00 to replace on a lease, unusual size & hard to find. Remote keys and push button start not communicating - car would not start Constant brake noise and grinding after 100 miles. Accelerator stopped working while driving 70 on a hwy - car died on hwy with kids in the vehicle. Lemon??

  • Don't Buy One - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I’ve had this car about two years. The oddball tire size makes tires very expensive (tires are cheaper for my 1 ton 4X4). We are on our third radio system. The amp has been replaced twice, now the backup camera has quiet. Check Engine light keeps coming on with a code for a miss-fire. And as of recent, the front end sounds like something is breaking lose every time you get on the breaks’. This car has 24000 miles on it. The electronic gremlins live in this car. At my job we have a lot of new Dodge cars most of them have the same type of problems.

  • Dont buy this car - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Since I purchased this vehicle in September of 2011 I’ve had problems from the radio not working, power outlets not working, bad cylinder heads, bad gas tank and fuel pump. According to the technician at the dealer the Journey has a problem with the cylinder going bed within the first year. The fuel pump had to be replaced twice. The first time they replace it I broke down in the middle of the freeway 3 days later with my family in the vehicle. The breaks and steering wheel locked up and the vehicle shutoff. I was a sitting duck waiting to be hit be oncoming vehicle s. I had the vehicle towed back to the dealer and 3 days later I’m told that the vehicle is fixed but I need to replace the b

  • worst car ever owned - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    This has been the worst 18 months of my driving life! I have had my third set of brakes just put on my car...I have 21,000 miles! I have had my radio replaced, I have random transmission shifts, no acceleration, and crappy tires! I have had my car into the shop NINE times in 18 months! I am always on the phone with the complaint line, and no one gives a crap about me or the crappy car! When my brakes fail, and I kill someone, I hope the people at Dodge are happy! I was told to talk to the owner of the dealer where I bought it....like that will do any good! IT's just horrible!

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