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  • Worst Gas Mileage I Ever Had - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    For the most part I like this car. It's moderately comfortable, reliable, the overall "package" is good, but the gas mileage is absolutely horrible. The sticker said it would get an average of 20 mpg, based on 18 mpg on city streets and 24 mpg on highways. It isn't too bad on highways, getting an average of about 20 to 22 mpg when driving long distance and maintaining a steady speed of about 50 mph. But in stop and go city driving, it's awful. Maybe about 8 or 9 mpg at best. Since I don't travel much, do mostly city driving, and the fact the I am retired and don't have tons of money, I can't say I am happy at this point. Dodge says they will fix it, so all I can do is wait and see if they do. We'll see how much "Chrysler Cares" actually cares...

  • Vacation rental - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    Rented from Enterprice Burleson. Was very surprised no GPS. Fortunately I had a spare. No back up camera which for the length this vehicle could really use. Great on gas for size vehicle. Not easy exit from last row seat. Road smooth. Good luggage space for our 6 persons.

  • Yes I Drive a Minivan- and Love It - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    I am not a very tall person (5'5), so not sure about how this can fits taller people, but for me it's wonderful. Kids have tons of room and even lots of storage room in the back. Car accelerates responsively, and interior is comfortable. We have taken this van on many trips already and no complaints from the kids. We bought the higher level, with lots of gadgets and entertainment features, well worth it! Price was good too when compared to others we test- drove (Sienna, etc)

  • Over 6' tall? Drivers seat is like a squat toilet - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    This is my first Dodge mini-van (I've had a 2nd generation Odyssey). While I've only had the vehicle two days, the drivers seat (power adjustable) is intolerable. I'm 6'2" tall. To maximum the leg room, the seat has to be all the way back and as low as it will go (raising the seat brings it forward - so tall people get a low seat and short people get a tall seat). So it's literally like using on a squatting toilet - as your rear is low and there is then no thigh support. My knees are far above my elbows. Yes, I should have taken a test drive in the vehicle before accepting it (it is a company car), but I've never seen such a poor driver's seat in any vehicle I've driven in almost 30 years. I've always been able to adjust vehicle seats to a tolerable position before, not so far (I've driven the vehicle 7 hours already), thus I didn't think it would be problem when I approved of receiving the vehicle. Otherwise I've found no other major issues with the vehicle. No issues noted with fit/finish or noises. Acceleration is good. The cruse control can be up to 4 mph under your desired speed on hilly terrain - I don't remember that from other Dodge/Chrylser vehicles I've owned. The Uconnect system is nice (takes more steps to do the same functions, but has similar capabilities to GM's system), however it seems slow to answer bluetooth phone calls. Yes, the 2nd and 3rd row seats are thinly padded and low, but I rarely have passengers. About a year ago I test drive a Sienna. It's driving position wasn't great, but entirely usable. Based upon that fact alone, I'd suggest something other than a Dodge Grand Caravan.

  • A lot of shopping - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    I did a lot of shopping for this van and am well pleased. I got a great deal on the price [better than the websites suggested would be an excellent deal] and the dealership was one of the best I have ever dealt with. I realize you get what you pay for, and so many of the "convenience" items are missing from my van [power seats, power side doors and liftgate, dvd, etc.] but I decided I did not need them and they would only be something more to eventually break if I kept the van for a lengthy time. I am totally impressed with the bluetooth and satellite radio function, and the seats are tremendously comfortable. My biggest reason for purchasing Dodge was the price break and the stow and go seating. I have the room of a regular size pickup truck bed behind the front seats with all the seats folded into the floor and the seats are easily used or stowed in minutes. I can now take the bicycles on long trips with them being safely stored inside the van. The 283hp is plenty and it will accelerate to highway speedo very easily. Obviously a minivan will always look like a minivan, but the Dodge does have a certain rugged look about it with the black grill and crossbars.

  • Great Value & Practical Buy - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    We have owned two Caravans before this one so we are familiar with the line. I had one of the originals as a company car in 1986. We bought a base model Caravan in 1999 when starting our family. It was then a great value in a new vehicle and we drove it up until 3-years ago when the cost of fixing it was greater than the value of the vehicle. That was the 4-cylinder model with a 3-spd tranny and we put about 175,000 miles on it before it's useful life ended (14-years). During that time we replaced one transmission, a couple timing belts and otherwise just normal upkeep. We bought a used one 3-years ago that was a 2005 with 90,000 miles on it because we needed a vehicle in a hurry. I only changed oil, tires and brakes on that one but the engine light started coming on (rich fuel mixture) and the transmission started doing it's goofiness at about 120,000 miles. So... with the big rebates on the 2016 I took it in and exchanged it for the base model 2016. I had bought it for $5500 and got $1200 on the trade so $1433/year to drive wasn't bad. Base models sure have changed in 17-years. I feel like the base model vehicle has everything I wanted and at $16,971 after rebates, I feel it has very good value over the estimated 15-year lifespan of the vehicle. The fuel economy is actually worse than our 4-cylinder but not enough to sour me on the engine. The storage and the stow-n-go seats really make for maximum usable space and capacity. Obviously our reliability experience is minimal since we have only owned it a month. I do know that the quality differences between manufacturers have greatly narrowed. Where the Japanese machines used to have commanding quality advantages the differences are much less now. I also like to buy models that are mature and this vehicle certainly qualifies in that this is the 8th year without meaningful platform changes on the model. If you look at the reported defects/service visits on one of the online resources it shows that Dodge has improved dramatically from the earlier model years (2008, 2009) in terms of initial quality. The maintenance requirements are also drastically lower compared to older vehicles. You change the oil, tires and brakes and there is no more timing belt. The transmission is sealed and pushes out the first service to 120,000 miles, plugs @ 100,000. I think I'll preempt those numbers slightly but overall that decreases the cost of driving. Everyone who rides in it comments on how nice it is but that is the case with most new vehicles. It is a minivan, not a Porsche so I set my expectations accordingly. It drives well for extended trips, low road noise and I think the front seats are the best I've ever seen in a vehicle. They are exceptionally comfortable. The transmission is a 6-spd which is a dramatic difference from the older vehicles. I don't know how it rates vs. the Japanese or S. Korean rivals because I didn't drive them but it strikes me as a perfectly acceptable driving experience for a minivan. I own Hyundai and a Chevy as other vehicles so I don't have a brand loyalty other than I buy mainly for value. The Dodge was $9,000 less than the nearest competitor that I could buy. Whatever flaws it may or may not have are easily overcome by that price delta. Resale value.... it doesn't hold up as good as the Honda or Toyota. But I'd focus on the cost to drive, not absolute resale value. Look at the delta in price rather and consider sales tax, insurance and financing cost in the equation. If you plan to turn a vehicle over every 3-years then I'd do the math using data from current model vehicles that are on the market and compare buying one vs. the other. If you buy and hold a vehicle I don't see how resale value matters.

  • Dumb blond Lady gets shafted - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    I bought new Van from Wilson Motors in Corvallis, Oregon. What a mistake, they took my dependable Toyota Sienna in trade and gave me a $1000 for a car valued at $4-5000. The new Dodge Caravan didn't have enough heat to keep ice off the windshield, I took it in and was told that it met the standards! I'm in Oregon not Alaska. I went in three times to say the cruise control wasn't working and they said they couldn't repair it unless it broke right in front of them! Very rude and probably overworked repair people. The stress factor at the service desk was palpable. I spoke with the manager (a very nice man) who told them to take it in overnight, and guess what the cruise control didn't work and they had to replace it. I was so used to the ordinary features of my Toyota Sienna that I bought used and never had a break down or problem that I didn't realize that you had to remember to turn the lights on and off in this lemon. Also that the gas tank didn't lock from the inside and that when you used a regular store bought gas cap with a lock that it ruins something that costs $185 to get the light off your dash. Also that the back seats are like cardboard. It's the biggest financial mistake I've ever made, I wonder how the salesmen feel conning those of us who are not professional car buyers.

  • Sa far so good - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    Lots of cargo space. Love black package. Great engine Poor transmission shifting, vibrations and hard shifting from drive to patk or to reverse

  • Great value - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
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    I have owned 7 new caravan/ Town and country minivans,never had a problem.

  • Not sure yet.. - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    So I need to ask the public a question, I recently purchased a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan SE plus with a 3.6 liter pentastar V-6 coupled with a 6-speed transmission. I know that the six-speed transmission has been existing for quite some time and I have seen some of the reviews with some issues pertaining to it. Recently I had it serviced for a concern that I had when placing it in reverse... after placing it in reverse easing off the brake it starts to to have a rhythmic Shake. Gets worse when it is on an uphill as if you were backing up into a driveway it is most noticeable. Now the symptoms to go away as you give it more gas it only happens as the car begins to move in reverse. I have noticed it ever so slightly when I put it into drive as I'm easing off the break as well. While I was at the dealer showing the technician the symptoms he seemed just as puzzled as I was. It was disclosed to me by a service manager at this complaint has come in in the past. They went as far as bringing a brand new 2016 Caravan still with much plastic on it and the symptoms were very much present in that same vehicle. This looks to me like a design flaw or programming issue with the 6-speed transmission. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I am currently talking to the corporate office of Dodge to try to get some sort of understanding of this situation.

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