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This Year's Model Updates:

The Dodge Grand Caravan drops its Crew trim level for 2014, but otherwise is largely unchanged.

  • Versatile seating and cargo bay configurations
  • Affordable base price.
  • Unrefined powertrain.
  • Ride not as smooth as competitors
  • Seven passengers is the limit
  • Limited driver legroom

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  • Eight defects in 4.5 Months - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    This is our 5th Grand Caravan and second 2014. The van is a disaster. 9 times in for service. Heating stopped working properly, U-Connect mic didn't work, U-Connect doesn't stream properly, car lost power, car's MIL went on while losing power but the computer didn't "recognize the error", all the dashboard controls have flashed, burning rubber smell , and the low tire pressure goes on and off at will. The vehicle has recently been in the service department for 18 days straight, they keep saying they "can't replicate the problem". Chrysler says they are just going to have to "release" the vehicle and have our family drive a death trap. Warranty and service on these vehicles are worth nothing.

  • Good vehicle for the price - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    The mechanics of the vehicle are excellent. The gas mileage is impressive on the highway. I normally average 31 mpg. on long trips. The ride is stiff and you feel the road more than in Dodge minivans of the past. No service problems to date. NOTE* (Added 1 year after original review) Still no mechanical problems and gas mileage on the highway is still 31/32 mpg with cruise control. I've added a Kenwood HD/bluetooth radio, and a backup camera to the original equipment (total installed $600) and upgraded to all weather Michelin tires ($700) to make the van exactly what I need.

  • Underrated Vehicle - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    This is our 4th Dodge minivan since 1985. Each van continues to improve in every category. This vehicle rides like a limousine, smooth, quiet, little wind or road noise, point it down the road and it goes. Friends of ours drive Siennas and Odesseys, always raving about their vehicles as do most magazines and product review boards, until they ride in our Caravan. "Rides just like our Honda, how much did you pay ? At least we have a vacuum in ours". The Sto & Go seats can't be beat by any manufacturer. Just had the rear brakes worked on this summer. This is the 1st repair on this vehicle.

  • Mini Dad - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    Have test driven both the Odessey and Sienna. The Grand Caravan compares favorably to the high priced Honda and Toyota models in all categories. Better gas mileage and better acceleration than either of these two, even though the Japanese models are higher rated. The Caravan is very quiet at highway speeds and the ride is limo quality. Reliability has also been a strong point. Over 2 years now and only routine maintainence. The Dodge dealer has taken care of all maintainence work along with complementary oil changes. Try matching this service at one of the Japanese dealers.

  • Improved Minivan - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    This is my fifth minivan. These are not the minivans of old. I bought the AVP with some upgrades. Just got back off long trip, got 20 mpg in the city, and 29.5 mpg highway, with 24.7 with a mix situation. Love it. Used the stow and go seats variable positions for a different need everyday. I love the handling. I love the cab forward design, easy to see the road and park. The ride can be a little bouncy, but not bothersome. I have the base seats but they are very comfortable. I had a long drive at night and can see the road much easier than in a sedan. The best value in a vehicle period. My only complaint is that the transmission wants to shift out and then back down in the hills.

  • My 2008 Grand Caravan was better - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    I had a 2008 Grand Caravan SXT that I LOVED. It saved my life in a terrible accident. I had a 2010 Journey after the van that I loved. I got rid of the Journey and got a 2010 Sebring that I loved. I decided to go back to a van and purchased a 2014 Grand Caravan SE with Rear Entertainment Package. I liked my 2008 better... I have 6000 miles on the 2014 and the blower is making a grinding noise. I liked the 3.8 in the other van better than the 3.6 I have now. I really wished I would have got another SXT. The SE has nothing compared to the SXT. I do love the mygig radio. Fuel mileage is averaging 24 MPG. I would purchase another van but would never get another SE to save a few dollars.

  • Get Serious Dodge - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    As an owner of 4 Caravans since 1985 I was seeking to replace my present Caravan with a 2014 "Grand Caravan." Much to my chagrin Dodge has a base seat in all but the SXT which has no height adjustment. This is not Grand at all as th tall driver does not have legroom. This I see has been noted by other consumer reviews. You can get a power seat that has decent adjustments, but your going to have to pony up serious dollars to get the SXT model. I contacted the Dodge Customer Assistance Center and this is their response,Dear Art: Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center with your product improvement suggestion, however Dodge only works thru consumer forums. Thanks Dodge

  • 2014 30th Anniversary Edition - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    I Traded a 2012 GMC Acadia. I drove a Chrysler Town & Country rental while having hail damage repaired on my Acadia. I was highly impressed as were my kids. I decided it was time for comfort rather than over priced SUV. My husband 6'2" fits comfortably. I compared the Grand Caravan to Chrysler T&C, Honda Odessey, Nissan Quest. Ultimately it was the stow and go as well the fact the grand caravan feels like I'm riding higher off the ground than Odessey. You get more bang for your buck with the Grand a Caravan. I bought it brand new 3 months ago with 14 miles on it. Now after a trip across the country with 6 people, I have over 9,000 miles

  • Huge improvement over my 2007 Grand Caravan - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    Not sure where to start but everything I hated about my 07 is fixed on my 2014 SE 30th anniversary edition with Blacktop option. Better mileage, better ride quality, better looking, much better paint job, and as far as I can tell this new generation (2008-2015) has fixed the rust problem. My 07 started to rust with just over 100,000 miles on it. And the A/C went out. Over $4000 to repair. I've had my new one since june of 2014 and have 10,000 miles on it and it has been great. But don't be fooled by people saying they get 29 MPG. I check it each time at fill up with math and I get on average 18 around town and 24 HWY. the computer is correct about 1/2 the time. You get a lot for the$$

  • Great except for Transmission - 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    These vans are great. It's no surprise Chrysler still dominates the minivan market. Front seats are comfortable, Back seats get the job done. Even 2 adults can sit comfortably for shorter journeys. Middle seats are ok, but the headrests are awful. Extremely hard and thin, and at a stupid angle. Fine for younger kids, but not so much for teens or adults. The guy at the dealer almost knocked himself out when showing us the stow n go. Beware the spring loaded headrests. Engine is more than adequate for pulling the weight of the van, but is let down by a rough and unintelligent transmission. Gearing is too short down low, meaning it's always changing around town. When going up hills, you will start to lose speed pretty fast. If cruise control is on, it will drop a gear and FLOOR IT for no reason. If you don't use cruise control and put your foot down, it won't downshift until you reach the top of the hill, when you don't need it to anymore. Very frustrating, not very good for fuel economy either. Don't bother pushing the economy button, the only difference is that it makes the transmission even worse. Gear changes are rough and a jolt can sometimes be felt in the cabin. HOWEVER. Everything else (minus middle headrests as said before) is great. Radio sounds great, dashboard is easy to use and understand, visibility is amazing. Stow and go, minus the jawbreaking headrests is awesome. You can fit almost anything in the back. All in all, if you can look past the Tranny, great car. 8.5/10.

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