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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Dodge Dart's touchscreen adds Android smartphone compatibility for Bluetooth phones and streaming music, as well as USB connectivity to play music from the device. The CD player is no longer standard on all models and is now a stand-alone option available on certain trims. Finally, the 2.4-liter engine is now available with Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV) specifications in the 14 California Air Resources Board (CARB) states.

  • Excellent optional electronics interface
  • Spacious cabin
  • Energetic acceleration with the 2.4-liter engine
  • Top safety scores.
  • Aero model's unrefined automated transmission
  • Front seats are oddly contoured and mounted too high.
  • Sluggish acceleration with base engine

User Reviews:

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  • Loaded 2015 Limited for econobox price - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    Just bought a 2015 Dart Limited with every option available for 2015 for $7000 off MSRP. Put 500 miles on it in 4 days. I didn't give 5 stars because there is always room for improvement. The gas mileage not so great in city. and back seat is cramped. My last Dodge was a 1974 Charger 400 Magnum w/pistol grip 4- speed. But the Dart feels like a luxury car. You will have a difficult time finding a car equipped like it for under 19K

  • Great for a new driver! - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    Tire pressure sensitivity gauge too sensitive, like most updated vehicles. Just a pain to deal with. Tire pressure changes with the weather.

  • One word RECALL! - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    Ok so for starters this car wasn't my first choice. I previously owned a 2008 V6 Ford Mustang and it was great while it lasted but unfortunately it was it's time with over 140,000 + miles on it. I was in need of a car because that was my only transportation at the time. I ended up buying the base model Dodge dart with the black top package. In my opinion it definitely has the looks it's a great looking car and a good size not too big or small. Especially how everything is black on black and also has tint so it looks awesome. But I was kind of bummed that I didn't receive the black rims instead I received the charcoal colored wheels. The interior is nice, good materials nothing really cheap looking it looks good inside and out. But now the bad parts! Well first the control stick was frustrating when I test drove it I didn't pay any attention to the fact that their is only one control stick on the left side of the wheel. It was annoying but I eventually got used to it. The biggest problem the TRANSMISSION! Wow the transmission is awful but I should have known coming from Chrysler that this would be an issue. The car jerks at times when I slow down or excellerate. It shakes pretty bad right in between the process of stopping and excelleration. When I start the car it shakes when Parked. And the dealers answer for this was that the car is "warming up". Very very poor excelleration but once it gets to a certain rpm its decent. It has this horrible lag when you try to speed up. And the answer I received for this and the shaking and jerking was "the computer is trying to learn your driving habits" that's bull dodge! I have had transmission issues with my mustang before so I know exactly what a bad transmission feels like. And now I'm proven right. Just recently saw articles saying 2013,14, and 15 models are being recalled for faulty transmission surprise surprise! And the gas mileage for being a 4 cylinder isn't all that great definitely not what they promise anyways. I regret getting this car but I'm stuck with it at least for a bit. I would avoid it just don't bother please don't make the same mistake I did.

  • 2015 Dodge Aero Dart - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    When I bought this car, it seemed nice. Traded in a 2010 Dodge Charger because I wanted better gas mileage and safer winter driving (it was rear-wheel drive - in Denver CO). I agree with the review where take-off is sluggish and 6 gears are too many - like it can't decide which gear to be in and the drive can be choppy. I complained to the dealer about the poor take-off acceleration and he said it is to save gas. It's like the car is telling ME when I should go. Very frustrating. Once it gets going over 35-40 mph, it does do very nicely, handles nice, and is relatively quiet for a small car. The turbo is great. The air conditioner has a cheapy fan sound that is inherent in Darts per the dealer, and the brakes are always squealing, which two dealers say is due to the metal they are now using, but "it helps it stop on a dime". I just have to "keep the brake dust power-washed off", which I would have to do every other day. They say it's on all cars after 2005, but I don't hear other people's car's brakes squealing as I drive. The Aero is rated at 32 mpg city and I get about 27. Not the gas savings I was expecting. As I drive stop-and-go a lot, this car is VERY frustrating to drive - I am constantly telling it to "GO!" when I give it gas from a stop and hills are worst. But, on the open road, I did get 53 avg mpg! But, I am on my 3rd check engine light since 2500 miles (car now has 4700) and they can't find the problem because of how complicated they've made everything. I would run this car off a cliff if I could. I have had Dodges for 20 years since I worked for Chrysler at one time but I'm done now. This is NOT a worthy replacement for the Neon and I wish I had my Charger back!

  • Very nice, stylish, daily driver. - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    This review will come across as confused. I love the look of my 2015 Dodge Dart SE auto with Rallye Package (auto option was not available in this review page). The car is comfortable, rides very well, and is quiet. The stylish exterior belies its performance. Handling is adequate for a 4-door sedan. The suspension springs are too soft to qualify this car as a sport sedan. The acceleration with this 2.0L auto is lethargic. Six speeds is too many. The transmission is always shifting trying to find the perfect gear ratio. One would think that would help fuel economy, but it doesn't. 99% of my driving is city driving and I am averaging just 22 mpg. You'd think with a 2.0L, 4-cylinder, MPG would be better. This is probably attributed the car's heft. The one good thing about the Dodge Dart is that it is cheap. With generous incentives and a well negotiated price, I purchased my car new for just over $15,000. I needed a cheap 4-door sedan, and this seemed the best option for a new vehicle.

  • More midsized than compact!! - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    16k on mine with zero problems!! only compliant is carpet is of low quality and a bit tuff to vacuum otherwise interior looks and still smells new!! gas mileage has been 25-27 combined and 34 hwy doing 80mph! No rattles and still drives like it's new!! GT is horrible to drive in snow but I'm sure factory Yokohamas are to blame!!

  • Lemon - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    Loved how sporty the car drove during the test drive but after just a week of owning the car (purchased brand new) it was in the shop for overheating problems. A month later it was in the shop again for overheating problems and now for a third time its in the shop for overheating and lack of acceleration. Definitely not a good experience with Dodge thus far...back to Toyota I go!

  • Fabulous ride - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    I just love this car. Best car I ever got. Had one problem. A mechanic replaced my fuel cap with a generic cap. And I had ploblems with the sensors until I replaced the fuel cap with the proper dodge fuel cap. Never had a problem with the car ever again.

  • My 2015 Dodge Dart SE - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    I recently purchased a brand new Dart SE with the 2.0l engine. I work in the automotive field and have driven plenty of vehicles. I love my Dodge Dart and I'm a big Ford guy, but I did not like the Focus as much as I love this Dart. Edmunds has their "expert" review all wrong. I drove all trim levels and the base model with the automatic does perfectly well. I even replaced the terrible Kumho tires with Bridgestone Driveguard's because there is no spare. Inside the Dart is very comfy, stereo is great, HVAC controls are nice and easy, Engine Power is from the 2.0 is good and the transmission shifts perfect. I have been averaging 35mph on the highway at 70mph and I drive 600+ miles a week

  • Less than 300 miles and trouble already - 2015 Dodge Dart
    By -

    We purchased our Dodge Dart with 23 miles on it, with 250 miles on it in the shop with service engine light on and 2 error codes on the transmission. If we have trouble with it with this few miles how reliable would it be in the long run?Last time I will ever buy a Dodge product.

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