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The 2013 Dodge Dart is an all-new small sedan.

  • Excellent optional electronics interface
  • Spacious cabin
  • Excellent safety scores
  • Short braking distances.
  • Quick acceleration from turbo engine
  • Unrefined performance of turbo's automated transmission
  • Pokey acceleration with base engine
  • Some may find the front seats lumpy and mounted too high.

User Reviews:

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  • 102,000 and climbing - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    I bought this 2013 in July of 2012 and have driven it every day for three and 1/2 years. I love the sytling, handling, acceleation and the way it's layed out inside with instrumentation. It handles weel and, with it's exceptional response and acceleration, it's kept me safe and gotten me out of some near accident experiences. All I've had to do is replace tires and change oil. If I oredered another one, I'd get the leather interior and have lumbar support. I certainly love the large screen for the garmin and sound system. I also love the race trace tail lighting. It's been a great little car ! ccc

  • Please Read If Your Interested - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    My brother bought the car in 2013. He gave it to me for the past year. within the past year and a half no it's had 3 transmission problems. the electronic screen has blacked out multiple times. the breaks make a weird chugging noise. and now there's ANOTHER recall on the breaks. the had been 3 recalls in the past 5 months. the people at dodge are extremely disrespectful. they over priced this car that keeps having the same issue over and over again. the only good thing I have notice is it's very good on gas. but it's not reliable enough to go on a trip because something always happens.

  • DODGE FIAT throw away cars - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    Buying new, my 2013 Dodge Dart is a great looking great gas mileage car, however, there is no resale valve, a/c problem with moisture in car, dealer says they made the part small for better mpg , well I get very close to 40 highway if it was 1or2 less I wouldn't care if the a/c worked good... they have changed for 2015 knowing there was a problem, I tryied working with dealer from the second day I owned and I would of lost 10k in one day.. that is crazy .... now after paying 24k new it is worth 9k .... it is a garage kept car, always clean and detailed. 26k for mileage.... the 6 speed auto shift is very it shifts when it wants... it is not smooth at all... I would never rebuy this car any any of the line up check Edmond FIAT DODGE JEEP made 5 of the top 15 autos NOT TO BUY this year.... I got screwed...I love the car but the problems are terrible.... as I need a/c when I ask what happens when I go to California,,, they said don't go a/c will not keep you cool.. other than computer problems the dealer says needs to be flashed.... I love the car... I can't even sell mine for 14k and have had it ad for 2 years now. reline with lots of nice things...

  • DONT EVER BUY DODGE DART - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    I have been having a problem with my dodge dart 2013 coming up with service transmission not once or twice but five time i brought it in to dealer and the first time they said it was my driving. I brought it back again and this time it wasn't my driving they said it needed to be reset so I said why does it need to be rest I got the best answer I have ever heard they don't know. Now it went back in this time I was having problems starting up car it won't turn over but I did have power to the car they couldn't figure it out for two weeks they had it at the dealer and NOW my car is blowing blue smoke out the tailpipe when i am sitting at lights why is now NO ONE SHOULD EVER BUY DODGE THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THERE CARS I TRYED TO GO THROUGH THE LEMON LAW IT WAS DENIED WOW WHAT A GREAT COMPANY TO BUY FROM ALSO THERE IS RECALL ON THE TRANSMISSON AND THERE IS NO FIX FOR THIS RECALL

  • Wholly unsafe vehicle. - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    This vehicle is another example of an "American" (owned by Italians, Fiat) company putting out a substandard product that should not be on the market. I own a 2013, Dodge Dart Rallye 1.4l, manual transmission. The hydraulic system for the clutch has failed not once, not twice but three times and the vehicle barely has 37000 miles!!! The second time we were traveling through the Smokey mountains, thankfully we were able to coast to the next exit and get the vehicle working again. When I say that this vehicle has endangered the lives of my family, it is no exaggeration. As you can read in any of the other posts, this vehicle is plagued with an assortment of other issues. (P.S. The vehicle is still sitting at the dealership for the third instance of the clutch going out). Vehicle aside, Chrysler customer service is run by what seems to be children who have no grasp on the real issues that their customers are experiencing. The second time this happened I was in the middle of moving to a new base and was unable to retrieve the vehicle for sometime. This was of no import to the people of Chrysler Case management, I had to request two different case managers due to their unwillingness to return phone calls. Finally after sitting at a dealership in Tennessee for 2 months they returned my vehicle, less than a week after I received it, the clutch failed again! All beware who buy this vehicle, it is not economical, and it is certainly not safe!

  • Not what I thought it would be. ... - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    First, I didn't buy new so I can't say anything prior but since I've owned it (3 months), it's been in the shop 5 times for strange popping noises in front end area. I've taken it to two different dealers and have gotten two different reasons why is doing it. But neither say it can be repaired. One says it's a design flaw, the other just doesn't know why. Bottom line, it's a great looking piece of junk. I wonder if it was really built by Yugo!

  • Battery Issue - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    I, like many of the other reviewers, purchased my Dogde Dart 2013 in December 2012 and am having battery issues. Today my car would not start, which has me completely baffled since the car is only 2.5 years old with only 57,900 miles. And, don't get me started on the gas mileage not being as good as reported/advertised!

  • Battery replacement - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    We purchased the 2013 Dodge dart Lmtd brand new in Dec 2012. Since then we have had two issues with the battery and only recently had to have the entire battery replaced. The Dodge dealership confirmed that it was an internal problem with the battery! Has anyone else had these issues? The car has completed about 26K miles.

  • Worst car I have owned - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    This is the worst car I have ever owned. It has been in the shop more than I have driven it. At a year and a half old the turbo had to be replaced. At two years old it would get stuck in first gear and would stall out ten seconds after starting it. This car is unreliable. It is good on gas, looks nice, drives nice, and is a comfy ride. However those do nothing for me if the car will not run. All the while having 30,000 miles or less on it.

  • My Biggest Regret!! - 2013 Dodge Dart
    By -

    I purchased this car brand new when initially introduced to the market in late 2012. I purchased this car under emotional stress due to the Sandy storm which completely flooded my Audi, totaling it. So the decision to purchase the Dart was more impulsive and out of desperation. Fast forward 3 years later, i'm now having problems with the engine and the engine light comes on sporadically throughout my ownership. I'm not getting the fuel efficiency that is proudly advertised by Dodge. The fuel cap gets stuck and doesn't open during cold weather. When the weather gets below 30, my car has trouble recognizing my FOB key, with issues that causes it not to work reliably.

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