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This Year's Model Updates:

Other than new trim level names, the 2012 Dodge Avenger is unchanged.

  • Composed ride and handling.
  • Strong V6 engine
  • Lots of features for the price
  • Not as roomy as many of its rivals
  • Some behind-the-times electronics
  • SE's four-speed automatic
  • Limited rear visibility.
  • Smallish trunk

User Reviews:

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  • Love my Avenger! - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

  • Heater Core Needs a recall - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

    This car performs well. There are a few things that needs to be address before the avenger can be a really neat ride. The Heater core seems to be a major issue with this vehicle. Especially if you live in cold areas. The Heater only blows warm air on the driver side of the vehicle and cold air on the passenger side. Dodge is well aware of this issue but has not done a recall on this placing the cost to repair this problem onto the consumer. Even then there is no assurance this problem will not return since the problem is in the faulty part. The cost can be anywhere from $900 to $1300 to repair depending on your area mechanics. Cold air in the winter renders this vehicle useless during the winter season. My vehicle is currently parked now and I am seriously consider trading this vehicle in for another one. Mostly because I refuse to pay to fix something that is flawed and Dodge knows that it is. Making you feel like you purchased a lemon. Not right Dodge, not right... I need a vehicle I can drive year round and not for 6 or 7 months out of the year. In Kansas it has really cool down in the temps. So it's looking like this vehicle will be parked November- March, and that's if the weather is not crazy cold in March. So with that said I encourage anyone having issues with their heating system in their dodge avenger to speak up and be heard. Not sure what it will take to make Dodge do a recall on this issue. For me, I'll be looking to trade this vehicle in if Dodge refuse to act by January.. Maybe someone in Florida or LA can use a ride that cools pretty well in the summer months, but they better not take a trip up North during the Fall.

  • I drive a 2012 Dodge Avenger and it is Fantastic!!! - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

    My first experience driving this car was thru Enterprise Rental. I had it for a full month and decided this had to be my new car! The rental was a 2014, but when I noticed that the 2012 looked almost exactly the same, I chose the 2012. My 2012 has 38,000 miles on it and drives like a dream! It has satellite radio in it with a power driver's seat as well as great rims, a beautiful white body, and black interior. I love this car! A special thanks to Lahti's of Leominster, MA! I bought this for 12,900 at 32,100 miles. I typically get about 26-27 miles to the gallon,sometimes as low as 24.5/city. It has gotten as many as 29.7/highway(possibly 31/highway). Mine is a 2.4 liter & drives like a 6!

  • 2012 DODGE AVENGER - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

    I just love my 2012 dodge avenger r/t I have not spent a penny on it since I bought it.i get more double takes from people..wow nice car is it new? I would buy another again but they don't make the avenger anymore:-( still a damn nice car.

  • 2012 SE V-6....not an option above - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

    I am very disappointed in this car. It is just shy of 3 yrs old and I have put $1200 in to the car in two months. All electronics or emissions issues that are not covered by the warranty. The engine, 3.6L Pentastar, is the only good thing about this pile of flaming poo. The transmission is so lazy I'm amazed it even bothers to show up. Rattles and creaks. Quiet and above average in comfort. Mileage is horrendous! I've never gotten more than 19 mpg combined. On long drives (flat highway 65 mph) you can get up to 29 mpg, but that only happened one time. Chews up tires like Rolaids. 47,750 miles as of this morning and I'm just so disappointed. Going back to VW. Diesel.

  • My favorite car I have ever owned. - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

    This is the 6th car I have owned and I can honestly say that I am finally driving the exact car that I wanted to be driving. Before I bought my Avenger I had always settled for what was available (hand me down cars) as well as what was cheap and reliable. I drove a Corolla for 12 years and that made the decision to settle for nothing less then a 6 cylinder engine that much easier. I drove most the cars in this class (G6, Malibu, Camry etc...) as rental cars but when I rented the Avenger I was sold. Most people on the road do not understand that it has a 3.6 liter 283 hp engine inside. Easily enough to beat all of the cars in its class. Fun car for sure.

  • I love it, but . . . - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

    I really do love this car. The engine is fantastic. Awesome performance! Its exterior is eye-catching and sleek. The car is a combination of sporty and practical. Now what I don't like . . . The people who work in the service department of the dealership where I bought the car know me. The car has been in there THAT often. Various censors or detectors that trigger the engine light, the ABS/traction/cruise control system, a misfiring cylinder, visor clip broke off, the entire control panel (lock/window switch) in the passenger side door came out, the vents were flopping closed . . . and I have about 50k miles now. Everything but the ABS issue was when the car was under 36k miles.

  • Great car for the price - 2012 Dodge Avenger
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    Bought mine new with 3 miles on it in 2012 and have loved every minute driving it. I have a long drive to work and take business trips from time to time and if I leave it in cruise control on the highway set between 65-70 mph, i have gotten 36+mpg average on the highway. I have had trouble getting it to start in the cold, but only the one day when the temp here in NY dropped to -20 overnight and i realized that it was because i had left something plugged in and have had no trouble since. I have had no problems with it and i just today turned 48k miles on it and it still drives like the day i bought it. no problems whatsoever.

  • Screeching noise - 2012 Dodge Avenger
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    My avenger makes a horrible screeching sound when I back up in low speed and apply brakes. My backing plate, rear rotors pads and clips have been replaced only to make the sound worse and now noise is heard when I go forward also. I have notified Chrysler only to be turned away because no dealership can find a problem. Yet all heads turn when my car is leaving

  • Junk - 2012 Dodge Avenger
    By -

    I bought the car brand new and now have 21000 miles on it. Worst car I ever owned. Has been in the shop multiple times for the hvac system not working properly. Now the ride has gotten worse. It feels like the rear struts went bad. The 4 cylinder engine is okay on power but not something to brag about and I dont get anywhere near the estimated mpg as the sticker says. Also had problems with the speedometer and transmission intermittently not working properly. The trade in value of this car is low. For the age of the car I expected more. With this car it truly is buyer be ware.

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