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For 2015, the Chrysler 300 features new lines and style, upgraded safety tech and connectivity and an eight-speed automatic transmission across the line. The SRT8 model and the pairing of the 5.7-liter V8 with all-wheel drive have both been discontinued.

  • Lots of features
  • Satisfying audio and technology systems
  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet ride
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Upscale cabin
  • Satisfying V8 power
  • Limited rear visibility
  • Less rear legroom than competitors.

User Reviews:

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  • 2015 300s SuperCar - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Just to find the best deal they can and run for the dealer. Have been looking for a quality vehicle with solid exterior styling and the high end finishes found in the 300S. I have been a long time Dodge/Chrysler driver and can say for sure that through the whole driving lineup this one is by far the best I have owned and could not be happier.

  • Good car, but....... - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Bought my 2015 Platinum AWD new and have mixed feelings. Ride, handling, and features are very good. Love the styling, both inside and out controls are very logical and easily understood. Handling and performance are good for what this car is. My biggest disappointments with this vehicle are as follows. 1) Backup camera guidelines are off about a foot to the left side when backing straight up. Took it back to the dealer twice, once after getting Chrysler Customer Service involved. I was told that this is normal, and due to the lens being mounted off centered on the real center mounted light. I've owned cars costing half as much and never had an issue like this with the rear guidelines. My previous 300 had the same setup with the rear camera (although I was told it was mounted directly in the center of the vehicle!) and I did not have this issue. 2) The navigation system seems to be rather mundane, especially the display in the center drivers information area that shows the turn coming up-it is always the same graphic, regardless of the actual intersection you are approaching. For the price of the nav system, it really should be much better. 3) There is an annoying rattle somewhere in the backseat area that no one seems to be able to eliminate.

  • From the BMW group to the Chrysler group - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I test drove this 300C four months ago and was so impressed after driving its competitors I bought the beauty. The car offers luxury and style. Finger tip paddle shifters, along with the avionics and convenient placing of switches and displays makes this vehicle a pleasure to motor in. Driving I find relaxing and this 2015 300C does not disappoint. Great turning radius makes for ease in maneuvering this luxury car at a great price. To place the icing on the cake, Chrysler has been exemplary in its after sales commitment and service. A very satisfied customer.

  • First and last Chrysler products for sure! - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Bought this 5.7l V8 Chrysler 300S in June 2015. Couldn't get any happier when I first saw this vehicle on the lot, it looks incredibly good looking for its price. Then, I've learned a very valuable lesson to not ever judge a car just from the outside as this garbage keeps letting me down. The 8-speed transmission is a freaking joke. Poor downshifting from 3-2-1, very clunky coming from the transmission. Every time I drive this vehicle, it's mandatory to crank up the sound system so that I won't hear any unwanted mysterious noises that's coming from the transmission. The car only has 8000 miles at this moment and already felt like its transmission is about to fall apart when driving it. When I paid $45k for a car, I would expect it to work like a charm and satisfied me as a consumer. But this car fails so bad in that aspect to the point that I can't wait to pay off the loan and get rid of this junk forever from my life. My previous 2007 350Z that I traded in drives so much better than this crap. So if you value your money, please don't ever buy any Chrysler products.

  • Glide in This Ride - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I absolutely love my Chrysler 300 . This car is the full package and it is affordable. Performance ,style and is loaded with tons of additional features. The color of my 300 is granite crystal it is stunning. The vehicle handles really well and it packs plenty of punch especially in sport mode.

  • #1 ALLSTAR - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Took delivery of my 300S AWD last week. Having retired from Jeep I always drove one (Jeep).Thinking of trading for another 4x4,the salesman suggested I test a 300S AWD...I never looked back! Everything about this car is quality. Thanks Chrysler for a job well done!

  • Far better than ever expected - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I was in the market for a German Midsize Sedan. I test drove the BMW 328i, Audi A4, and the Mercedes CLA250 and C250. My wife asked me if I had any other cars on my list and I said "yeah, the Chrysler 300 but I don't think it'll hold up against the other 3 we drove". My wife convinced me to go drive it since it was on the list. We didn't even get 1/4 mile and we both were simply blown away! The Chrysler 300 for some strange reason is compared to other American sedans and a Japanese sedan or two, but for some reason they are rarely compared to the 3 Euro models I listed above. Why? I have no clue other than it might be political because the 300 puts them to shame. Yeah, the others have a couple interior things that look a bit better (not by much and prob not noticeable by most people) but when you compare the engine, the ride, the bang for your buck it's not even a comparison. Once we were done test driving the 300 it was a easy decision, we weren't going to spend $5k-$10k more just to have the BMW, Audi, or Mercedes name on our car.....we wanted the best riding, most spacious, and most upgrades we could get and save $5k-$10k! We ended up getting the 2015 300S in Black and absolutely LOVING IT!!!

  • Love My 300!! - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I just purchased my car a week ago from WYN and BEN at Earnhardt Auto Center in Gilbert AZ... I upgraded from a 200 to a 300 and have no regrets! Loved my 200 and LOVE this 300! The car is great and the buying experience exceptional!

  • Luxory and Affordability Like No Other Car Offers - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Purchased a 2015 300 Limited in April. Although this is supposed to be a base model I also compared Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, BMW, Infinity, and Acura base models and the 300 beat them by far with things like heated leather (not leatherette)seats, larger infotainment 8.4 screen, 3.6L 292hp 6-cylinder power, good mpg's (I average 25 combined)and I added several options such as Nav., safety blind spot monitoring, lane change assist, remote start, front and rear parking sensors, back-up camera, LED fog lamps, Beats speakers with a sub-woofer in the trunk, and more and still came in at under $31K. Do your research folks and you'll discover like I did this is the best value luxury car around.

  • Don't Tell My 2015 300 It Isn't a Luxury Car... - 2015 Chrysler 300
    By -

    and don't tell me either. Took Delv mid-April. Ordered 300c with Tech 1 & 2 and Lght gp 18" tires for comfort. Immed took it on 1000 mile trip. Drove better than any luxury car I've driven and they are many.Has ANY thing you can get on any car but in a much simpler format.I traded a twice the price luxury car for this and I got the better of the deal.Highs: Seats, radio, noise suppression, smoothest cruise control avail you don't even know when it goes in and out. No 'clunk' like others, MPG, seats have room under them so no more lost credit cards.Lows:________, and _______ and _______ and I can't think of any more lows. Perhaps more interior color choices.

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