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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan is completely redesigned. The 200 convertible has been discontinued.

  • Composed ride and handling
  • High-quality interior materials
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Slick infotainment interface
  • Strong V6 engine
  • Less passenger room than other midsize sedans
  • Underwhelming four-cylinder engine performance.

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  • A death trap - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I just want to warn everyone my chrysler 200 has got me and my family feared for our lives when 4 times this car has lost all power and all controls in which powering steering ,gas,breaks doesn't work. Right before taking a family trip I had gotten my car back from a garage once again and told chrysler that it still wasn't fixed and well the tech then told me he had found to much electricity going to the car if that's not dangerous enough what is? The fourth time this happen I was visiting family in WV and going down a mountain to enjoy taking my family to a movie when horror struck again we lost control and thank God he was with us because it wasn't fun and wasn't what i wanted after being told my car was fixed for the 4th time..Now my car is in WV once again trying to be fixed however no one will give me a promise or say FOR SURE it is but once me to spend my money and possibly risk my families life on traveling back 5 hrs with a car that has already done this 4 times to be told its all because of of BOLT in the steering get real chrysler is it going to take getting someone killed for you to realize you have sold me JUNK. OR GET A LAWYER and see if you can just push customers around and endanger families lives .....If anyone has experienced this or similar problems please let me know:) thanks

  • info to know..... - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    Ok if your an older couple. Lots of blind spots. Only good for a family of four. Not good for people who are tall. Warranty work if far. My center cup holder broke and not covered within the first year. Lots of problems with mine. Not good for people with sports. No power under the gas peedle. Gustless!

  • Beautiful car!!! - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I bought it is with 18 k miles and it has been running great! A lot of people like the car and it does well during snow in Utah. The v6 is great and pretty fast... And the AWD IS GREAT during long snow days.

  • missed the mark - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I never was a Chrysler guy.. nore imagined me considering one.. after all my research I kept going back to this Chrysler 200 limited just something about its look but price point.. now first my intial test drive was a good experience.. The car has the means to fit anyones needs..Now I do wish this car had more room to breath with power the 4cyl 2.4 def has the get up an go but the 9 speed tranny really holds it back and keeps it clunky more than 40 per of the time.. taking corners can be alittle sketchy but overall not to bad.. road noise was good and it glides over imperfections in the road..I really wasn't a thrilled owner after 3 weeks of having the car and at barely 600 miles I had to send car in for a new tranny and headliner due to it buckled and creased front to back on driver side.. I was startingto think this was a bad purchase.. but I took a breath and figured all new cars have there hickups from time to time.. but now with the new tranny in I started to notice even more roughness with the tranny esp when coming to a stop it seems to want to buck u around like a bull at a rodeo now Chrysler says this is normal for this style and not to worry.. kinda makes you wonder with that response..now entering the car can be tricky esp if your a tall person.. I'm only 5'7 and have hit my head couple times already.. the a beams are very oversized and can block your view.. fuel economy isn't bad currently getting 33.6 highway so not far off from there projected 36.. rear seats and legroom.. this Is where your eyes can play tricks til you actually get in.. and tend to notice foot room is bare minimal and comfort lacks just alittle...My overall rating on this would be 6 out of 10.. style is great but I'm very unsure if Chrysler should stick with there 9 speed tranny.. For the money not bad but sometimes i wonder am i really getting what i truly thought i was.. guess only time will tell..

  • Word to the wise! 2015 Chrysler 200 c fwd - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    First 4200 miles car serviced for hard starting and two times for transmission failure. Before 6000 miles got recall to replace entire trans-axle unit however, Chrysler advised it would be six months minimum before providing replacement unit. My car could not be driven but Chrysler had plenty of units for their "state of the art" assembly line. After much ado we managed to shorten time to about six weeks. 10/23/15 received recall on connector which may stall engine or shift tranny to neutral while underway with no warning. Chrysler has known of this since 2/13/15 according to NHTSA but still no part to correct this dangerous situation. Based on conversations and performance I am convinced their priority is assembly and sales- not the well being of those who purchased their product in good faith. This has been my worst new auto experience in my 70 years of life . Sorry for the wordiness but this is the SHORT version.

  • Sharp Looking Chrysler - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    Be careful not to speed, was on the highway, and have to use cruise control so I won't speed. Smooth car.

  • 1 Year Review - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I am coming up on owning this vehicle for 1 year now. I have the C level trim with AWD and it has not been disappointing. Having come from only SUV's, I was not sure how well I would like adjusting to a sedan especially in snowy and wet weather. I did my due diligence in test driving almost every car in this segment, and this one stood out more than any of them. The most appealing for myself was having AWD and the V-6 as well as a very nice interior that is comfortable to drive on long trips and my daily commute to work that is 41 miles round trip. I really appreciate the reviews I see on here that actually tried other cars for comparison and other trim models. If I only went off the base model rentals cars I have had in the past, there would be some pretty terrible reviews but unjust reviews. You really need to try the 6 cylinder versus the 4 to get your own opinion, but it has more power and boost than any v-8 I have owned in the past. Looks (Exterior & Interior): Looks I feel are like comedy...very subjective. At very first look, I loved the rear end lines and tail lights on this car. I was not as much of a fan of the front end. What I did love about the front was the LED running lights that really stand out. As far as the interior goes, I couldn't be happier. The Nappa leather with heated/cooled seats as well as the hand stitched leather steering wheel that is heated is wonderful! The remote start (which many other brands will have as well) is amazing for those hot and cold days, as your car knows what to automatically adjust to warm or cool the car. The navigation Uconnect 8.4 is very easy to use and has great traffic and weather outlooks and updates, as well as letting you know when your favorite sports team is playing and the score. The panoramic sunroof is one of my favorite options that really opens up the ride. Performance: The quickness of the v-6 has been very impressive. I have not had any issues with any weird shifts with the v-6 so I am not sure if that is more of problem with the 4 cylinder but something I would recommend driving both. I drive mostly in dead stopped traffic both ways and will end up around 23-26MPG. When I actually get to do more freeway and long trips over the mountains, I will average around 32-34 mpg. The second day of ownership I had to drive over the mountains to the central part of the state in very large snow storm. I was very nervous coming from Jeeps that have always fared me well with their 4wd and ground clearance. Again, I was very surprised! This model uses the same base AWD system that the Jeep Cherokee uses and handles great. I have had zero slipping issues and control as been spot on. I am not recommending this as an off road AWD rig, again this is just a 4-door sedan. But if you are looking for something that is extremely safe and handles snow and other bad weather well than this works great. The 9-speed that is made by ZF which also makes the same tranny's for Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maserati (sister brand) etc... I was very concerned about so many gears, but this 9-speed has been 100 times better than my previous 5-speed Mercedes transmission that was always clunking into gear especially on hills. Conclusion This 200 and a complete 180 from the previous generation and has made leaps and bounds to make it one of the tip rated in safety, and interior qualities. The combination of the Jeeps AWD system, ZF transmission, same chassy and brake calipers as the alpha Alfa romeo Giulia (check out the 2017 model), and the award winning interior made by Chrysler has been a great combination. The lane detection feature has been great, and will easily put your car back in the lane if you drift. The park sense has many levels of sensitivity and has done a great job keeping me from scraping my wheels and has stopped my car completely in a parking lot when a car was rushing behind my car backing out. The self parking either parallel, or backing in is a nice feature but not something I use too often. The automatic cruise control has been great for long trips on the freeway as it will adjust your speed according to the car in front of you and the car spacing you set it too. I have read a lot of issues with complaints on the rear head room. This is another issue I have seen on other cars and is more of an issue if you plan to haul a lot of adults. I am not a tall individual at 5'10 and have had no issues. My friends are all around 6'3 and will definitely be more cramped in the rear. Luckily we typically never ride together as we all have our own cars. For kids, I have used this numerous times to haul my niece and nephew and getting the car seat in and out was not difficult at all. At the end of the day anyone's taste as far as looks are subjective. But I would highly recommend at least trying to test drive this model, especially the C trim. MSRP was around 38K, and got it with no money down for $28,995 with every option.

  • Rented for a week - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I found the Chrysler 200 4Cyl to have noticeable shift points, poor gas pedal response, poorly placed controls (shift knob, headlight switch), the sound system turned on every time I started the car even though I turned it off previously. The rental car lacked basic features of most large cars today such as Auto climate controls. Trunk space was adequate, engine power was good after a lag when depressing the gas pedal. The driver's headrest was about 1" too far forward for me, making this the drop dead feature for me not to buy a Chrysler 200. I would not recommend this car for purchase or lease.

  • This Car Needs An Autobahn - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    Purchased new in May '15 and have 12,250 as of Nov 1st so yes, I have piled on the miles. Traded in an aging '09 Audi A8L, so my basis for comparison is a highly ranked luxury sedan. The 200S is not perfect, has some niggling little flaws, but overall is a highly capable performer that returns gobs of fun for the price that you pay. I'm ready to get a vanity plate that reads "A4Killr." My 200S is only missing the LED headlights and rear parking sensors. It has those killer wheels you see in all their ads, sport seats, UConnect 8.4, and everything else. It also has an absolutely gigantic trunk. Let's look around the cabin. Ergonomics Execution of controls is near-perfect. The large touch screen's interface is so well designed you do not need the manual to figure out ANYTHING (are you listening Audi & BMW?). Screens are logically arranged, fonts are easy to read, and the myriad of adjustments are easily found. The customization of the dash readouts is delightful, and toggling between dash screens is effortless. You can seamlessly get vehicle information (tire pressures, etc) then check the gas mileage then back to the digital speedo (or whatever else you have programmed the screen to show you). The rotary gear selector takes a little getting used to, but will be the standard within a few years as long as automatic transmission continue to pester us with paddle shifters. Interior lighting is just a hair short of phenomenal. Colors and hues blend beautifully. Night driving is truly a pleasure. The sport seats are superb. The wife just got a Volvo XC60 with it's vaunted seats, and they are spectacular...but the 200's are just as good. Teh back seats are very good for two, and a little cramped for three. Legroom is at a premium. Driving Dynamics There is a bit of a mixed bag here. The star of the show is the engine. Step on it, and it pulls. Let up, step on it again, and it pulls harder. Cruising at 90 and stomping on it gets you to 110+ RIGHT NOW. It is amazing. Every bit as fast as the Audi A8L. The brakes are confident with minimal if any fade. Handling is good, not great. "Sport" mode seems to just make the steering feel heavier, not more inspiring. "Sport" mode does the usual transmission shift adjustments, and it does them very well. It also makes the car feel more like a rear-wheel driver as it disengages the traction control and makes it feel tossable. The 9 speed tranny does occasional hunting, and will sometimes stay in a lower gear going down hills. But it also turns less than 2700RPM at 110MPH. I remember my '86 GTI droning on at 3500rpm at 70mph all the way to Florida. On several Pittsburgh to Richmond trips, a rather mountainous journey, the 200S returned an unbelievable 31.5mpg, and that's with spirited driving at sustained 85+. The suspension is taught, and the 19" wheels take a bit of the magic-carpet-ride feel away. But it is not unpleasant. Finally, there is the exhaust note. It is mean, nasty, gnarly, growlingly perfect. Perfect. Concerns Obviously the reliability issue rears its ugly head as we really don't know how this purring lion is going to hold up. I'm already experiencing a squeak from, of all places, the upper seat back of the drivers seat. At 6'1" and 185lbs I am certainly not taxing the capability of the seat too much. My other concern is the rear view mirror is so big it can actually block an SUV sitting at an intersection. I am forced to duck my head down to see under it. And yes, I've moved the seat down. Conclusion I looked at (looked at = test drove at length) the Volvo S60, BMW 3 and Audi 4 & 6 series. I wanted a mid-size family sedan with AWD. Subaru was just too basic, Audi and BMW just too expensive, Mazda and Honda have no AWD, and that left me with the 200S or a Ford Fusion. Since the Fusion is not a Ford truck, it was automatically crossed off the list. The 200S with the V6 is a Beast. It's fun to drive, explodes off the line, and reins in confidently. The cabin is uber cool with a monstrous sunroof and a 500+ watt Alpine system that Led Zeppelin regularly enjoys. The heated seats and heated steering wheel are appreciated now that the thermometer is dipping towards freezing. Oh...you can set the car to automatically heat the seats and steering wheel for you...a nice touch and super-easy to program (or turn off). This car is well thought-out, well-executed, and damn nice to look at.

  • Great Car Flying Under the Radar! - 2015 Chrysler 200
    By -

    We needed a car for my son who just got his drivers license. It needed to be safe, reliable, economical, and all the other things a parent looks for in their child's car. My son wanted a car with leather, nav, good audio system, good looks and "cool wheels". Oh, it also needed to be under $20,000. Impossible? I wasn't hopeful but started by perusing cars on Carmax.com. After a few hours I noticed a trend of nicely equipped Chrysler 200s right in the range I was looking for. I read a few online reviews and began to realize that this car is one of the few great deals of the current car market. I realize hat styling is very subjective but I think this is a great looking car. The MSRP of the 200C we settled on was $12,000 over the asking price at Carmax of $19,998. It had 3200 miles on it. It is front wheel drive with the 2.4 liter "Tigershark" 4 cylinder with the 9 speed auto and the optional 19 inch wheels. Not a fast car, but certainly not slow either. The full leather interior is good quality. Not quite Aston Martin or high end Audi but very nice. The 8.4" Uconnect infotainment system is really, really good. I wish there were physical buttons for the heated seats but the menu is only one layer deep on the screen so it's not much of an issue. The optional Alpine stereo sounds decent. It has a claimed 506 watt amplifier which provides decent bass. The voice control and Bluetooth are really good. I had the 8.4 Ucinnect in a 2013 Ram 1500 and the firmware seems much better now. It seems quicker and much less buggy than the earlier version. The messaging works fine with my Galaxy Note 5 but not with my son's iPhone 6S. This car will cruise all day at 80-85 (we live near Texas Highway 130 which only has two speed limits eighty and eighty-five. After a few hundred miles we are getting an average of 26-27mpg. Most of my son's driving is around town so I am happy with the mileage so far. I was not expecting much from th 2.4 liter power plant but it seems perfect in this application. Acceleration is just fine and it s quiet. The little sound you do hear is nice. Not at all rough like some fours in midsize cars. The only complaint I have about this car is the transmission. Th 9 speed will occasionally throw out a rough shift or shift too slowly. Sometimes it will hunt for the right gear. Hopefully the software will get better with time like it did in the Uconnect system. The car was new in January of 2015 and there is no record of it ever going back to a dealer. I have no idea if there are any updates for this transmission but I will be looking into it. It's not a big issue though. I have never noticed it when I have been driving. My son is a little less decisive in his application of the throttle so that may be a contributing factor. You can probably tell that we are very happy with this purchase. We like it so much that my wife wants to get one. I think the low used price is partly due to the "rental car" nature of the previous generation of this car. I rented a 2014 just a few months ago and felt exactly like a cheap rental car. The new generation feels anything but cheap. The build quality seems really high. When you're driving it it does not feel at all like a generic mid sized car. It feels a little "special". I was not expecting that at all. The 200C is punching way above its weight. I have been shopping new ones for my wife and AWD V6 models with radar cruise control and every option in the book are selling for under $30,000. The only negatives I can think of are the slightly balky transmission and relatively poor resale value. I imagine they will eventually get the programming right in the transmission. If you're worried about the resale just buy used. This is the best I have felt about a car purchase in years. I neve dreamed we could find such a great car for such a great price. Definitely 5 stars from us.

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