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This Year's Model Updates:

Previously separate, the navigation system and premium audio package for the 2015 Chevrolet Volt are now packaged together. Otherwise, the Volt carries over unchanged.

  • Pleasing number of standard features.
  • Useful 300-plus-mile maximum range
  • Low monthly fuel cost in normal driving
  • No power front seats.
  • Cramped two-person backseat
  • Touchy brakes

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  • One sweet vehicle - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    Have owned my volt for only 7 months now. Just took a trip from Michigan to Florida and back. Volt ran 70 mph all day and had absolutely no problems. I averaged 40.2 mpg going to Florida and 38.4 mpg on the way back to Michigan. I have driven Traverses and GMC Arcadia for the last 6 years, so getting used to a smaller vehicle took some time. I still want to grab my car keys when I get out of the car. At home in Michigan, I have only filled the gas tank 2 times. I have been getting anywhere from 39 to 43 miles on a full electric charge. I don't know why it may charge to 39 miles one time and 43 miles the next though. Car has a great ride for a small vehicle and the seating in the front is comfortable. I can't say anything about the back seat, because no one has sat there yet. Breaking is excellent and the radio is very good. One big thing to watch is when you are changing the drive mode from normal to anything else, you better be very careful, because you can easily hit the blue power on/off button. Did that once and there is not a thing you can do, except to pull over and restart the vehicle. I talked to my dealer about this and he agreed with me and said there is chatter on the chevy site about this, but no solutions yet. The combined millage includes my 2600 miles going to Florida and back.

  • Positive volt - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    Great comfortable, functional, and fun car. Many positives. Rear seat room just above adequate. Negatives are: Climate controls are too complex. Heat is a big drain on the battery.. even being careful it cuts range by 20%. Exterior gap and fit still not up to Japanese quality.

  • Fun and economical drive, but poor controls - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    The car is indeed very economical, but you should mind that it uses only premium fuel, which is not so economical in money after all. It is electrifying fun to accelerate yet it does not invite you to drive fast. I would put it in sport mode and leave the traffic lights in front of everybody, but I was never compelled to go faster than the speed limits. The interior is really comfortable, but mind that it just takes 4 persons. The trunk space is reasonably big, considering it is a compact. But the controls for the audio, ventilation or navigation are really hard to use while driving. It is easy to mistype the buttons since they are capacitive and often I would touch them and there would be no response. Besides that since it has no tactile feedback, I would have to turn the attention away from road to do simple tasks.

  • Amazing! - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

  • The combination of a Volt and a Bolt will rock - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    I have had this car for 5 months (purchased new in May 15) and now and have 8000+ miles on it. So far the car has been mechanically flawless (software issues noted below). Only after owning a car like this, do you begin to understand all of the considerations that need to be taken into account when purchasing an EV. One of the most amazing things about the Volt that is overlooked, but is incredibly significant is the selection for the range of the battery. It isn't that more is better when it comes to battery range in fact, what GM engineers nailed is the realization that a ~50 mile range battery hits a significant sweet spot, in that it can be fully charged overnight on 120V. This has the significant advantages that the battery life is maximized (by a slow charge rate) and that no special charging equipment is required to be installed into the home. If you are going to have only one EV, currently the Chevy Volt is it, there is nothing that comes close. As mentioned above, if you have only one EV the Chevy Volt should be it (unlimited range with gas, no special charger required, maximal battery life) but the other interesting point is that if you have two EV's one of them should be a Chevy Volt (the Volt becomes the long distance vehicle, freeing you to select a second battery only EV that matches your situation exactly). Clearly Chevy is intending to be the premium choice for the second EV as well, with the forthcoming Bolt EV. The combination of an unlimited range Volt, with a significant (~200 mile) range Bolt means that for 90% of the travel of a typical family can be electric only, with the Volt easily handling the typical cross country trips. Of course, at that point a Level 2 charger must be employed to charge the Bolt (but importantly, I would still charge the Volt on 120V in order to maximize battery life). When you consider that you can purchase a Volt + Bolt for less than the price of a Tesla Model S, it is clearly the way to get the majority of people doing the majority of their mileage with electric drive. OK, so that's the good news. As mentioned above there are a couple of software issues, one that will affect everyone and one that will only affect a very small number of people (probably in San Francisco only). The first issue is that when charging on 120V, you will almost certainly want to select 12amps rather than the default 8amps, otherwise a full charge cannot be achieved overnight. The problem is that you will need to select 12amps every time you charge, as there is no way to configure the software to default to 12amps. I charge 12amps every night and I have never had a circuit breaker trip, so I should be able to configure the default to 12amps as I know exactly what circuit I am on and that 12amps is fine for that circuit. This will affect pretty much everyone who charges at 120V (and everyone should even if a Level 2 charger is available). The second issue is an odd bug in the software that causes the Volt to underreport zero emission miles, for people who live right at the top of steep hills. I live at the top of a 1 mile long 16% grade hill and in the morning when the car is fully charged, when I go down the hill in 'L' (always, always drive in 'L' by the way) the software will incorrectly report gas operation, since the battery can not accept any more regen charge and will engage the ICE (internal combustion engine) without starting it, as a braking element. The engine is not burning fuel but only acting as a braking element, yet the software will count it as ICE mode operation since the clutch to the ICE is engaged. This is a silly bug that won't affect 99.9% of the people, unfortunately it affects me.

  • Best Used Car you can buy - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    While i would never buy one new, because lets face it i purchased mine with 12k miles for 16,995 and it was new at 41k bucks.. i don't recommend a new one.. But i will say.. WOW.. I am really generally amazed by this car.. Not only is it a blast to drive, it is incredibly cheap to run, and the fit and finish, and quality of the interior,.. build quality, it is frankly amazing.. After owning nothing but Toyota's until having a major issue with one, and writing that company off, i never thought another car could meet the quality.. While only time will tell if it holds up to a 200k mile life of driving without falling apart, i am completely satisfied by the car currently, which is more than i have been by Toyota of recent.. There are however a few things that i don't like.. But that is much like any car.. 1. I hate where the cup holders are located, they are in a bad place, and should be up close to the center console. 2. The car is entirely too low to the ground, i have had slammed civic's when i was a kid, this is lower. 3. the headlights are horrible.. At night, you would be better off guessing where things are.. Aside from these things though, the car is really amazing.. quiet, no rattles anywhere, good stereo, very comfortable, efficient, it costs me about 12.00 a month on .06 cents per kilowatt hour. This in English is a savings of over 300.00 a month on gas compared to my Toyota Sienna. While no where near as big,.. I can deal with it's size for what i save. Anyone looking at a Prius, or a Civic Hybrid should honestly look at this first.. While not as big as the Prius, it makes up for it in the driving dynamics and position.. It is also a much more solid feeling car than anything Honda makes.

  • Electric Car Adopter - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    If your looking for savings, look no further. I leased my Volt a few months ago and have put just over 3,000 miles on it. So far I have filled my tank once. I purchased a level 2 charger and for my 36 mile commute. The volt is perfect. I charge in about 3 hours from empty to full. 90% of my driving has been on full electric. I decided to go with the volt after buying my first home to try and save money. I used to have a 2013 chrysler 200 with v6 power averaging 30 mpg which I thought was very good.... I was wrong. I'm averaging 250+ mpg and have gone from spending a little over $200 on gas to $25 and an increase of about $40 on my electric bill charging everynight. On top of that because my gas engine has only run for about 300 miles I'm not even close to needing an oil change. My Volt came loaded with features I didn't need or want but hey, why complain! Electric cars are not for everyone.... only those who want a reliable, loaded and money saving vehicle.

  • over-engineered cockpit, but a joy to drive - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    Driving my 2015 Volt has been a learning experience. Some of that learning is figuring out the climate control system, which is unnecessarily complicated (the 2016 corrects that). However, the other learning is about owning and driving an electric vehicle, and that has been a lot of fun. I was drawn to the Volt to stop buying gas (I haven't bought any since I left the dealership months ago) but also just to adopt the new technology. I've learned how important external temperature is to battery range (cold days subtract at least 10 miles), and how to charge at work and at home. Driving has been really enjoyable - super quiet, smooth, really impressive and, dare I say, fun.

  • Chevy Volt - Infotainment System Issues - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    I love my Volt - biggest issue is the Infotainment system. I cannot plug in an Apple iPhone into the USB port and have it play music through the car. I get an "indexing..." error message. Called support, they said they do not support iPhones over 30GB, which is not mentioned by any sales person and not in the infotainment system literature and manual. Their support people would not escalate it to get a fix. The phone works fine through Bluetooth, but heaven help you if it's the end of the day and your phone is out of juice. Ask your salesperson to fix it before you commit to buy a new Volt. In addition, every night, I have to specify I want 12 amp charging. Forget? Car not charged.

  • Glad I finally bought the Volt - 2015 Chevrolet Volt
    By -

    So far, I am very happy with my 2015 Volt. The Chevy dealer gave me a great deal - $3,700 off MSRP add (or subtract!) the savings from the $7,500 federal tax credit, $2,500 grant from Texas, and my $2,100 in GM Card points and my final price is actually about $10,000 below MSRP. The car is loaded with every technological feature you can dream of including the Onstar phone app that lets you lock/unlock and start your car from anywhere. Also gives you complete charging and energy usage stats and a navigation feature to tell you where your car is! And did I mention it drives great? Put it in Sport Mode and you will be surprised at the quickness. Also handles very well and looks great!

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