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The 2013 Chevrolet Spark is an all-new model.

  • Spacious interior
  • Inexpensive without feeling cheap
  • Available high-tech features.
  • Slow acceleration
  • Rear seats a hassle to fold down.

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  • the car has no spare tire - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    They want five hundred bucks for a spare kit. Got a flat? Wait 90 minutes for a tow truck. If you have the air conditioner on and need to go up a hill you have no power [non-permissible content removed]. Do not buy.

  • dont but this car, good gift for a young driver - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    very small gas tank, not a lot of room behind a tall driver, hard to drive when windy out, poor acceleration but once up to speed goes good, going up hills is tough on the car, had to have a new engine at 21000 miles on it, but very easy to drive in citiy type settings, easy to park, definetly made for city driving avoid the freeway if possible, i usually take the backroads when i can, oh yeah no trunk space and if you want to fold the back seats down you better be a short person cause if you are not you wont be able to put the seat down behind the driverseat, wish i thought about it before i bought it, stay clear of this car if possible

  • DO NOT BUY...GM doesn't stand behind this car - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    The motor goes out at 50,000 miles... engine misfires...dropped cylinders...magically the dealership mechanic cannot find anything wrong (but I know my car...) the only good thing I can say is that it gets good gas milage. The quality of the seats are terrible...this is a terrible car. Not dependable. Should have just bit the bullet and got a Cruze. But now I don't think I will ever buy another GM product as General Motors does not stand behind their product. I don't want to be stranded on the side of the road with my child. I need something reliable. I would rather fill a gas tank up every 2 to 3 days and be in a reliable vehicle than only fill up once a week and he broken down.

  • Puttin' Along - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    Bought new with about 400 miles on engine. Mine is the base, manual, get me where I want/need to go model. No, pick up isn't very good, and it does have that nasty blind spot, BUT it IS reliable (recalls were for MINOR items on mine) and I get an OVERALL 42 mpg (I drive highway, city AND mountain areas). It handles curves like a BOSS and the instrumentation is VERY convenient. My mechanic stated that it'd be EASY to fix any engine problem as it's laid out well, and the parts won't be expensive to replace should I have need to. This was another pro. The space inside for a 5'2" to 5'8" under 200lb person will be SPACIOUS. If you're over that height and weight, it may not be AS comfortable for you as a driver. I found it amusing that my model doesn't have power door locks, BUT has power windows, auxillary plug for mp3's and such (discovered by daughter) and lock for the trunk! The ONLY things I'd get different on this car is add cruise control as I do a LOT of hwy driving and get the color Techno Pink as I have the Lemonade color and it's fine, just prefer the other color more. Oh, and as for the a/c, no, it doesn't cool off THAT well in EXTREME heat, but for what I do and where I go, I can get by with it.

  • good mpg but that is about it - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    the spark is an ok car if your just looking for something cheap that will get you from point a to b. chevy should of put in a turbocharger because it does not have much power, the a/c doesnt very well on a very hot day, and it has no cd player just a radio and usb. it has had a few recalls and the value of this car has gone down alot, paid around 16k and now its worth about half of that trade in.

  • I love my Spark! - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    I bought my 2013 Chevy Spark in the summer of 2012. And from day 1 I have been in love with it! It's so much fun to drive! And parking it is awesome! I can park where most average size cars can't. I have over 32,000 miles on it. My only minor complaint is that it doesn't have the pick up and go. So, merging into traffic can sometimes be an adventure. But, everything else, the sweet stereo system, the a/c, the entire interior, the truck space....all are perfect.

  • Great Styling, but that's it. - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    I purchased this car December 2012 because my 1997 SUV was a gas guzzling beast. While I love the much improved gas mileage, I often miss my SUV and regret my purchase. I think the mpg could be better though. I drive on the highway 6 days a week and average 31 mpg. The styling is awesome. Mine is bright green, and I love how the color is incorporated inside as well.No CD player though, which sucks. I live in NW PA, and we get a lot of snow. If the road is not plowed, I slide all over. If its more than a couple inches, I am stuck. I can't get up hills, it shakes violently over 70mph, i hit my head and im only 5'9",had 4 recalls so far,and has lost $7,000 in value already. Want to trade in!

  • The Spark Review - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    I purchased my 2013 Spark in March of 2013. The main issue is the a/c. After 4 trips to the Dealership, and several component replacements, they finally replaced all the a/c components. The a/c is now working better than when I purchased the car. I was informed by the service manager that apparently some of the a/c components were manufactured with defects. So if you are having the a/c issue, and are under the factory warranty,INSIST, I repeat INSIST they replace the entire a/c system and you should be okay. If your dealer won't do it, go to another dealer. On the acceleration issue, there is a recall that just came out where they clean the throttle body and replace the PCV valve.

  • It cannot get out of it's own way. - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    The A/C is less effective than having the windows down. Good luck getting up any hills, this vehicle has no torque. After getting up any hills the vehicle smells like rotten eggs to pay you back for pushing it too hard, which the dealership will blame on the gas. It will rev up and accelerate without the gas being depressed. At least the keys stay in the ignition while it does this. Somtimes it will not start, maybe its an issue with the onstar. Did I mention the A/C sucks.

  • Great car for the money! - 2013 Chevrolet Spark
    By -

    Bought one early, August 2012. LS Manual hatchback. Installed window rain guards, colored side moldings (factory), after market mudflaps, and a light duty trailer hitch to tow a small three rail motorcycle trailer to rides and races. Driving gently and hauling the trailer approx 7,000 miles of the 28,000 that the car had when totaled, was averaging 38.9mpg. Car was cheap to buy, cheap to operate, handled well. Hit a deer at approx 35mph. Locked seat belts, drove radiator back into the exhaust manifold, broke a headlight, kinked hood, kinked right fender. Didn't set air bags off. Some concern for safety, but had the deer contacted the bumper, wouldn't have been as bad. Looking at another one.

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