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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, all Chevrolet Sonic LTZ models come standard with the turbocharged engine, and 4G WiFi hotspot capability is standard across the lineup.

  • Comfortable and spacious cabin
  • Fun to drive.
  • Powerful optional turbocharged engine
  • Generous amount of features
  • Hatchback's mediocre cargo capacity.
  • Budget cabin materials
  • Base engine's lackluster fuel economy

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  • Excellent small car for the $$ - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    Although it is a Turbo, it is not neck jerkingly fast off the line, however it is more than adequate for a vehicle this size. The Sonic has minimal turbo lag and is a fun car to drive, with excellent road composure for a vehicle of this size, and excellent handling . Coming from a life of VW Golf's/GTI's, we now own 2 Sonics, a 2014 & a 2015, and couldn't be happier. These cars have proven very reliable, built very good and solid, with excellent interior comfort. We have not had one issue, change the oil and go! As far as looks, that is subjective, but we get a lot of compliments,people are shocked at how nice they are, and they don't feel like a cheap vehicle. We test drove the following before purchasing our 2nd Sonic, they were all 2015 models, Toyota Corolla- ok on the outside, bland/unappealing inside, very slow and awful CVT. Mini Cooper Countryman- good looking, blast to drive, unfortunately bad reliability history and $10K more than a Sonic made us pass on that, VW Golf, great car in/out but not as good a deal as the Sonic and didn't feel "better" enough to justify a big difference in price, to get all the options on s Sonic RS, Hyundai Elantra GT-Hmmm, not a bad car but seemed bland and basic for the price, not very good MPGs with the 173hp engine.

  • Great For College Student, Many Standard Features - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    I own 2 Sonic LT's one a 2012 and the second a 2015. I bought both new and they are currently used by the students away at College. It's hard to find a car with these features for the price. Standard on the LT is PW, PL, Cruise, Alloy Wheels and Remote start. The 2015 has the option package that includes 16" wheels, fog lights, backup camera and touch screen infotainment display. The Sonic comfort and ride is better than the Corolla and Ford Fiesta. Plenty of room for 4 with luggage space in the Sedan. The other great feature is On-Star's free basic system for 5 years which allows for Remote Start and Locking/Unlocking the vehicle from your Smart Phone. My only complaint is the factory tires are really bad in the snow. I replaced the OEM tires with good all-season tires and traction is much better.

  • Fun car. - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    Get the 1.4 turbo.

  • Low cost fun! - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    I bought this car out of necessity in October 2015 to replace my 2005 Ford Escape, which was in need of major repairs. My criteria was to find the least expensive Chevrolet I could by that was actually built in the United States. I have the base LS Sedan 5 speed, and my only factory option is a cargo net. Let me begin by saying I had no idea how much I would enjoy driving this car! It is by far my favorite of our family drivers, which include a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, and my daughter's 2011 Chevy Cruise. My Sonic Sedan sits family high, it has great sight lines, it is very easy to get into and out of, even for occasional front seat passengers well over 6' tall. The trunk is cavernous, and with both back seats folded down, you can carry a ridiculous amount of stuff in this car. The Sears are comfortable, and with four average size passengers, there is more than adequate room in the car. The real pleasure of this little car is in how nicely it drives. I have the base 1.8 liter engine, with a 5 speed. The transmission is very good, and goes easily and almost crisply into gear. The gear spacing (ratios) are perfect, with just the right amount of performance overlap from one gear to the next, and this car will go 75-80 mph all day, without you the driver feeling like you have been beat up in a small car. The suspension is interesting. The car has a nice compliant ride over any road surface, and the ride quality is surprisingly good. You'd be tempted think it was sprung too softly, and then you hit a curve, and you take that curve in complete control. Amazing for a car with a beam rear axle; but then again, I read that Chevrolet had the suspension team for the Corvette set the spring rates and shock damping for the rear suspension. My combined mpg is 34.5 mpg. All day long. If I reset the mpg display before a hwy trip I can get 40 mpg. That's the truth, and may be due to manual transmission. So, that's all the stuff I like. - - What I don't like is the quirky LED instrument panel. The only analog gage is the tach; everything else is digital. My biggest complaint with it is that there is no temperature display, which is a pain in the winter time. I'm not a fan of the instrument panel, and I think that Chevy has fixed that, and gone more analog in 2017. Also, the base "infotainment" system is pretty lame; front door and A pillar speakers only, nothing in back, and am-fm only. I have to use an aux cord with my iPhone. There is no USB port in the base car (LS). I use a 12 Vdc adapter to charge my phone in the car. The Bluetooth, however, does work great, and I use that feature all the time. The car is also a WiFi hot spot, which is pretty cool. I should also say that I have had absolutely ZERO problems with this car, from a maintenance or build quality perspective. I is very tight, and very quiet. -Surprisingly so. In summary, I like this car A LOT! I bought it as "BT" - basic transportation, but it has turned out to be way more than that. Finally, on a recent business trip, I had the chance to rent a 2014 Sonic LT sedan with 42,000 miles. That car had all the stuff I like about my car, but with power windows, an automatic transmission, and a decent factory sound system, and with 42K on the click it was still tight and quiet. These are great little cars, that live a lot bigger than they actually are.

  • Has been an excellent car for my local needs - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    I am selling because i no longer need two vehicles.

  • Zippy The Turbo Sonic from Anacortes WA. - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    I researched fun to drive hatch back cars for months. I HIGHLY considered a VW Golf or GTI. I thought for sure, I had to have a stick shift to have any joy. Then I read the reviews of The Sonic which mentioned it was fun to drive. They were not kidding. It is a blast! The cheaper trim interior was not for me. I bought a used LTZ. It has heated seats, remote start, blue tooth, and of course lots of air bags. This is a little thing, but the right arm rest, I really dig. You will notice the attractive motorcycle inspired lamps and touches. I don't feel like I am sitting too low, but still fell like I am getting a driving experience with the road. I do not generally accelerate fast and average 34.1 mg on normal roads, hills, and state high way. My only gripe is the touch screen my link. Yes, I listen to loud music and it sounds good, but I need an actual volume dial not some screen to touch. I want to turn up the dial (I am over 40 might have something to do with it)! I bought a used 2015 with less than 15000 miles and saved on bundle the depreciation. So every time I see that GTI go buy, I think about the money I am saving and the fun I am not missing out on.

  • A Big Car in a Small Car Body - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    After dumping a 2015 Honda Fit that proved to be unreliable and felt flimsy, the Sonic has been a breath of fresh air. We were able to get our 2015 in early 2016; a left over LT with the manual transmission for $12,500. It was a steal! Compared to the Honda, the Sonic feels like a big car wrapped in a small car body. The interior is extremely quiet at all speeds and there's minimal wind, road, or engine noise that comes into the cabin. The 1.8 liter isn't the fastest, but does fine getting up to speed, and hasn't ever felt slow. The 5-speed's well-spaced gears certainly help and the shifter slips into gears easily. The clutch is light and forgiving. The ride is on the firm side, but pays off with pretty good handling and steering feel. It doesn't match the Fiesta or Fit in that regard, but can still be a lot fun on a windy road I love the design, and prefer it over the newer, more generic 2017 Sonic. The exposed headlights, and circular theme within the tailights stand out from the crowd. The same goes inside. Many either love or hate the digital, motorcycle-inspired gauge cluster. I personally love it; it's unique, quirky, easy to read, and being digital, makes staying at a certain speed a simple task. The rest of the interior is also user friendly and straightforward. Interior space upfront is generous and the footwell area has enough leg room for tall folks. The rear seat doesn't match the Fit, but is still better than most small cars. The trunk is pretty shallow with the seats up, but the hidden shelf below the load floor is clever, and there is loads of space if the seats are folded. The seats are very comfortable and make long trips tolerable. Reliability has been good, and in one year and 3,000 miles, the only issue has been the carpet in the driver's footwheel started to bunch up. It was replaced under warranty with no questions asked. Is it perfect? No. The rear pillars are thick and there is a significant blind spot. Some of the plastics inside are a little low-grade. But overall, it's a fantastic car. It's a great value, built in America, has interesting style, and is a small car with few of the small car compromises. It's just an easy car to live with.

  • Deceptive car - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    Cannot lower the front of the driver seat nor tilt the headrest after 3 years I've replaced half of everything that makes the car run water pumps $200 fan assemblies hoses belts air intakes metal lines after 3 years a car should not have to have this much work done where I live the speed limit does not get over 55 miles per hour my car still looks brand spanking new but is falling apart

  • Power, with quirks 2015 LTZ Hatch - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    I bought the car for the interior. The hatchback offered the space I wanted for cargo and the dash was nicely arranged and constructed. The car seats are comfortable and heated and cup holders are a fast food junkies dream. The car lacks in handling, it's tight but in a stiff new car suspension way, not in it's ability to corner. What I could safely coax out of say the Chevy Cobalt, I would be worried to perform in the Sonic LTZ. The LTZ has larger rims but narrower sidewall so you really feel the road. The auto really hurts off the line coupled with the turbo lag but it builds quick enough. Running on octane lower that 92/93 does make a difference. I feel deeply cheapened by the fact there are no temperature gauges for the oil/water as those would be crucial in getting a heads up on potential engine damage. For now I use a "Torque Pro" app reading from an OBD interface to keep an eye on coolant temps. The smell of coolant comes from the vents when you open the flow through the heater core. This on a 14000 mile car has me poised for an early repair.

  • Great Car - 2015 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

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