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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Chevy Sonic gets a few meaningful additions, including a rearview camera and lane departure and forward collision warning systems. An RS version of the Sonic sedan debuts late in the model year.

  • Comfortable and spacious cabin
  • Fun to drive.
  • Powerful optional turbocharged engine
  • Excellent crash test scores
  • Generous amount of features
  • Subpar fuel economy of base engine
  • Hatchback's mediocre cargo capacity
  • Turbo engine's sluggish throttle response.
  • Cut-rate cabin materials

User Reviews:

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  • LT Hatchback (1.8L auto): All-around Solid - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    Value is always going to be determined by the price you can get any given car at, but this is a solid vehicle I'm happy to have ended up in. I bought used one year old with low mileage. Professional reviews overstate the Sonic's "cons." Most notably, the inferior fuel economy among subcompact cars... but it's also heavier than other subcompacts and its economy is right in line with that. Great choice if you're someone like me who only needs a small commuter vehicle with occasional light cargo but can't stand the idea of driving a 2400-lb midget, such as the Nissan Versa or Chevy's own Spark, where a stiff gust of wind feels like it can blow you clean off the road. The Sonic feels like a compact car on the road, but still parks like a subcompact and has a fuel economy right in between. The cargo space is a bit horizontally-challenged but enough to hold a few bags of groceries, while there's a surplus of vertical space for tall/stacking objects and you can flatten the back seats if you need more room. Acceleration is fine at lower speeds, at higher speeds it's a bit sluggish but enough most people shouldn't care unless they're drag racing. (As if anybody races a stock vehicle.) Interior is adequate for an economy vehicle without feeling too cheap: Comfortable cloth seating, lots of hard plastics but it's thick and sturdy, headliner has the typical economy "egg carton" feel but is surfaced with a soft dimpled cloth. There's but a few other minor gripes I have which are mostly just not in line with my preference, or non-issues that take some getting used to, as would be the case when starting to drive any new vehicle. The only legitimate complaints for me are the low-beam headlights feel angled a bit too low, might be an issue if you're navigating unknown territory, and the rear view is fairly poor which is just a product of the small vehicle size and hatchback. I could go for power-folding mirrors too as a feature, over manual folding ones. No major complaints. The stock tires are supposedly horrible in snow too, so budgeting to replace them might be a good idea up north. (I wasn't about to personally put them to the test.) It accelerates smoothly, handling is responsive, seating is comfortable and surprisingly spacious for a subcompact, general interior construction feels solid. The instrument cluster is compact and all digital, save the analog tachyometer (RPM meter), but gives you all necessary information and then some. Safety ratings are top-notch. Great car from what I can tell. All that's left is to see what long-term issues pop up in the next three, five, ten years. I can't see the future.

  • I still love my 2014 Sonic after 10 months - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    OK I purchased my Sonic Dec 27,2014 new purchase price out the door with tax tags everything included $12,988 yes I was blowed away at this price I found the car online didn't even even have go in to dealer until I had sign the papers I didn't even test drive the car at this price, I signed and drived and still happy with my Purchase 10 months and 17,600 miles later, oh yeah GM throwed in $3,010 ending year clearance rebate get it at that price, I'm very impressed thank you Chevy.

  • 2014 sonic- a/c and heat - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    I love my car for the most part. II purchased it June 2014. Right away I noticed that it felt like there was a vent open whenever I used the a/c. When I brought vehicle to dealership to put on license plates I mentioned it to them. They checked things over but couldn't find anything. I brought it back in a couple of more times that summer for same issue. They never could find anything wrong. The computer showed everything working correctly. Then it started to get cold (I live in mn). That's when I noticed the windows foggy up on the inside. Again,couldn't find anything wrong. The snow came and so did the ice on the windows...as I was driving with defroster on. I took pictures and sent to dealership. They finally were able to tell me that GM designed the car this way. They adjusted the vents and that did help a little. I keep a blanket in my car because one side of me (left side by window) freezes and the other side gets too hot. I don't even bother using the a/c as it just pulls hot air in.

  • Amazing!! - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    They are really amazing!

  • 2014 LTZ 1.4l turbo hatchback - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    This car has been good for me in that it is sporty, roomy, and has the power you would expect. The only issue I have is that it is so full of hard plastic even for the highest trim behind the RS, that it seems like a joke. Everything rattles and it gets to be very annoying. I have had this car for about 2 months and being this new, I am considering getting a different car. Come on Chevy, enough with the [non-permissible content removed] interior of your cars and maybe we will regain your trust as something quality that is American made!

  • sporty fun car - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    Very well put together subcompact sedan. Great gas mileage, handles well- some say "jerky" I say responsive. Sporty fun to drive car.

  • 1.4 turbo LT auto sedan a good buy, a few niggles - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    This review is for the 1.4 turbo LT sedan, which isn't offered as an option by Edmunds so I have flagged this in the title. Fun to drive generally excellent design, one of the few really good touchscreen entertainment systems, excellent on safety, peppy if you get the turbo, a lot of space for the money, larger (but fortunately for parking no longer) than a standard subcompact and the sedan is actually well into the EPA compact category by volume, unusually quiet and smooth for the class. But a number of niggles front seat comfort issues, awkward stock tuning of engine and transmission, unrefined rear suspension, and appalling stock tires except on the Dusk Edition.

  • Subpar. - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    The 201y Chevy Sonic is a good car. It's good on gas, relatively stylish, very dependable. However, it lacks the over 'luster' of a sub-compact car. The transmission is a joke. I'm sure it is set up for economy, but come on Chevy you can do better than that. The engine lacks power...majorly. The overall interior quality is poor. The seats are awkwardly placed and hard to adjust especially if you've never been in the car. The interior is covered in flimsy plastic and hardly any soft touch material. But the worst thing about the entire car is how loud it is. Every bit of road and wind noise enters the cabin. Even on smooth pavement, you would think that you are driving on gravel.

  • 2014 1.4L Turbo 1LT - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    When I started looking for a commuter car, the sonic wasn't even on my radar. I read the mileage posts and the reviews. Well I happened onto this sonic at a dealer who somehow happened to have 2 of the only turbo 6 speed cars in the state. Yes, 1LT is the model, sedan 1.4L turbo with a 6spd. When I took it out on the freeway and hit 52mpg. I knew the turbo was the car to have. I commute 120 miles round trip each day. Solid 44.3mpg with premium gas at 80mph with A/C on. 52mpg at 50mph and A/C on. The 44.3mpg is normal in this car. 38-41 around town in stop and go traffic. Also I have over 10K on my car since july.

  • Best bang for buck! - 2014 Chevrolet Sonic
    By -

    This car offers a lot for the $. We shopped around for months. Looked at/considered 1. Ford Fiesta-not impressed by performance, very cramped interior, nice front end, but ugly in back, price not that great. 2. VW Golf- nice car over all but felt very bland/cheap on inside and was a bit bland to drive, and more expensive than our Sonic, but with less features. 3. Toyota Corolla- great new design, very bland and not many features for the price, not spacious interior.4. Hyundai Accent 5-door- we really liked this car, but it seemed very soft and conservative in comparison to Sonic. 5. Nissan Versa- it's advertised as the "cheapest" car in America, the aren't lying. It feels/looks

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