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  • What a Fun Car! - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    I was searching for something that would meet up to my old car. I had a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo - SS SC with all the bells and whistles, comforts and get up and go that I wanted in a car. I test drove 8 different vehicles within the price range I was willing to pay. Although the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 both came close - you see those cars at every turn - everyone owns one. I wanted something different than the rest on the road. I also had great luck with the Chevrolet, so decided to go back to the Chevrolet dealer to see what else they might have comparable to the Monte Carlo. I test drove an Impala - too big and not enough take off. I test drove a Cadillac - it was comfortable enough, had pretty good take off - but to get heated seats - it was going to cost approximately another $10,000 - not worth it. I had already test drove a Camaro - awesome power - but my gosh that thing was so cramped and uncomfortable to ride in - it was all about the engine and the great looking outside. So I decided I would try the Chevy SS - and am I glad I did - Oh what Fun!! The one I test drove was a manual and it was great, however, I have gotten lazy over the years, was used to an automatic and didn't want to shift gears anymore - besides it was an unattractive blue. If it had been that beautiful dark navy blue I've seen in the Dodge - I might have considered it. However, I am partial to a black car. Since the closest dealer with a black automatic SS was an hour away in hell traffic, I bit the bullet to go and test drive one. It was worth the drive - although I didn't like the price they offered and left the dealership. But I couldn't stop thinking about that car. It took a couple of days for the dealership to call me and ask what I didn't like about the car. I explained that I liked the car but here is how I work - I offer them a price, they don't add on all of their extras that I don't want and then I will decide what I need to put down and borrow for a loan. I gave them an offer. They didn't take what I offered, but came back with a price I was willing to pay. No, there is nothing fancy about the car, it doesn't have the distinct look of a bad boy Camaro - yes, everyone thinks at first that it's an Impala, but I don't mind. It's a tad smaller than my Monte Carlo, which I wanted. Yes, it's a gas hog, but that's to be expected - I am hoping it will get better once I decide I am done testing it's power. You might think it is a grandma car (and I am a grandma) however, when I go blasting passed them on the highway, they know by the sound and the speed that it's not your ordinary grandma car. I was actually sad leaving my Monte Carlo at the dealership - but after two days - my SS and I are doing just fine!

  • Four Door Corvette - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    Just like the Corvette, this car offers more performance per dollar than anything else out there. For those of us that like having more than one person come along for a fun ride, this is an amazingly capable car.

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