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  • Not perfect, but awfully close - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    The Chevy SS (Holden Commodore down under) is an amazing car. It can go to the track for some hot laps then stop by the grocery store on the way home. It's a very well integrated package of performance, luxury and utility/usefulness. The controls are firm, but they feel just right for this big car and it drives smaller than it actually is. The 415hp LS3 V8 is a gem, but it's thirsty as a daily driver, so far about 17 mpg. This car has less than year of production remaining as 2017 is the "last call". If you want a new one, better act quickly! Update! 10,115 miles now and the Chevy SS continues to impress. Problems have been limited to 2 screws in the tires, one of which was not repairable. Fuel economy continues to improve, a few tanks have been 19.0-19.5 mpg. The radio reception for non-satellite stations is not the best, had the dealer re-set the system, which did seem to help a little. The MRC drive settings (Tour-Sport-Perf) and the dual mode exhaust give this car multiple personalities. Each is unique and well sorted. Very few people know this car and it's nearly "invisible" in the daily commute, which is exactly the way I prefer. One time you will get some attention is at the gas station after a fill-up. When re-starting the car, the next guy next to you looks over and thinks......."that sure doesn't sound like a Malibu?" Update- 18,900 mi. One year in and still pleased with the SS. It drives as well now as it did when new and the fuel economy has been steady between 18.5-19.5mpg (70% hwy). The OE Bridgestone RE050A tires have been better than expected. They have great grip and have lasted longer than I figured? They only have a 140 tread wear so to make it to 20K is not bad. I plan on keeping this car for the long term, but will likely get a small 35-40 mpg. daily driver to try and keep some of the commuter miles off this car.

  • My favorite car ever - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    I would change a few things about this car. First the cup holder can interfere with shifting with even a modestly tall cup. Next, since I'm over 55 it sits a bit too low to the ground for me. That makes it hard to get out of the car at times, but the programmable seats can cure this a bit. Finally, the A-frame pillar occasionally obstructs the driver's view. I've almost had 2 collisions due to this factor. Otherwise, it's been my favorite car of all time. It's a real joy to drive. Great mix of power and it's somewhat luxurious. It's a real shame that 2017 is the last year for this great ride. Oh well, at least I'll have mine for as long as I want. I still get fired up at that exhaust note when I crank her up.

  • What a Fun Car! - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    I was searching for something that would meet up to my old car. I had a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo - SS SC with all the bells and whistles, comforts and get up and go that I wanted in a car. I test drove 8 different vehicles within the price range I was willing to pay. Although the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 both came close - you see those cars at every turn - everyone owns one. I wanted something different than the rest on the road. I also had great luck with the Chevrolet, so decided to go back to the Chevrolet dealer to see what else they might have comparable to the Monte Carlo. I test drove an Impala - too big and not enough take off. I test drove a Cadillac - it was comfortable enough, had pretty good take off - but to get heated seats - it was going to cost approximately another $10,000 - not worth it. I had already test drove a Camaro - awesome power - but my gosh that thing was so cramped and uncomfortable to ride in - it was all about the engine and the great looking outside. So I decided I would try the Chevy SS - and am I glad I did - Oh what Fun!! The one I test drove was a manual and it was great, however, I have gotten lazy over the years, was used to an automatic and didn't want to shift gears anymore - besides it was an unattractive blue. If it had been that beautiful dark navy blue I've seen in the Dodge - I might have considered it. However, I am partial to a black car. Since the closest dealer with a black automatic SS was an hour away in hell traffic, I bit the bullet to go and test drive one. It was worth the drive - although I didn't like the price they offered and left the dealership. But I couldn't stop thinking about that car. It took a couple of days for the dealership to call me and ask what I didn't like about the car. I explained that I liked the car but here is how I work - I offer them a price, they don't add on all of their extras that I don't want and then I will decide what I need to put down and borrow for a loan. I gave them an offer. They didn't take what I offered, but came back with a price I was willing to pay. No, there is nothing fancy about the car, it doesn't have the distinct look of a bad boy Camaro - yes, everyone thinks at first that it's an Impala, but I don't mind. It's a tad smaller than my Monte Carlo, which I wanted. Yes, it's a gas hog, but that's to be expected - I am hoping it will get better once I decide I am done testing it's power. You might think it is a grandma car (and I am a grandma) however, when I go blasting passed them on the highway, they know by the sound and the speed that it's not your ordinary grandma car. I was actually sad leaving my Monte Carlo at the dealership - but after two days - my SS and I are doing just fine!

  • Sedan version of the Dodo bird - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    We never owned a Chevy in the past but when I was forced back into the car market thanks to VW TDI scandal I decided I wanted a sedan with rear wheel drive and a MANUAL transmission something no longer offered in the Passat, Mazda M6, or Nissan Maxima all of which I would have seriously considered. Thanks to a google search I found the Chevy SS and do not regret this purchase. In fact, the more I drive the car, the more I love it. My husband and I are now fighting over driving the SS so we are considering purchasing a second as Chevy is still offering 20% off until the end of the October. This car becomes extinct in 2017 and, sadly, I fear a manual transmission sedan will go with it. Update 4/19/2017: I passed this Chevy SS to my husband and we found a red Chevy SS that still had the 20% off tag which we purchased in November 2016. No more fighting over the car! We both love it. I enjoy the car more now than when I first purchased. I understand that it is not for everyone, but it is perfect for me. October 2017 update: we still own both Chevy SS cars and absolutely still love them. I had an issue with my power steering which Chevy repaired as was still under warranty and my only gripe is the dealership which bumbled with the repair (ordering the wrong part then not ordering all the parts needed) causing a delay in the repair. My car was at the dealership for over a week and I was never offered a loaner car. Thankfully I own 4 vehicles but it would have been considerate to at least offer a vehicle.

  • Four Door Corvette - 2016 Chevrolet SS
    By -

    Just like the Corvette, this car offers more performance per dollar than anything else out there. For those of us that like having more than one person come along for a fun ride, this is an amazingly capable car.

  • Verifiable Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    Needed a new car, thanks to the VW TDI scandal and it just so happened to coincide with the elimination of my 110 mile round-trip commute. As a car enthusiast, I was looking for something fun to drive that also could haul the family in comfort. With fuel economy no longer a factor, I landed on the SS. My dealer couldn't locate a 6M in black, silver or blue within a 250 mile radius that also had the 20% off MSRP tag, so I ended up with an automatic. I was able to enjoy the summer tires for the first 800 miles before swapping them out for Michelin Ice Xi3 snow tires on 18" wheels. 1200 miles on the snow tires has been surprisingly good, and not all that different than my Passat TDI on the same tires. Of course the best part is firing up that big, throaty V8 and hitting the nearest on-ramp for a quick blast to 70+ mph. With the summer OEM tires back on, handling, braking, and acceleration instantly improved and I am enjoying this car every time I drive it. I have found the Performance setting to provide the best responsiveness for the automatic transmission and it handles excellent. Touring and Sport cause the auto to be very slow to respond on downshifts. With 2017 being the last model year for this modern day V8, RWD muscle car and fewer than 15,000 of these cars imported to the U.S. since the 2014's first came over, the opportunity to own a unique piece of Chevy history is running out. I'm very happy that I was able to pick one up and use it as my daily driver.

  • Initial Thoughts on the Sleeper Sports Sedan - 2016 Chevrolet SS
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    During the short time I've owned my 2016 Chevrolet SS with the 6-speed automatic, I have been very pleased. The exhaust note in Sport, Performance or Track mode makes me smile every time I start the car and step on the gas. It's also nice to flip to touring to quiet it down a little and smooth out the bumps when cruising on the interstate. Highs include: handling; accelleration; engine/exhaust rumble; exclusivity of having one of only an estimated 10,000 Chevy SS's imported to the US for model years 2014-17 as the 2017's are the last ones being made; and the amazing amount of tech that comes standard. Lows include: no Homelink(!!) so you are stuck with a clunky garage door opener remote; and the 6-speed automatic is slow to downshift, sometimes clunks into gear, and overall not very responsive to the 415 hp and 415 lb/ft of torque begging to come out and play. Overall, finding this car with a 20% GM discount tag makes it the best performance sedan for the money, and one of the few rear wheel drive, naturally aspirated V8's left. The fuel economy is terrible, but people willing to buy this car aren't looking for a Prius so I don't consider it to be a negative. *Update: 6 months later, my review hasn't changed. I put 245/45R18 Michelin X-Ice Xi3 winter tires mounted on all black wheels that looked great and so I could actually drive it during the winter. Tires did great, and I enjoyed having RWD in the snow. It's a lot of fun steering with your throttle. To be clear, this is not an AWD crossover or SUV. It has low ground clearance, RWD, and lots of power. Not the best combination for driving in deep snow. Depending on your winter weather driving needs and how severe the weather can get, the SS might be better hanging out in the garage, waiting for Spring to arrive.

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