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  • Great Value - 2014 Chevrolet Impala Limited
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    This is my 3rd Impala. So, yes Im slightly biased. After owning 2 Acuras and 3 Hondas (yes I drive many miles each year) the Chevys have all been as good or better during long-term ownership. This is my 2nd Impala of this generation (2000-2013). The 1st was a 2007 LT with the 3.9L V6 engine and leather. Only options omitted on that model were the 18" wheels, sunroof and Nav. It has 160K miles on it and has only had regular maintenance performed on it. Still gets 27MPG on the highway with a load. Handed it down to my daughter when I bought my latest model - 2014 Impala LTZ Limited. It also has leather but includes sunroof and the 18" wheels. It has the 3.6L V6 under the hood. The 3.9L only had 230 HP while this latest model has 300 HP. Yes, for a 4 door sedan its really quick. But it still gets 26 - 28 MPG on the highway depending on the load and travel conditions. Not bad. Its very comfortable on long hauls, has a trunk you could hide a baby elephant in and looks pretty sharp. Considering I was able to purchase it for almost $1 a mile used (16,905 miles and price of $17,606) it was a STEAL. The newer Impalas look great, but with many of these "fleet" cars still available with low miles and low prices, save some money and grab one while you can. Might not be the fanciest or prettiest or fastest, but it wont leave you stranded and will be a solid value for quite some time. And the Bose stereo is pretty darn good as well. Nice place to spend a few hours on the road. Bonus - low insurance costs. Change the oil as recommended, keep good tires and brakes on it and itll last you. Update 3 months later - car is running great!

  • Red Rider - 2014 Chevrolet Impala Limited
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    Only have 19k miles on it but for the money you cant beat it. Very basic trim inside but has I have had other luxury vehicles ie lincoln Mark VIII, Buick Riviera I found after years of ownership these interior gadgets and trim break. This car is built has a fleet model so it is sturdy and reliable and not complicated. I believe in the future it will be a lot more affordable when it comes time for usual repairs especially compared to higher costing cars where just their name brand demands extra premium pricing on parts and labor. I get the large car ride, large car storage, even the rear seat opens to trunk, Geez I could camp in it in a emergency! I do get 30mpg at 75mph. Im sure after 50k that will go even higher!

  • Great Chevy - 2014 Chevrolet Impala Limited
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    I had been away from GM for years, in my younger years it was always Camaros, Z24 Cavalier, Beretta GTs two of them, I have always had a love for Chevrolets but nothing in the new GM line up is exciting or affordable being middle class with kids, and I dont want to look like a Hawaiian shirt wearing grandpa in a sports car, so I did some research and rediscovered Chevrolet again, my wife sent me a pic of a 2014 Impala at a local dealer for 12.9k with 26k miles, I checked the car fax and saw that it was a rental and said "hell no", my wife talked me into just checking it out and test driving it, glad I did, it smelled great, looked great and drove like a dream, I was back in love with Chevrolet again, I love the early nineties look of it, like a big Beretta, whats weird is the gas mileage around town is awful, like 77 Oldsmobile four barrel carb V-8 awful, but we took a trip from VA to NY and it recalculated the range during the trip and with a full tank and the range jumped to 500 miles on a full tank, we drove all the way to NY on one tank, so far, I look forward to driving it everyday and so glad I got it. Oh and that 3.6 V-6 can really move that car, coming off an on ramp on to the interstate is no issue, living in Hampton Roads Virginia people can be very rude and not allow you to merge onto the highway, I have been trapped riding the shoulder until a space opens, and I learned to drive in the Philly / NJ area!! the V-6 helps allot. The only complaint I do have is the AC system stinks, its hot and humid in VA and the smell can be quite bad and musty when first turning the AC on (I dont smoke), this is a common issue with these cars.

  • Outstanding Fullsized Car - 2016 Chevrolet Impala Limited
    By -

    This is a re-publication of the review I posted on another automotive site, but updated based on six months of ownership. Because my work requires me to fly to locations all around the country, I drive a great many different vehicles as rentals, including Impalas - both the new body style and this older one, now re-branded as the "Impala Limited." Both Impalas have been among the best of the bunch, but if you believe that form should follow function, as I do, then the Limited is the pick between the two. The outward view is much better from the Limited, and the tech content is adequate without resorting to a distracting "Tokyo-by-night" interior. Naturally, when my old personal commuter left me standing by the roadside one last time, the Impala Limited was right at the top of my short list of potential replacements. It wasnt the first vehicle I drove while shopping, but it won my heart all over again as soon as I did. I bought a low-mileage 2016 Limited with the LTZ package from one of the rental car agencies, and I absolutely love it. For a large sedan, this is a great drivers car. Although it isnt a car that begs to be flogged around the road course at the local track, its moves are linear and reassuringly predictable. Linear and predictable are two adjectives that also apply to its brakes. And power delivery from its DOHC V6 mated to the 6-speed GM automatic is both authoritative and smooth. The transmission reliably serves up the right gear for any situation, and the car is very responsive to pedal modulation, thanks to minimal nanny tech intervening between the drivers right foot and the road. The cars relatively low beltline and tall greenhouse make the view from the drivers seat outstanding compared to most other contemporary cars. The dash is well laid out, with controls that are ergonomically arranged, and all buttons and knobs present a quality feel. The cabin is also quiet and well-isolated from road and traffic noise, and my car has no squeaks or rattles, despite already having 22K on its odometer when I bought it and an additional 5K miles since. The suspension of the LTZ is taut and predictable, yet compliant enough to provide a very comfortable ride during my 40-mile round trips to/from the office when Im not traveling. Although I would prefer more aggressive side bolstering on the seats, these prove quite comfy during extended drives. If having the latest in Star Wars automotive tech is a high priority for you, the Limited is not your car. Theres no lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, backup camera, or parking sensor array. This is a car that requires you to actually drive it. If youd rather text, check your email, or engage in some other non-driving-related activity, and youd like to rely on your vehicle to save your bacon when youre not paying attention to the road, then maybe the newer Impala version is more your style. This car is also not for you if youre a big fan of the latest tortured, convoluted sheet metal styling. Its body will not have enough gratuitous creases and folds to suit you. (Its that form-follows-function thing again.) Finally, if all the interior surfaces of your vehicle must be soft and squishy, you will dislike this car. Many of its interior panels are hard thermoplastic (just like an aircraft). While this material is ideal for use in aircraft and automotive cabins, because its quite durable, it will not garner any accolades from the sybarites among us. On the other hand, if your notion of a great car is one that admirably performs its mission in life, and having the latest tech or the latest "styling" isnt high on your list of priorities, then snap up an Impala Limited. Production at the Oshawa assembly plant ceased in May of 2016, so youll be relegated to buying used. Obviously, the up-side to this is you wont be taking that big initial depreciation hit, and a little judicious shopping can put you in a great low-mileage vehicle that will serve you faithfully for many years. Certainly well beyond the point at which the Feds will force us all into robo-cars and completely relieve us of both the responsibilities and joys of actually DRIVING our conveyances." After owning this car for six months, Ive concluded that it is just about the perfect commuter. Its comfortable, powerful, smooth, and predictable, as well as gas-and-go reliable. I even consider its modest lineage and relatively inconspicuous styling to be advantages over more expensive and/or extroverted designs, because it doesnt provoke the resentment of other drivers that those vehicles tend to do. ONE YEAR UPDATE: Ive now owned this car for just over twelve months, and my initial opinion of it remains unchanged. My Impala Limited is an outstanding daily driver and reliable as sunrise. It has required no repairs whatsoever, only routine preventive maintenance, consisting primarily of oil/filter changes and tire rotations. Great car!

  • Glad to be Back! - 2014 Chevrolet Impala Limited
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    I recently purchased my 2014 Impala LT Limited, and I tell you what, it is more forgivable then the 2007 Saturn Aura XR that I traded in. With children, a big sedan is a must. First and foremost, the ride is a ton more forgivable. As the bumps and cracks in the road come and go, the suspension absorbs them with ease. The fuel economy is much more realistic compared to the Saturn. The V6 in this car has the grunt when needed, but also returns an enjoyable silence when cruising on the highways. I can thank Chevy for making the LT suspension soft, but the FE2 package is not really rewarding when needing to either make emergency turns or when sweeping in the back roads. A cheap and easy modification from what I have read is taking the FE3 suspension from the LTZ, still a compliant ride, but also gives you that much wanted feeling of stability on the turns.

  • Great Value-amazing engine. - 2016 Chevrolet Impala Limited
    By -

    I recently purchased a used dark grey 2016 Impala Limited LT 3.6 liter sedan with 35,000.00 miles on it. The car is built on a chassis that Chevrolet has used for quite some time. Its a very solid chassis and police departments in the US have utilized this chassis as a patrol vehicle. The cloth seats are nothing too great but everything else about this car is a steal. You get 305 horsepower with 285 lbs ft torque with the GM 3.6 liter v6 LFX. This is an extremely reliable v6 and it packs alot of available power and torque. The drive is very smooth and you can tell the chassis is rock solid. I will say if you are looking at a no frills driver this is a great car as far as value is concerned. I enjoy driving the car as its fast, smooth and responsive. You get Bluetooth for calls and Aux in for audio purposes. If you can find one with low mileage these are a steal. I am very happy with my purchase thus far.

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