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This Year's Model Updates:

The sporty SS trim has been dropped, but other 2011 Chevrolet HHR models carry on with minor changes only.

  • Versatile and roomy interior.
  • Supple ride
  • Distinctive styling
  • Lacks a telescoping steering wheel.
  • Lackluster handling and braking
  • Some interior materials look and feel cheap

User Reviews:

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  • HHR: Great Little Utility Vehicle - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    Own a 2009 2LT version. It does everything I wanted it to. I'd only change a few things: 1. install four wheel disc brakes instead of the "disc/drum" brake combination. 2. install the full roof rack instead of just half of it and expecting the buyer to purchase the other half as an aftermarket option. 3. upgrade the radio/cd player so its more robust. CD's keep sticking inside the player necessitating playing games to get them unstuck. 4. change the engine intake air filter housing design. The housing removal is a major pain when you want to change out filters.

  • Great Car! - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    Wife and I bought this car about a year back. So far we use it for all of our trips and like the quiet ride. We now have 35k on it and it runs like a dream. Smooth auto trans and quite peppy for 2.2 - 4 cyl engine. We can get all the groceries, and all of our newborns equipment in the hatch. We get between 26.5-28mpg on average. Fun little car, we have enjoyed it so far. Wish they didn't discontinue them!

  • Plenty of bang fer the buck - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    I've owned my 2011 hhr lt for 2 months now and have absolutly NO complaints,being 6'02" 235 lbs I fit very comfortably in the cockpit,the high output 4 cylinder eco-tech engine is amazing gets up to 75 MPH with no hesitation or problem at all.however I dont plan on towing a yacht to Flordia or racing a Ferrari for pink slips,but for a general purpose light hauler its funtastic.The retro looks are second to none,its been called rad,cool, cute(by my dear 75 year old mom),sleek, retro etc etc.Its really sad that GM discontinued the HHR,I think its a present day classic.would like to see it make a comeback possibly in '13 or '14 LOVE MY HHR.Mine is an automatic trans form would'nt let me enter

  • Great Chevy Car/SUV & Gas Saver! - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    This car has truly exceeded our expectations. We have owned it for almost 3,000 miles now in just under 2 months and this car has been great on gas and has a very smooth ride with good handling. We use the HHR as our business car for hauling items and shipments. Our website business, Wonder Buy Shop, has had other work cars available but we mainly use the HHR because it has the smoothness of a car with the functions of an SUV. Personally I've had BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda and other cars but the HHR has been great on gas and the features are perfect for what we need with Bluetooth, OnStar, Automatic and more. Thanks to Chevy for making a real economic and fun car/SUV to drive!

  • More like entry level! - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    I've had this car for about a month and a half now. What can I say? This car is OK, not good, not great. Good thing GM is offering huge discounts because it's not much better than some entry level cars. I was looking for something larger than compact after owning a van for a while. The size of this car is pretty good compared to small SUVs but, that's about it. A very loud Ecotech engines easily scares people at crossings but is kind of annoying (the older engine was quieter and you can't buy ethanol anywhere anyway). Bad gas mileage (not much better than the old van), creaks all around the dash and the outside air temp sensor is way off (5 -10 degrees). Go with Mazda 3 or similar.

  • Great Car for Price - Sorry it's Being Discontinued - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    Overall a really great car. It looks better, is more fun to drive, and has better cargo storage than comparable cars. It's rare to get a hatchback in this price with masculine design lines. Most look so feminine/cute/wimpy. With huge rebates in place now because 2011 is the last model year, this is a great deal.

  • 2011 Chevy HHR Exceeded Our Expectations! - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    We bought a new 2011 Chevy HHR LS with the My Link package because it had everything we needed for our business. From the interior room of an SUV to the gas savings of a small car the HHR has been fun to drive and it is easy to load packages for shipment. Our website business, [HTML deleted], uses the HHR for shipments, carrying and picking up new inventory and advertising. In the future we plan to add advertising decals on the exterior to make it stick out from the others. The HHR has exceeded our expectations with its comfort and convenience. We have over 1,500 miles in just about a month of owning it with no problems.

  • Stealth Value~! - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    If you price out a car that does what this car does you will notice it is $ 4,000 cheaper than the typical offering in other lines , even including GM lines! It is a 4 cylinder motor. It is great for highway and city driving. It is not a torque monster. You do not want to buy this car to TOW a boat to Floirda from the hills of PA. I drive 25,000 miles a year. I have 80K on my HHR. I had it into the dealer once ( last month ) for a door lock / key FOB / RFID issue. The dealer could not figure it out. Everything else for this car was done in my Driveway or at Sears at the mall.

  • Unsafe - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    You can not see out of this car. I am 5-10 and my head is in the roof and my shoulder is agaist the door. This is not a car its a coffin

  • 2.4L Automatic Review - 2011 Chevrolet HHR
    By -

    Don't let the funky retro styling fool you, this is a very practical vehicle. We are empty-nesters who seldom have more than two people in the vehicle but haul a lot of stuff around with our hobbies and this is just the ticket. We have a 2.4L Auto with the 1Lt package and it has plenty of features. The high seats are good for us older types, the short doors make entry/exit easy in tight spots and the rear view camera is definitely recommended. Drives well, plenty of power at highway speeds, and quiet.

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