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This Year's Model Updates:

There are no major changes for the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze.

  • Big trunk.
  • Lively yet efficient turbocharged engine
  • Eco model's high fuel economy
  • Upscale interior design
  • Top safety scores
  • Secure handling
  • Mediocre seating comfort
  • Six-speed automatic's sleepy responses.

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  • 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    The point of this vehicle is to get you from point a to b and get great gas milage. To start with the cruze has a very good price, you don't get much but what do you need, its a family sedan. I wanted the chrome rims (not sure if there real chrome, i think its plastic) and the metallic red paint. It does look good, it has some sporty lines and curves but can still be seen as a family sedan. The interior is good, nothing special, has a great bass if your into that. The aux cord is extremely easy to use and the radio cranks. The gas is great, I've never gotten 43 mpg but 38.5 mpg does me well. Then we move to the things that the cruze really isn't made for, performance. The ride quality is fine, it has nice front shocks and the rear is a multi-link independent rear suspension. The suspension seems like it would have a lot of easy aftermarket support if your into spicing your sedan up. But I have beat the crap out of the cruze, from driving and drifting on gravel roads at speeds around 80mph sometimes, jumped it in a parking lot once and drove on a pretty deep mud/gravel road. I live where the houses are spaced out and the roads are bumpy, curvy and hilly. I went for a fast drive down a road thats narrow and bumpy, a road rally type road, the road is fast and has sudden turns. But the engine heats up after heavy use fast. The radiator and fan were running for a while after this drive. The acceleration is great for a 1.4 liter turbo eco engine, but the engine needs some work, the turbo lag is horrendous, you floor it, wait a few seconds then the engine launches to a high rpm and its screaming. I find the shifter amazing and really useful, i use it for traffic and messing around, i feel as though thats a must for the car because the transmission sucks, only when your actually using the shifter correctly does the performance improve. Another thing is the brakes are amazing, for a few hours, (there useless as hell in heavy rain and snow), then the become trash. They obviously over heat and start to vibrate terribly, but all that is under heavy use. Overall, I've driven to florida without a problem, beat on some gravel and puddle roads with the kids, and use it to get to chicago on the weekdays. It does seem to wanna get to the 43 mpg easily but I haven't reached it. Its a great family car, first starter car and oddly a great platform for some type of racing or preformance vehicle, it has a lot of potential in that aspect.

  • Car needed a new clutch at 4 years and 40,000+ - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    I have driven standard shifts for over 40 years, several cars, etc. NEVER has the clutch had to be replaced. Ever! Of course a new clutch is not under the warranty, so that is $2000 (yes $2000), and if not under warranty they won't provide you with a rental car. Thank goodness my dealer gave me a loaner. Also why is it taking 2 weeks to get a new clutch? This is very scary to me and I have to warn other owners that this DID happen - and it should not have. I have had good mileage - 30+ in town, 35+ highway.

  • Uber driver gives thumbs up - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    All though built for a 19 year old college girl, my 240 lb 5'10" frame rides well in it. I purchased the car in January of 2013. As of November 21, 2015 I have logged over 63,000 miles. This car is the 1.8 liter mated to the 6-speed manual tranny. I log every fuel up utilizing the gas tracker app available on iTunes. Average is 30.5 MPG and I am not the most conservative driver. Only mechanical issue I have encountered was a broken thermostat housing and thermostat. The issue was covered under warranty. Car rides well and handles very well. It is under powered but expected with only 138 horsepower. I recently began driving for Uber. I have received a ton of compliments on the car. The 6-speed manual tranny is a real conversation starter. This is the base model and does not have blue tooth or cruise control. The stereo is somewhat inadequate. It is difficult to hear stereo with the windows down and only having 6 pre-set stations really blows. The car is silver ice and the windows are tinted as dark as the law will allow. It looks brand new. Something very remarkable is that I still have the original tires. Firestone FR710. Over 63K miles and still a good ways away from the tread ware indicator. I would recommend this car to anyone.....Most notable downside is resale value

  • Typical cheap Americans car - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    98000 miles almost entirely highway Under warranty repairs: water pump, radiator, oil pan, stearing column and battery cables. Great for the first three years like the other review, but the A LOT of major repairs after. GM did extend the power tran warranty but after warranty ends the car will go at first major repair. Not a reliable car after 3 years, would not recommend it unless you got a 100k warranty. For your money, you could buy a more reliable Toyota or Honda. GM continues to disappoint the Americans looking for an americn made reliable car.

  • GREAT FOR FIRST 3 YEARS - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    This is a very good car for the money and for the first 3 years was totally reliable. After 3 years, 2 warranty repairs were made, and one month later, the car experienced a major oil leak that was fixed under warranty. Also, at 3 years the brakes required mashing the pedal when crawling forward or background when parking. This was fixed under recall/warranty and once again reoccurred 1 month later. While the dealer experience was great, and the repairs were under warranty, the car is turning into a very unreliable vehicle at 3 years, and we are constantly worried about what will go wrong again.

  • dissapointed in indy - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    I absolutely loved this car when I first bought it .. honestly I still really like it. I have 51k miles and I am on my third turbo. GM has done a poor job of fixing this issue. I am terrified to take my car out of town as I do not know when my turbo will go out again.

  • Oh what high hopes I had for a GM vehicle - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    So this is my first delve into buying a GM vehicle for about 15 years. But it probably will be the last one I will ever buy. My wife and I thought we were buying a good used 2011 Cruze LTZ. Only had 29,000 on it and looked great! Oh but how looks can fool you, turbo went out a month into ownership, how does a turbo fail with 29,000 miles? OK well then we think OK fluke right. No, then a few thousand miles later water pump leaking. OK, well maybe another fluke. No, water pump replaced 15,000 miles ago?? What? A water pump that lasts 15,000 miles? So these two engine parts should last well beyond what they have and obviously being on third water pump in 34,000 miles does not seem to indicate GM has done anything to actually fix this problem. Guess every third oil change I need to replace water pump? The car drives fine, but the 18" low profile tires are expensive to replace, why you would put 168 MPH rated tires on a econobox car I'll never figure out? Then you have the questionable turbo issues, oil sludge potential, I have seen these engines with less then 50,000 miles have total engine failure due to oil lubrication issues. Now you have the reduced value of the car because these issues are getting worse. I would not recommend this car to anyone at this point from my 4 months of ownership. If you do have one, make sure to change the oil, use synthetic if you want the engine to last to 100,000 miles, watch coolant levels, burn better gas for improved MPG and don't expect GM to do anything about these issues.

  • Great small car - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    I use this car on a daily basis, for both city and highway driving. I average about 35 MPH, and the cruze does not use a drop on oil, between 6,000 mile changes. Most of my driving is highway in excess of 70 MPH. The vehicle currently has over 40,000, and i have no complaints.

  • My first car - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    I can't praise this car enough. From the moment I got it, I was in love. It had such a great pick up, it was "peppy". There was enough space for a teen to live in it! It was my own. My car saved my life in an accident on the freeway. My car gave her life for me. The damage outside was unrepairable, while the damage inside was nonexistent. I owe my life to my Old Girl, and I'll never forget it. If you're a parent, this car will keep your safe young driver safe from unsafe drivers.

  • Don't buy it - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    By -

    At first I was impressed of the interior, very spacious, nice looking, but less than a year of having it star having issues with the check engine light it took about 3 weeks to find out the problem, and it was a gasket replacement from the engine, after some months other issues with oil sensors and also the car accelerated on its own for no reason even while parked, before 40,000 miles water pump needed to be replaced car overheated and absorb all antifreeze. Is a very nice looking car and features are pretty but that does not replace the worrying on parts when car is still new and should be only taken for regular oil change and services.

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