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  • I Love my Captiva Sport - 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport
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    I wasn't even looking for this car, but it fulfills all my needs, without too much technology. I can use E-85 gas in Iowa. It has Bluetooth and I am totally Captivated by it :-) Ask me again in a year.

  • 2012 FLEET CAPTIVA SPORT - 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport
    By -

    After 8 years and over 123k miles, the old Subaru Forester needed significant repairs. Needed a roomy SUV, not a subcompact. Found the Chevy Captiva at Hertz car sales; 33k.After 36K, car would lose power for no reason; check engine light came on. While waiting for appt. with Chevy dealer, car then stalled while idling-had to have it towed.Needed oxygen sensor and fuel injector-no longer covered by warranty.Ran sluggish after repairs.Took to mechanic friend - changed transmission + brake fluid.Found transmission fluid to be black, needed new cap; found a worn cracked bolt to shock absorber. Don't know what else he did, but it runs like silk now. (chevy did suggest changing fluids at time)

  • Will never go back to Chevy after this... - 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport
    By -

    My car easily reaches a 5-6 RPM when accelerating. - And it would not even beat a snail in a race. I have an average MPG of 21, and I drive about 90% interstate. I have brought the vehicle into dealerships for inspection more than once but they say nothing is wrong. It shifts hard, it idles hard, and it sounds like a 1992 vehicle - when it is really a 2012. This was my third Chevrolet vehicle and I can say, due to this experience, I will never own another one. STAY AWAY!

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