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The Chevy Aveo was one of the first representatives of a new generation of inexpensive small cars that dawned in the 2000s as car shoppers began changing their buying habits to reflect rising gas prices and tough financial times. Unlike the penalty boxes of old, these small cars would sacrifice little in terms of reliability, features or comfort.

Having said that, the Aveo paled in comparison to later competitors. Built in Korea by GM-owned Daewoo, the Aveo was uninspiring to drive and saddled with subpar interior quality. A penalty box it was not, but it wasn't an object of desire, either. Eventually, Chevrolet discontinued the Aveo and replaced it with the vastly superior Sonic.

Most Recent Chevrolet Aveo
The Chevy Aveo was available as a subcompact sedan or four-door hatchback called the Aveo5. Both debuted in 2004 and, apart from the subsequent minor face-lifts that occurred for the sedan in '07 and the hatchback in '09, didn't significantly change throughout its run.

From 2004-'08, every Aveo was powered by a 1.6-liter inline-4 that made 103 horsepower and 107 pound-feet of torque. For '09, it was bumped up to 107 hp and 106 lb-ft, while for 2010 those figures were revised to 108 hp and 104 lb-ft. Transmission choices were always a standard five-speed manual or optional four-speed automatic. Manual transmission gear ratios were altered for 2010 for improved fuel economy.

The Aveo's tall profile wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing when viewed from the outside, but it certainly paid dividends in terms of providing useful amounts of headroom and legroom. The Aveo's interior also provided a commanding view for all passengers, and a fully reclining front passenger seat and a 60/40-split-folding rear seat expanded cargo capacity. The sedan's trunk offered 12.4 cubic feet of storage space. The Aveo5 also had a fold-down rear seat, and it could carry up to 42 cubic feet of cargo.

In Chevrolet Aveo reviews, our editors found it to be the least appealing of contemporary subcompacts, particularly toward the end of its life. But as a used car purchase, the Aveo represents a pretty affordable way to get acceptable transportation. Strengths included a low price, ample headroom and logical control layout. Downsides included mediocre acceleration, an unrefined driving experience, subpar cabin quality and a sloppy gearshifter (this was the rare instance in the subcompact class where we would recommend the automatic). Shoppers will want to consider 2006 and later Aveos, as they have additional features such as side airbags, alloy wheels and cruise control.

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  • My first car, my first baby - 2007 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    My dad bought this car back in 2007 brand new when I was 13. He paid it off and when I got my driver's license, he gave it to me. I loved this car. It had all the bells and whistles at the time. Overtime things did go wrong though. The drivers door lock fell (common problem apparently), hinges were creaky and stiff, headlights burnt out constantly, and it did not hold up in accidents. That last one always made me somewhat scared to get in my vehicle. My first accident was in 2011. When I got t-boned in a parking lot. At 10mph my front axel was bent and my drivers door hinge was crumpled. Problems were fixed but never solved. Unfortunately a month ago I was rear-ended and because of the poor quality of this vehicle, it caused more damage than what the vehicle was worth. Being a 2007, it only had 54000 miles on it. I said my goodbyes today and am now beginning my search for a new car. It wasn't great quality but it was never meant to be. It was however a great first car.

  • The car the drove ME crazy - 2006 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    I bought this car had it for a few years. But to much money into trying to figure out what was wrong. Come to find out this car along with others had a tiny hole in the transmission. (transmission made of plastic) . GM knew about the problem never told the customer nor the dealers. Also they would not stand by their customer told me not their problem while the manager at the GM cried to me about all the phone calls she gets. I never want to deal with this car nor GM again.

  • A TRUE AMERICAN MADE LEMON - 2008 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    Never buy a chevy aveo , it is a piece of crap!! Had to put a radiator in it , transmission , computer, and now head gasket blown!! Nothing but a waste of money wanna take a baseball bat and beat it to pieces.They really need to take theses lemons off the market.I am extremely disappointed and will never buy a chevy again

  • Happy with the purchase of my first new car - 2009 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    I bought this car new off the lot. Within a few months I noticed a screeching noise out on the open highway in a cross wind. Come to find out it was something to do with the design of the vehicle (not safety) and after a quick fix at the shop, the noise was gone. I wanted a bare bones car. Lets features, less to go wrong, less expense. This car is perfect for me. It can be parked anywhere, not overly spunky but can whip it on the highway. The fuel mileage is great, only a few minor repairs (mostly from lack of use, not over use) like creaky doors, a rear hatch release that sticks, heater only works on blast (at least it works). If you are looking for something to get you from point A to B without a lot of bells and whistles, this is your ride. It now has 78,000kms on her, just had the control arm replaced today, new water pump a couple weeks ago. These are things that are going to need replacing regardless, and I think after 6 years that is fair. Still has original brakes, clutch, wipers, numerous other things. I am more than happy with 'The Intimidator'. I would buy another one in a minute. It's GREAT in the snow! (Granted you know how to drive in it. I am Canadian. I have this skill)

  • 06 Aveo bought new in 06, current owner review - 2006 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    I bought my aveo with 12 miles in 2006. I opted for the hatchback special value manual. No power locks, or windows, came with an amfm radio, only option I got was A/C. Today (oct. 2015) I have 180,000. Figured I'd go over EVERY repair I've had in the last 10 years. I've had the following repairs done (non scheduled maintenance): spark plug wires/plugs with valve cover gasket (225$ @ 80k). Wires opened up causing arching at high rpms which resulted in a flashing check engine light. Also had oil on the plugs due to the valve cover gasket being bad. Both common aveo problems, upgrade the wires/gasket. Have never had the issue repeat. Upper radiator hose leak/vacuum hose repair (80$ @ 100k). Standard collant leak. Vacuum hose leak caused a rough idle and reving idle from 1500rpm to 2500rpm. Never had this issue repeat. Splice pack repair (135$ @ 120k miles). Common issue in the fuse box. Causes only half of your lights to work. Never had this issue repeat. Removal of the day light running module (45$ 130k miles). Was a recall, opted to remove the module, could short out and cause a fire. Headlight electrical harness (60$, 160k miles). Plastic connector failed, causing a short and no right headlight. Back hatch replacement (120$ 160k). Rear hatch wouldn't open. Air intake hose replacement (210$ @ 160k). Intake hose decomposed opening up causing a check engine light and poor MPG and acceleration. Wiper arm springs failed (120$ @ 170k). Wipers no longer laid flat against the windshield. My Aveo has NEVER left me stranded or resulted in a repair over 500$. No engine or transmission failures. Word of advice. Keep up on the general maintenance. Timing belts/water pump/thermostat/serp belt should be replaced every 50k miles. Timing belt failures in Aveos are common at around 60k and destroys your engine if it fails. Use synthetic oil. Helps on the valve tick noise, and get it changed every 5k. Replace the air filter every 45k and flush all fluids (coolant/transmission) every 75k. Brakes (front) disc factories are horrible. Upgrade to ceramic pads and a quality rotor. Rear drums I'm still on the factory drums. No issues. Tires/wheels. Upgrade your wheel and tire package. I went with a wider tire and 15 inch wheel. Same overall height as factory. This makes freeway driving safer, and winter driving (with snow tires) extremely safe. Factory tires are banana peels. Upgrade to a common tire. My tires cost 62$ each. Shocks/struts/springs: I'm still on my original suspension. No failed parts or issues. Was advised at my last maintenance that the struts will need replaced at the next appt. My aveo has been a great car, especially for 10,400$ brand new (in 2006). Small minor issues are common. If you want your aveo to last drive it easy. I never accelerate past 4000 rpms, and never drive faster than 70mph. Also take turns easy and dont bury the gas when letting go of the clutch. It's not a sports car. I'm still on my original clutch at 180k miles. If you follow the maintenance, fix the minor issues, the car should last well past 200,000 miles. If you don't take care of it, expect your timing belt to snap and your engine to blow up. Maintence is key on Aveo ownership. Can't stress that enough. I average 325 to 350 per 10.4 gals of gas. This has been consistent for the ownership of the car. I drive a combination of 75% freeway, 25% city. At 180k I've had zero gasket issues. No leaking oil or other fluids or overheating issues. Hope this review was helpful.

  • Maybe I should have spent a little more - 2009 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    I bought my aveo new in 2009, taking advantage of cash for clunkers got it for about 8k new so I really can't complain about the price. Over the years ita has treated me alright. During the warranty period I did have to have a gear in the manual transmission replaced which would have been pretty costly if I had to pay for it. Had a spark plug boot recall also which was apparently causing some vehicles to run poorly...never noticed that but got it fixed nonetheless. This car does go through a set of tires in about 30k miles, even less for the cheap ones that came on it new....think I replaced those at about 20k. I have done all maintenance routinely, haven't really had any engine trouble. Did have a phantom check engine light at one point and dealer charged me 100$ to tell me that oxygen sensor was stuck in the open position, quoted me about 500$ to fix but after I reset the light the issue never returned. Had to replace a rear axle bushing to the tune of $300 at about 60k. Front disc breaks have held up well still haven't even had to change the pads at 65kk, mechanic says they have plenty of life left. Although the rear drums are currently getting replaced along with shoes for $400 because the shoe came off one locking up my wheel and not allowing me to go home from work last night. This car is 6 years old and has 65k miles. For the most part it has been reliable and I plan on getting another couple years out of it, but I do feel like I have had to fix more than should have been necessary on such a new car that has been well taken care of. Next time I will go with something a little higher end. Forgot to mention I average about 30 mpg or a little over so can't complain about that!

  • For the Price its a great car! - 2010 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    I have had my car for over a year now. Can't beat the price! I had to fix the a/c in it and replace the thermostat. However car runs great. Don't worry about people saying it has no power. I have no issues getting it up and going. When I went to buy it I was looking into a Mazda. This just for my budget better also as a owner of a 09 Chevy Cobalt. I am a huge Chevy fan. Best two cars I have ever owned.

  • I paid for this!! - 2009 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    This car sucks giant piles of rehashed rubber tires. Worthless. Malfunctions all the time. The latest is the awesome engineering where they put the transmission cooler inside the radiator... YES, inside it. 6 years old, 38k miles and the cooler erodes inside the radiator sending trans fluid into radiator and radiator juice into the tranny. Brilliant!!! Jack wagons. This car was built to fall to pieces so that the consumer is forced to buy a new vehicle. This car is criminal and GM should repay everyone of us who bought the scrap heap. I will NEVER buy a Chevy again. E V E R ! ! ! ! ! ! Tempted to leave that pos at the dealership!

  • Gives Cheap a whole new meaning. - 2009 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    I have had my Aveo for going on 5 years now. I should have walked past it the moment that I ran my fingers over the grill and the black paint powder that came off on my finger was present. Now the entire reason for my purchase was that I needed a vehicle that I could drive into the dirt. I commute to work everyday and any vehicle was going to be getting aged prematurely. However, this does not excuse the wiper blades disintegrating in the second month of ownership. I understand that Korea may not have the winters that we Canadians do but wow! Anyhow, new blades on moving forward. Wait, what is that awe-full racket? It can't be the engine already... For crying out loud it sounds like the engine is trying to leap out from under the hood.... Notice in the mail, "Dear Aveo owner please proceed to your nearest Chev dealer to get your wiring replaced as the engineers have discovered an issue with the gaps of your spark plug and wiring harness." As my car is lurching and crying "No kidding there is an issue." . Okay so contact my dealer that I purchased my car from, "Sorry, we can't help you with that." "We don't have the parts to fix it right now.". Click... Wait, what? Yo Rick, I need you to put new plugs in and wiring. "Isn't that a recall? Shouldn't your dealer do that?", to which I replied. "Yes", "Yes they should." "So can you do this?" Driving my now behaving Aveo out of Rick's shop and noting the it will be a cold day in hell before I go back to the dealer. Not long later. "Hmmm, are my headlights dirty?" After looking I realized they were not dirty just one of the bulbs had burned out. No big deal, I have now replaced 3 bulbs. The creme de la creme had to be driving to work one morning and there was a little bit of snow on the road. I am Canadian and have been driving this road since 1989. No problem........ So why am I now staring at a terrified lady facing me and we are traveling in the same direction. I mean her eyes were like dinner plates. After I hit the drifted snow on the side of the road I have come to realize yet another issue with the Aveo. The rear brake has a tendency to lock. Terrifying right... I mean the freaking pad came off the shoe inside the drum...... Think about that for a second.. They are supposed to be molecular bonded to the shoe to prevent that sort of thing from happening. "Yo, Rick!!" "I need you to take a look at this rear brake, something is definitely [non-permissible content removed]!" "Umm, Dave the drum is really stuck on there." - "I know, I scared the H*** out of some lady in a SUV that was behind me, I was looking at her while i was going backward." A couple hours later... "Dave, I have never even heard of this happening." "Once i manage to get the drum off the pad was off the shoe.." Do not under any circumstance buy this vehicle, it redefines cheap and I would swear substandard parts. I honestly can not express how confused I am about how this actually made it to market. Oh and now the screws to the air filter have corroded and I will have to likely cut them and tap them to change the air filter.

  • Least reliable I've ever owned - 2009 Chevrolet Aveo
    By -

    I bought this car new in 2009, knowing full well that I was making a trade off on some of the bells and whistles offered in other models. That's not an issue if it wasn't for it being an unreliable and expensive piece of junk to run I would still be driving it. I have a mechanical background, and know about driving and maintaining a car to make it last. Unfortunately, in the six years of ownership and only 70k kilometers (43k miles) this heap was in and out of the shop at least a dozen times. The last year of ownership, when it was out of warranty cost me more in repairs then my last GM vehicle did in 10 years and over 350k kms (210k miles). In short, never again a GM for me.

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