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This Year's Model Updates:

For the 2012 Cadillac SRX, a new 3.6-liter V6 replaces both of the previous engine choices. The six-speed automatic transmission also gains a fuel-saving Eco mode. In terms of features, Bluetooth is now standard, while a heated steering wheel is standard on all trims except the base SRX. Cadillac says it also retuned the suspension and added more sound insulation for a more comfortable and quiet ride.

  • Smart infotainment interface.
  • Classy cabin design
  • Abundant features
  • Capable handling
  • Limited backseat headroom
  • Compromised outward visibility.

User Reviews:

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  • Sexual white chocolate - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    Let me start off by saying this vehicle is gorgeous! A real looker, and there aren't too many of them out there alongside all of those Ford Edges and Nissan Muranos. The interior is impressive, even though we don't have the large nav screen, it still looks great. Expensive looking. The leather is high quality and the reason we bought the 2012 is because it really doesn't look worn at all.. We've only recently figured out why it doesn't look worn - it's very uncomfortable!! I'm 6'0 and had to sit in the backseat for 4 hours, and honestly it was less comfortable than an airplane for me. My head kept hitting the roof, i couldn't put my knees straight out, and for some reason this models' back seats don't recline (thought that was standard but it may only be for Performance models) so you're literally sitting stick-straight the whole time and the seats don't give in any way. The front seats are much more comfortable than the back, but still less comfortable than our 2013 Jetta SE. If it's beauty you're after, and something with a sturdy interior that will last, then this car is for you. If comfort is priority, look elsewhere (we test drove an MKX and it was very very comfy all around).

  • 2 for 1 and did my homework - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    I traded in my 05 Infiniti q45 and 04 Chevy trailblazer in for the Srx. I wanted all the same features both vehicles had together. I look at the Lincoln, Mercedes , Infiniti and BMW. But for the value you could not beat Cadillac. I am a 6'3" male that's sits comfortably inside and do not have a problem getting in or out. Cadillac services or will maintain the vehicle for the next 3 years all free. I test drove a 2015 but settled on the 12. Didn't want big car payments. Plus the only difference is the navigation radio system but everything else is the same. It has 22000 miles and certified pre-own. I had it a month a get 21 mpg around town and 25 on the highway. This is great compared to my last v8 and v6 engines. And it takes regular gases. The dealer also washes it at every service a sweep as give you a brand new loaner. I do recommend you test drive.

  • Great All-round Vehicle - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    I purchased this vehicle in September, 2011, replacing a 2010 SRX. Super for longer trips comfortable, quiet, solid, efficient. Fuel economy through 50,000 miles of mixed driving: 24 mpg. Unfortunately, this model has increased in price by ~$7,000 since I purchased my 2010, though I still believe it is a good value.

  • 46K miles and still not a problem - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    With the exception of tires recently changed, this car has been absolutely a pleasure to own and drive. I waited specifically for the 2012 model to get the larger V6 with increased HP, and it has not disappointed. Extremely comfortable car to drive.

  • Good All Around SUV - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    My 2012 SRX is front wheel drive luxury model with 18 inch wheels. No problems after one year which is nice for an SUV with very many features that could go wrong. Good handling, quite, and good pick up for an SUV and I drive it aggressively. All around MPG is 20 to 21 MPG which is better than the AWD models.

  • 2012 SRX Performance - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    Bought this car a month ago. Also considered the Lexus 350. It wasn't even close. The SRX seems much roomier inside and has many more nice features. The exterior is chiseled yet sleek, the interior is roomy and comfortable. Seats are very supportive and love the pull out thigh support on the drivers side. Haven't used the GPS much but no problems with accuracy when I did. I actually like the push button parking break. Drive is very quiet, acceleration is quick, steering is responsive, shifting is ultra smooth, this car is a joy to drive.

  • Unreliable Nav System. - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    While I enjoy all the reasons I chose the SRX (ease of entry/exit, style, seat comfort, handling, etc), the expensive Navigation system is a joke! The map display is fine, the audible prompts are OK, the way it works with POI's is confusing, but the main reason for having a GPS system (guiding you to a destination) is totally unreliable! I, like so many others I now discover, have, in only a few months of ownership, experienced numerous incidence of inaccurate directions. Apparently the map database used is woefully out of date and inaccurate. To compound the disappointment, GM knows it's bad and offers no fix! Back to Japan or Korea for next car!

  • 2012 SRX is a lemon - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    I purchased a 2012 srx luxury model in march of 2012. Since then a rear shock broke car was 2 days old. Next the brakes made a strange chirping noise, front pads and rotors, now the engine misfires. It has been in shop for a total of 45 days for this problem. GM cannot fix it not the dealer where car was purchased or the GM engineer dept. The car just misfires when it feels like it. GM tried cols 1,4 map sensor,throttle and alot of other parts. Today the steering make noise. Nothing but problems and headaches. I have driven many caddy loaner cars all 2012 srx and at least 3 of them had this misfire problem. My ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR. THE NEW STANDARD OF THE WORLD DISSAPOINTING.

  • Poor Navigation system - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    Purchased 2012 SRX with Navigation. Entered my home address and the Nav System gave totally wrong directions. Cadillac dealer ordered new Nav disk - but error ( and wrong additional addresses) remained. Called Cadillac customer service - and only response I get is 'we're working on it'. I have a handheld Garmin that takes me to my driveway - but the Cadillac Nav system puts me 1/2 mile away. My dealer attempted to drive another 2012 SRX with Nav to my address and that vehicle also made wrong turns. AVOID this option. If and when cadillac repairs this disater - I will be happy to report it. Meanwhile - use caution if you intend to purchase this option. Better yet, DON'T.

  • 2012 Cadillac SRX - 2012 Cadillac SRX
    By -

    I bought a 2012 SRX - Premium in November 2011. Performance: great. It is a quick car for what it is. It rides good. However... there are a lot of "little" things, details, that were missed. I am convinced that the people they let drive the pre-production versions of this car were people that had a vested interest in keeping development cost down, and getting the car to production on time. I traded a Nissan Murano for this - I like the Murano better. I hate the car my wife loves it. Go figure.

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