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  • Not what a Cadillac should be - 2016 Cadillac CTS
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    We drove the 4 cylinder with turbo. The whole time there was a high pitched whine. The engine noise was extremely loud. THe vehicle had a great instrument package except that it was not working. This was a brand new car. The interior was very cramped. The selectable ride was not working probably the same reason the instruments were not working. Overall we were not thrilled. The price was in the 50 k range so it was average for what we were looking at. But definitely was not what we were expecting as far as value and comfort.

  • Everything is better than the previous CTS - 2016 Cadillac CTS
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    If you owned a Gen II CTS, this one will be better in every category. The new V6 is very strong and I'm averaging about 26 MPG in all around suburban driving. The interior is very quiet but the road noise from the front is the only complaint I have. There is almost no wind noise. The interior material quality is excellent and the fit and finish is superb. I am disappointed in the autostop performance. When it does activate (when is hard to predict) the engine has an annoying shudder when it stops as well as restarts. I have driven other GM models that are much better. The transmission shifts very well and doesn't seem to have a problem managing 8 gears. Although I like the hard inside cover for the sunroof, the roof itself does not seem to open as far as the previous version and it looks a bit clunky from the outside when open. The Cue system is much faster than before I have no problem with the controls at all. I did expect the Navigation system to have a more colorful display and I can't see how to name a route for future use. The gooseneck trunk hinges seem to be a step backwards from the articulated system of the Gen II model. The front seats are better than before but still not all that great for longer trips. Overall, I am very satisfied by this new CTS.

  • Glad it's only a Loaner - 2016 Cadillac CTS
    By -

    I received a 2016 CTS base model with 4 cyl as a loaner while my 2013 XTS Luxury is being serviced. I love the XTS, the most comfortable car I've ever owned, ad thought about downsizing to the CTS Luxury as i like the exterior. Appearance is great, the interior is basically the same look as my XTS however it is more cramped and the quality is a bit less, but being a downsize from the XTS i was not put off by that. The ride is horrible!! It's like driving an old pick up. You feel every pebble, the engine noise is annoying. The front seat is very comfortable though, I am 6 ft. so had the seat back almost all the way, making the backseat behind me useless. Not a big issue for me, but thought i'd point it out. The biggest problem with this car is the price. They want more for a CTS and my XTS which is roomy, comfortable and rides like a cloud.

  • RWD CTS is fun! - 2016 Cadillac CTS
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    I got the CTS as I didn't want to get an SUV. I wanted something that was fun to drive. I got one with a 2.0T engine as it is plenty powerful for my needs. Mine is a base sedan (RWD only!) with upgraded leather seats, panoramic sun roof and park white color as the options. The car has it's quirks, but nothing that you cannot live with. CUE is as good as a touch screen infotainment system gets. Don't believe the negative reviews out there. Use it and find out out yourself. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a fun to drive family sedan that can fit 5 passengers with ease.

  • Nick's Caddy - 2016 Cadillac CTS
    By -

    Love it!

  • Very Disappointed - 2016 Cadillac CTS
    By -

    Found the new Luxury Cadillac CTS 4 (all wheel drive) disappointing. As usual still rides the same as 25 years ago. Noise from tires, exhaust, engine come right through with the stereo set on low, requiring music to be turned up. Lacks innovation, and technology, poor aero dynamics causing poor mileage. Very heavy for no obvious reason except they're stuck in 90's. Mercedes comes out with touch shift, GM will have to copy it. Lexus are perfectly quiet on the inside, Cadillac has yet to copy. Just seemed like a poor performance from all angles with little innovation. I will go with Mercedes or Lexus over this manufacturers offerings. Priced at 65,000 and told it rides like a Cadillac. If you want poor quality still from a U.S automaker. Test drive after driving a lexus or Mercedes and you to will be disappointed in a Cadillac just as I was. Probably be another 15 years before I give them another chance with such poor planning and innovation.

  • Make sure you don't mind the AutoStart feature - 2016 Cadillac CTS
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    The Auto Stop/Start is terrible. It may not bother everyone (I cannot fathom how people don’t mind this), but it is annoying and distracting every time you stop the car. The car shakes and jiggles at every stop sign and stop light. My passengers are incredulous when they’re first taken for a spin. It is not only annoying, but also distracting. Your mind goes to it every single time you stop. You can turn this off every time you start the car, but it is not possible to turn this feature off permanently. Almost all the 2016 Caddys have Auto Stop/Start (I think the XTS is the only one that doesn’t) and they take the fun and relaxation out of driving. Make sure you thoroughly test drive them before buying. When test driving, make sure you do some city/urban driving and turn the A/C off (it doesn’t kick in when the A/C is chugging at a decent rate). Like I said, it won’t bother everyone, but will bother many. Enough so that GM put out a couple bulletins on the subject. These are for the ATS and CTS, but I would think it applies to all 2016s with Auto Stop/Start. Check out #15-NA-033 “Normal Characteristic – Slight Bump, Jerk or Rough Engine Startup [Oct 15, 2015]”. It says “Condition: some customers may comment that there is a slight bump, jerk or rough engine startup during an AutoStart event”. Then it says, “Correction: This is a normal condition”. I guess they said it was unusual, then had to correct it and say it is a normal condition!!! Directive #16-NA-071: Diagnostic Tips for Stop/Start and Auto Stop Operation [Mar 4, 2016] says, “Condition: Vehicle does not engage in Auto Stop mode and Vehicle automatically restarts during an AutoStop event”. It goes on to say, “It is imperative that the customer be well informed about the unique features and operational characteristics of their vehicle equipped with Stop/Start. For the sales team to be fully prepared, they should use the Getting to Know Your Vehicle guide as an outline when presenting the vehicle to the customer”. Cadillac knows this is a terrible and they are not notifying their customers. Other cons: the run-flats are a poor ride; they’re loud and you can feel everything. The 2016 CTS models don’t come with a spare and instead have run-flats. The tactile sliders/”buttons” are over-engineered. Just give me a knob for the radio volume; ditto for the A/C fan speed. Also, a little more difficult to get out of than previous CTS. Pros: trunk is larger than previous CTS; nice and roomy. The panel that comes up in the dash is a cool storage area (and lockable). Cool feature that lets you program the radio so you are notified when your favorite band is on XM. Bluetooth with phone is loud and clear.

  • My 2016 CTS - 2016 Cadillac CTS
    By -

    I don't like the auto stop in the cold weather, the car doesn't warm up. I don't like the cruse control the way it works.

  • worst new car ride i ever bought - 2016 Cadillac CTS
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    never buy a car with ride flat tires !!! EVER ! hardest ride , feel every little bump , forget about even the littlest hole in road , feels like front end falling off, REALLY falling off ! was in dealer 4 times replacing tires 3 or 4, another time 2 wheels, then after picking up car, next on star e mailed me the car had 1 or more flats when car was in my garage. I was right had a flat , and caddy is now not putting spare tires in trunk . S0......... had to be towed back to dealer. Got regional c addy guy involved for Boston area Keith (we'll only use his first name) was absolutely no use at all. said the way the car rides . (shame on cadoilac cts) So my story is after owning a brand new cts premium a cadillac for 6 months and traded it in .stay away from to cts caddy

  • Best of the best - 2016 Cadillac CTS
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