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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Buick Verano is an all-new model.

  • Ample feature content
  • Comfortable ride
  • Quiet and luxurious cabin
  • Favorable pricing.
  • Underpowered compared to competitors.

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  • 2012 Buick Verano - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    Brought the car in May 2015, I liked it at first. It was a cool looking car. After about the 8 time in the shop with different problems from the ac being completely replaced to noise from the left front. I trade it in December 2015. We have an older model Buick and love it. I was really disappointed in this car. It will make me think twice about getting a Buick again.

  • Wonderful Car - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    We purchased this car brand new from GM. It had 3 miles when we purchased and now have 26k on it. We have had 2 oil changes 0 maintenance cost otherwise. We take it in when the oil change indicator goes off. The car is reliable, quiet, and has held up very well. The build quality is one of the best cars I have owned. My wife drives it every day and enjoys every aspect. I would recommended this car to anybody. This is the lowest cost of maintenance vehicle I have ever owned and one of the most well built for the price range possible.

  • Nice car with a few disappointments - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    There are 42,000 miles on the car. It's comfortable, very quiet, handles well, and seem to be very solid! Minor complaints are that it had a defective battery, black soot discolors the white car around the tailpipe, and the ventilation system emits a bad odor whenever it rains or the humidity is high. The Buick dealership has the car now to fix the ventilation system. If they can't fix it, it's so bad, we'll get rid of the car.

  • Nice daily driver - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    I bought a 2012 Verano base with 11k to drive back and forth to work and I must say I have been very pleased. First, the front seats have tons of room, which is hard to find for someone my size. I am about 6'2'' and weigh 400lbs and I have plenty of room with the only exception being the floorboard area not having much extra space for my feet. I have noticed some reviews saying they get poor gas mileage and I con't see how thats possible. I am averaging 29.9 mpg with about 25% city driving and I am what you would call a "lead footed" driver. Plus my weight doesn't help gas mileage at all and I have been able to average 32.5 mpg driving on country roads.

  • Blown Away! - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    I will confess I got into my Verano thanks to an almost unbelievable lease offer. Thought I'd use it as a second car for the price and limited mileage. Once I got behind the wheel and drove it for a few hundred miles I honestly felt deprived when I got behind the wheel of my Lexus LS 430! The Verano is quieter, smoother and has more features than cars costing many multiples of its price tag. Sold my Lexus and am driving the Verano on a daily basis now. Could not be happier! Already dreading the day my lease deal ends. Hopefully Buick will have another offer that comes close to what I currently have so I can stay behind the wheel of a Verano for another couple years...

  • defroster vent stays open - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    Condensation builds up on the exterior front window when running the air conditioner. The dealer said this was because the defroster vent NEVER completley closes allowing cold air to exit. In certain temperature/humidity condensation forms. The windshield wiper must be run to allow visibility. Dealer states designed that way. No fix

  • Breaking It In - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    I traded my beloved '08 Saturn Aura XR for a beautifully loaded Verano 1SL about a week ago & I am more than pleased. Today I took her out for a 481 mile daylong road trip that got me 33.3 MPG and that's just the beginning. The smoothness & quietness of the ride alone could take up another column. The 2.4L DOHC has not been lacking in power & has surprisingly proven itself more than capable both in city & on the hwy. This Verano is beautifully built inside & out from the flowing lines & curves of the body to the thoughtful comfort & design of the interior. Buick did this one right. I had originally wanted a LaCrosse & thought that the Verano would be a major step down. I was wrong.

  • Love it so much im trading it in!! - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    Bought my Verano last year and now have 21,000 trouble free miles on it. I planed to keep it at least 8 yrs, that is until i found out about the turbo model for 2013..... Im just a sucker for more power!

  • Good bang for the buck - 2012 Buick Verano
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    I bought my Verano new on Leap Day and have since put over 17K miles on it. I commute over 100 miles a day, so I think I have a pretty good feel for what this car is all about. I have used every feature of car and used it a bunch. I will say that this car has the best seats Buick makes period! The fit and finish inside is as good as any higher brand and all buttons and controls are well placed. In over 17K miles I have had zero issues with the car. I average 30-34 MPG. For those that complain about a lack of power, not sure what your expecting. I do a lot of two lane passing and it has never left me wishing I had more power. This car is hands down the best bang for the buck!

  • Disappointment - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    I bought this car with high hopes that its looks would reflect its performance. I was and am still very disappointed. Within the first 1000 miles I started to notice that it was not only relucant to accelerate but struggling by jerking like the transmission is about to drop out of the car. The spoiler has broken off twice now and when I drive over anything but a smooth road the car rebels by sounding like the 96 saturn that I drive to work. To say its a rough ride is an understatement. Also the interior scratches very easy. Everyday I see new marks and we don't have small children nor any pets that ride in the car. Lastly, the seats are already bubbling up in the center making it look old.

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