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  • Love My Buick - 2016 Buick LaCrosse
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    understand technology to be able to use all the features of this car...

  • A bold and beautiful car - 2016 Buick LaCrosse
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    I rented this car for a week and I do not want to return it. The comfort is superb, and the ride is better than sex. It handles so easily and without any effort. The noise from outside is zero. I have discovered the joy of driving again. I could drive this car straight to Alaska because it beckons me to do it. I wish if my wife was so easy. Life is just too short not to drive a Lacrosse. You will forever be in love. Thanks for making America Great Again!!!!!

  • Stylish and functional from horn to hoof! - 2016 Buick LaCrosse
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    This off-the-lot model did not come with the confidence package, which really should be standard due to visibility issues. My fault and I regret not ordering and waiting patiently. But the vehicle beckoned to me, and the killer price (Buick promotion 15% off, plus a bit more on this particular model as 2017s were rolling in) made me an easy mark. Very happy from the get-go with this car. Astonished by the value, and I love it more each day. I rent a great many cars on business and this one is more luxurious than any of them. The quiet is so effective it's almost offputting. Near silence even at 50 mph, and then only the pleasant hum of the tires. Handles beautifully. There is but one drawback: Tye poor visibility I mentioned. Thick posts obscure forward view at 10 am and 2 pm, rear view no treat either, and blind-spot is wretched. That's why I miss the driver confidence package, which dealer says cannot be retrofitted. Sure wish I had the head-up display, too (!) But adding up the other pluses: Heated seats rock, interior lighting is legant, the surfeit of USB ports wonderful. Love the remote car starting, memory seats and even trunk storage, which though somewhat cramped, turns into bat cave by lowering of back seats. Love the push-button parking break. The V-6 engine is plenty beefy for any circumstance, When I need to pass I tickle the gas pedal and--whom!--I'm gone. Buick nailed so many details with this model. Headrests are perfect...seats hug you like firm glove; nice balance between cushiness and support...unlocking of door with push of a button is a minor miracle, and entire layout of controls is very sensible. I'm a fan, and wish there were a way to add that pesky driver confidence package.

  • Look Elsewhere - 2016 Buick LaCrosse
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    The Lacrosse was a potential candidate to be a retirement gift to myself in a year or two. I decided to rent one for a week to take on a 1,000 mile trip. It is now off my list. The first shortcoming is the cramped driving position. I'm 6 foot, 190 lbs and the position is much tighter than it has to be. The console flares as it approaches the dash reducing valuable seating real estate. My right leg was constantly fighting the console trying to get my foot squarely on the accelerator pedal. The foot well size is reduced by the intrusion of the wheel well. The seat went back far enough, a big plus. The dash seems to be close to the seating position and it curves as it approaches the door. I hit it the corner twice during exiting. Then there is the road noise. It is unacceptable for a car of this supposed caliber. The noise is intrusive starting about 35 mph on anything but smooth asphalt. At highway speeds, it is a constant nuisance. Thankfully, the wind noise is minimal, as it should be. Handling was very excellent and the ride was OK, nothing worth noting. Brakes, OK. The climate control worked very well and the controls were easy to understand. The entertainment system was another weak area. The screen was a nice size, but distracting because of the scarcity of buttons on the dash. The screen is tilted and so is the bezel which made is difficult to push the smallish station preset icons. Everything has to be done via the two knobs and a couple of buttons or the touch screen. Either way, it causes the driver to divert their attention from the road. The sound was excellent and it was not the premium radio. The powertrain (V6) was excellent, as was the gas mileage. I averaged just over 30 mpg (calculated) for highway (mostly), suburban and in-town driving. The trunk was nice and big and the fit and finish were excellent. By contrast, I'm leasing a 2015 Verano which is superior in several areas. It does not exhibit as high a level of road noise as the Lacrosse and the entertainment system is easier to use because it has buttons for things like the radio presets. The driver's position is not as cramped, even though it is slightly smaller overall and the pedal feel of the brakes is better. However, it is smaller and does not have the same ride comfort as the Lacrosse which runs 10-20k more. Maybe the redesign will improve many of these deficiencies which would put the Lacrosse back on my list.

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