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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Buick LaCrosse gains a new gasoline-electric hybrid model dubbed "eAssist." The only four-cylinder LaCrosse offered, it promises improved fuel economy but with only a modest price increase. Other changes this year include a more powerful V6 engine and a new trim level structure.

  • Elegant interior styling
  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Top crash-test scores.
  • Admirable driving dynamics
  • Good performance from V6 models
  • Hybrid's respectable fuel economy
  • Compromised rearward visibility
  • Cluttered control layout.
  • Limited luggage space, especially with eAssist trim

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  • niece style - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    good rideing car,handling is good,

  • CPO Great Price and Value Compared to Mercedes - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    Test Drove a 2011 Mercedes C300, it broke down on test drive ($23000) Shopped Buick Lacrosse and Impala Liked The Buick Touring CPO vehicle better for the money $23450. It has more features than I need, the AC/heated seats are really nice especially in South Carolina Summer. AC cools the car quickly, Bluetooth very easy to set up and use. Plenty of power not a race car but it was not designed as such either. Very quiet on the road, people complain about the engine noise - drive a Honda or Toyota and compare for yourself. Brakes are great - emergency stop in traffic when a car pulled out in front of us and stopped. Wing mirrors are the only down fall on this car huge blind spots difficult to get adjusted to avoid the blind spots

  • 3.5 stars... Because Edmunds doesn't offer halves - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    Performance: The acceleration and engine on the 3.6 is great. The steering is very tight. Literally if you sneeze and jerk the wheel you are off the road. The Transmission on these has some issues, or more appropriately I think it is the TCM. Paired with brake issues it can make for a nasty situation when trying to stop. When the transmission downshifts sometimes the RPM's kick up causing the car to surge forward, other times it doesn't like to shift into 6th gear and despite being at 3000RPM for a unlimited time it will not upshift without putting it in manual mode and doing it yourself. Brakes are strongly front centric. I never feel pull on the rear brakes. The only comment I can make on comfort is, that if you are tall of a big guy/woman getting in and out will be uncomfortable. The way the seat sits even back as far as it goes still puts a significant amount of your legs beyond the front of the door, thus making you pull your legs back and spin in the seat before being able to put your legs on the ground. The interior is decent. I have noticed that some of the chrome 'coating' on some of the accents starts peeling off. I did like the LED highlights in the car, and the leather is supple, soft, and comfortable. As others have posted, the car has some visibility safety issues. Blind spots are a HUGE issue. If you are backing out of a angled parking space, best of luck you're not going to be able to see a vehicle or person approaching. Backing up is difficult in the car period, lane changing requires a full head/body turn to see if someone is near the normal blind spot. A simple though not a thorough fix is to buy 2 stick on blind spot mirrors, and put them up in the top outside corner of your normal mirrors. This helps tremendously in traffic. In the technology department there are 2 big issues. 1 the Navigation system is horrid. Half the time the computerized compass is backwards or wrong. There is also an issue with the climate control. A lot of the time the AC will not turn off without 'power cycling" the entire system. For instance I live in the northern part of the USA. Sometimes it is AC in the afternoon and after sunset it becomes heat time. If I use the AC button to turn off AC, then up the temperature to 75-80 degrees it still blows cold air. I have to power cycle the console with the AC selected as off, then power it on and the heat will work. Reliability is good, minus the issues I'm having with the brakes and transmission. I couldn't be happier with the 300+ horsepower V6 in this car. Value is about par for the course for a mid sized sedan. The cost is a little above what I think it should have been just based on safety alone. But overall it is pretty economical. The car is E85 capable. Running E85 I average about 22mpg on a 65 mile round trip mixed city/highway driving. On Unleaded with 10% Ethanol I average betwen 24.5 and 25 on the same trip. If you keep this car at 65mph with relatively few stops over long distance it will push out high 20's low 30's mpg.

  • Poor visibility - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    I love cars....new cars, antique cars I love all cars. I enjoy driving any type of car. My parents have a new Buick Lacrosse and the visibility is nothing short of awful. I absolutely do not like driving it. There are blind spots everywhere. I cannot believe that a car company would design a car that is unsafe to drive. If I am at a stop sign several seconds pass before I have visibility of a full sized car or truck coming from my right. I have to lean forward and backward to avoid that blind spot. There is no way of viewing a car when merging or changing lanes except with the side mirror. If I look over my left should all I see is the b pillar and the c pillar and a tiny slit.

  • front doors holding water - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    i have had this car scene 10/12, i have had the issue of the front door holding water in the seals that go around the door, the doors will hold the water until you open the doors, after it rains and you open the doors, check the seals and have water inside the seals. as of today, the dealer and the factory has told me that this is normal ( i call ???? on this ) We are in the process of have GM buy the car back. So if you have a Lacrosse, check you front doors.

  • Sadly, the worst car I've ever had. - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    To start is the poor visibility. You don't get all of the pros and cons on a test drive...The front passenger view is blocked by the frame and outside mirror...it is horrifying on the incidences we've encountered...thankfully managed to avoid an accident, but you c a n n o t see a person or vehicle approach on your right... The ad showing Shaq sitting comfortably is a joke..Why can't GM be honest? Had a 2009 Buick Lucerne...it was the best vehicle...so sorry I traded it in...whomever purchased got a prize...why did GM stop building them?

  • Bad car in many ways! - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    Bought this car new back in November of 2012, the first thing I noticed like many other owners is that the front is to low I have had to file insurance claims numerous times to have the front fixed after hitting parking lot blocks or going up a high driveway, also the car started having problems running right and idling problems, check engine light came on took to dealer and all I could get from them that they saw in the system where check engine light came on but had no clue why it came on and all they could say was there was nothing they could do cause they could not reproduce the problem, to this day still having lots of problems with car running right and now makes noises.

  • Trunk Release - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    I'm generally happy with the LaCrosse but there is one major annoyance, there is no trunk release inside the car. Yes, you can open the trunk with the remote but this is not always convenient i.e., if I'm in the garage and my keys are in the house (not close by). Why would GM exclude the inside the vehicle trunk release - really bad decision.

  • Roof Leak & Rust - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    We purchased our 2012 Buick Lacross (V6, Premium Pkg) in September 2012, the sunroof was draining inside the backseat floor took it to the dealer and "fixed", got some rain and sunroof was leaking again same place, taken again and "fixed", this time it was fixed right and came faulty from the Manufacturer because apparently there was a seal missing from the rear window..fixed. From the start there was rust on the bumper and trunk of the car, they "fixed" it at time of sale, day after sale and day after after sale, the rust keeps coming back and this makes 5 times the dealer "fixes" the rust issue, a new car as expensive as this should not have rust.

  • Think Twice - 2012 Buick LaCrosse
    By -

    If you are like me, the car looks appealing, gets good mileage for it's size and seems to be a good value. The ride is nice, the power is a sacrifice for the mileage....but I'm only getting 31 mpg....not the 36 advertised. Finally the straw that caused me to write this review......the spare tire. How does a $30k car not have a spare tire? GM is cutting corners at the expense of it's customers. I called to order a spare and the retail cost for the tire kit $550...are you kidding me? This is not acceptable and will ultimatley come to bite GM is the butt. I will never buy another GM car because of this one experience and I'll tell everyone I know...GM is all about $$$, not loyalty.

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