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This Year's Model Updates:

After last year's refresh, the 2012 BMW X5 returns with some previously optional features becoming standard. Most notably, the xDrive50i now comes with the navigation system as standard.

  • Steadfast high-speed stability.
  • Athletic handling
  • Huge list of features
  • Potent and efficient engines
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior
  • Ride may be firm for some
  • Hefty price.
  • Standard steering is stiff at low speeds

User Reviews:

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  • Great car ,reliable ,fun to drive - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    Since 2012 I own my BMW x5 . I got it new ,Other then free regular service I had never had any problem with the car, it's fun to drive , the navigation system needs improvment ,

  • Glad I Chose a 2012 BMW X5 Diesel - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    I bought this car about 2 years ago. Interested in better gas mileage but something that also offered me luxury and power, I decided to buy the 2012 X5 diesel. I'm glad I did. My car is sleek, plush, extremely well-built and runs perfectly. What I like about the diesel, too, is that it keeps getting better gas mileage as I break it in. I feel safe in my BMW and pampered. Thanks to my BMW's excellent steering and speed, I was saved from (and avoided) what could have been a life-altering accident. I've never been so impressed with a vehicle--so was my friend, who was also saved. This was an excellent choice for me, and going to the facility in South Carolina was icing on the cake.

  • Confidence in the Passing Lane - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    On the highway, in the passing lane….this is where the BMW X5 sets itself apart. It holds the lane so well and it WANTSto go fast. It is so comfortable on a long trip home from the ski slopes, you look at other vehicles that you pass from the far left lane and think to yourself…"Gosh, I'm sorry you're not driving this" Its not about the emblem, its about the strength and soul under the hood. This all sounds a bit melodramatic, but see for yourself…compare an X5 to a Lexus GX…it is no contest.

  • BMW does not protect electronics from melted snow or grocery spills in the cargo area - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    Do not let the BMW perception for reliability deceive you. Common place expectations for simple engineering rigor to protect consumers from costly repairs due to liquid damage is not a part of the BMW reputation. If you are considering purchasing a BMW think twice. The marketing team was responsible for the final decision not to repair over $1300.00 in damage due to electronics placed along the drip path for liquid spills in the rear cargo area of the X5d. The electronic connectors were placed in a position so that the cup is turned in a way to catch liquids. There are no protective nor preventative measures to prevent liquids from entering and destroying critical expensive electronics.

  • 1.5 Year BMW X5 experience - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    Let me provide you with the list of problems i faced one after the other. 1. Dashboard failed within 3 months. 2.State inspection failed within 12 months, tires gone and no support from BMW. Very poor customer care. 3. Door from driver side failed, wouldn't work with keyless entry. 4. Here comes the worst one, engine malfunction. God saved my life on a highway where my X5 suddenly gave this error message on dashboard screen and stopped suddenly on highway, where 2 big trailers were just behind me. Very scarey. 5. Low battery message in just 16 months.

  • Love it, but.... - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    This is a great SUV in every aspect except one, in Illinois it's impossible to find diesel that meets the requirement of not exceeding 5% bio content. Illinois doesn't tax diesel if it has more than 11% bio content. So no fuel stations carry fuel with a lower content. All pumps that I've seen state 5-20% bio content. Same issue with every Audi, VW and Mercedes.

  • Fuel Pump issue and putting on a hitch aftermarket - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    I love the way this car drives but after 10,000 miles it broke down on the side of the road. It was a fuel pump issue which I've heard has been a consistent issue with the X5. My friend said they are replacing it with the same fuel pumps so she ended up having it happen again and got rid of her car. I also opted to put a hitch on aftermarket but beware it may cause serious problems with your lease return since they have to actually break off a piece of the bumber to put it on so you would get dinged when turning in the lease. I opted to use the tow clips with a BMW bike rack which carries 2 bikes (can opt for a 3rd tray but it would be tight) and it's a fantastic bike rack.

  • Back to BMW for more space for new baby. - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    Very pleased with the car so far after 2 weeks. Switched from a 2010 Range Rover Sport with the 5.0 V8 but the car is just as fast - different power delivery. Fuel economy in a different league. Ride quality is much better than the RRS both on 20" wheels. Handling is much more sedan than SUV. Convenience features on the BMW are leagues ahead of the RRS. Electronics are so much better thought out and things like the power lift tailgate etc make a big difference when you have a small one. Last BMW was a diesel X5 in the UK ten years ago, was one of the best cars I've ever had. Mine is actually a 2013 model not that there are any changes.

  • Yes to BMW X5 - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    The 2005 BMW X5 is my first BMW. I was amazed at how fun this car was to drive. The X5 is a sports car, not an off road vehicle. Don't buy this car if you intend to do a lot of off road driving. The X5 handles like a dream even at high speeds. The top speed is about 128 MPH. At 128 MPH the x5 handles like my Land Rover did at 70 MPH. Speed and handling are definately the X5's best features. The X5 is dependable. If you have any problems it will be with the electrical system. BMW has power plant, drivetraine and suspension down pat. They have a few things to learn when it comes to electronics. I have had problems with tail lights and electric door locks.

  • Very Nice - 2012 BMW X5
    By -

    Just bought my x5 2/3/12 and simply love it. Drove the SRX, and Q7 and when I drove the X5 it sold me right on the spot. Great handling, though a bit tight in the steering but the rest of the pros were great. Ken

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