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For 2013, a new turbocharged four-cylinder replaces the old naturally aspirated straight-6 in the BMW X3 xDrive28i model. Every X3 gets a standard power liftgate, automatic engine stop/start technology and the previously optional Driving Dynamics Control, which also gains a fourth mode (known as Eco Pro) for its adjustable drive settings. A lane-departure warning system is added to the options list.

  • Generous passenger and cargo room
  • Comfortable rear seat.
  • Crisp handling
  • Potent and reasonably efficient engines
  • High-quality cabin
  • Priced higher than most rivals.

User Reviews:

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  • Nice but very fragile - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    In 5 months after buying it I had to visit the dealership more times than in 4 years with my Mitsubishi Outlander! Something is constantly wrong with this car. But the last drop was it failed to start for the second time when it was cold outside, after(!) half of the trip to the school with the baby! I am no longer planning to keep it as it is simply unreliable. Yes, it gets fixed for free but what about my time and the inconvenience? Now it is sitting at the dealership and will be there for 2 weeks until they get a part, I am driving the loaner :(

  • Loving the X3 - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    I have had four successive 5 series wagons. Sadly, BMW doesn't bring them to the states so I had to really consider what to get next. The X1 was TINY and just didn't feel like a BMW to me. Without question my last 5 had a more luxurious interior, but that's expected. The X3 has a much nicer interior than the current 3 series. The screen is IN the dash where it should be, not sticking up like a design afterthought. The engine/transmission combo is amazing very quick and agile. It doesn't handle like a car, but much better than other SUV's. The tech package is very nicely done. Gas mileage is really good for the size. The car feels much lighter than my 5 wagon, much faster though.

  • Love My Ride - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    I looked at and drove nearly every car and SUV out there. When I drove the X3 35i I felt 'at home.' Also drove the 28i but even with the Turbo, didn't have the torque I'm used to. The 35i put a smile on my face! Performance, comfort, gas mileage, not to mention the sleek classy look. What more can you ask for?

  • Too many trips to dealership! - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    It's a nice vehicle, if I didn't have to drive 45 minutes to dealership to get it fixed, on a regular basis. Yes, there is a closer dealership, but they tried to sell me an "executive car" for $3K off sticker. When I asked for car fax they baulked. It had been in a rear end accident! I only found out because I asked for Carfax! Anyway back to X3. It's pretty. And it's nice to drive. Holds road well. Handles great.

  • Reliability , reliability , reliability ..... - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    It's shocking that BMW can't make reliable car for the money they charge. This wk will be my fourth visit to the dealership for drivers restraint malfunction . They don't seem to know whats going on with this car . I have seen similar reliability reviews and I just wonder in the engineers at BMW read them !!!!!!! It's also statistically higher than other competitors or Japanese cars.

  • 2nd review - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    We now have about 12,000 miles on the X3. BEST utility vehicle I have ever owned. Fuel economy is right at 26.5 p tank. Have gotten as high as 32mpg when cautious? And this was obtained with mid grade. To date there are NO maint. Issues at all. Flawless vehicle and American made. Storm grey and oyster interior are cool in summer here in GA. As for the auto shut off....was rough at first but at about four thousand miles the process smoothed out totally. And it does help save fuel.

  • Engine, engine, and engine, but that's all. - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    Drove BMW 328i for 5 years, now X3 35i. The engine is just amazing! Great acceleration. 8 speed transmission is so smooth that you can only tell changing gears by the exhaust note. Praised by many reviewers as "Fun to drive", "drive like a car", maybe true compare to other SUV, but it's not even close comparing to 3-series sedan. The 328i feels like it's glued to the road and have this solid damping of road roughness, but the X3 is wobbly and makes you feel every little bump. but to be fair, that's the case for all SUVs. I guess that's what you have to give up for a more practical suv.

  • WOW sports car with a back pack! - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    Bought this in alpine white on black and I call it my new spaceship. I also test drove the 3L engine but the 2L seemed lighter and much more responsive, not to mention for '13 both models have the same horsepower and torque! I traded in a Nissan Juke which was truly just a joke, super small, not safe, tiny 9 gal gas tank, no hatch space for a big grocery trip unless you put both rear seats down etc.. so this was a giant upgrade with absolutely no regrets!!! I wasnt a huge fan of run flats due to their cost if you even run over a nail, but i'm starting to be a fan of how thick they are for any bumps in the road, you feel practically nothing! To assure myself, I bought the extra tire warranty.

  • Expensive, but you get what you pay for - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    Traded in my old 2003 BMW X5 for a shiny new 2013 BMW X3 28i. It doesn't have quite the build quality of the X5, but on the other hand, doesn't cost $80,000 either. Road feel, handling, steering, and general sportiness/fun are outstanding. The 28i 4 cyllinder turbo is surprisingly powerful and capable. Absolutely love the interior and all the tech gadgets (sat nav, bluetooth, large computer screen, whole music library on hard disk, etc etc). Very upscale appointments and nice touches throughout. Kind of a cross between an SUV and a sport sedan, for those who want both and are willing to pay a premium to have them both embodied within the same vehicle.

  • Wish I hadn't bought this car - 2013 BMW X3
    By -

    I "upgraded" from a Volvo XC90 2.0T to a BMW X3 because I wanted something, smaller, zippier, and with modern electronics (bluetooth, ipod interface, & nav). Well, I did get smaller. Prefer my old Volvo or my husband's new Subaru Outback. Not pleased with: Back hatch doesn't not close well - half the time I get a message that the back hatch is open after I close it with the push button. Electronics are "fussy" to use - you can use the joystick on the center console to go to radio or ipod, but you still need to turn the sound knob on the dash to "on". Why two steps? And why does BMW make "Park" a separate button on the transmission stick from Reverse & Drive? TG it's a lease.

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