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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2011 BMW X3 has been fully redesigned. Highlights include an optional turbocharged engine, a standard eight-speed automatic transmission, crisper exterior styling, revised suspension tuning and an updated interior design with the latest iDrive electronics interface.

  • Comfortable rear seat.
  • Crisp handling
  • High-quality cabin
  • Potent turbocharged engine
  • Priced higher than many competitors.
  • Abrupt power delivery

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  • x3 needed new transmission - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    Bought it used at carmax with maxcare warranty After 1 year using the car the transmission broke and need a new one($9000.00).Max care warranty don't wanna pay for a new one.They will put a used one instead. It was supposed to be done in a week and took a month.Of course because of their fault i will have to pay for all this time the rental car.The ony pay for 7 days of rental. First they don't agree with the Bmw dealer than i have to tow to their mechanics and they send a supervisor and try to cut corners giving me a used transmission. Next time i will buy Cpo from the Lexus that is the most reliable brand. The Bmw X3 is excellent but unreliable.

  • First German car. - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    So I want to start off with that I’ve never owned a German car before. So my notes and my review will be coming from that stand point. This information will hopefully help those thinking of buying a used BMW. Car facts: One owner No accidents Non smoker Millage was: 33374 Bought the X3 from a non BMW Dealership but it wasn’t one of those used car lots. BMW warranty had run out (due to over 4yrs) Bumper to bumper warranty (would only cover 6 years from when the car was originally bought so only about 1 yr and 9 mnths) it cost a lot about 4k so said no Maintenance warranty was about 3k (would only cover 6 years from when the car was originally bought so only about 1 yr and 9 mnths) so said no My thinking is that in 1yr and 9 mths I shouldn’t rack up over 7k in repairs and if it starts down that path we will have to get rid of it. The car was clean inside and out no body damage and no accidents. Only 2 issue with X3 1) the glove box cover had been pulled up from the lower left corner not sure how this happen but the Dealer agreed to repair it as part of the we owe you agreement 2) the dealership had changed the oil and fixed the breaks but the lights hadn’t been reset and since they are not an BMW dealership they said they can’t reset those service lights. So part of that we owe you agreement they said they would get that all fixed and reset. Why did I buy the X3? I test drove and looked at all the other competition I was looking for an all-wheel drive SUV for the wife something upscale. I narrowed it down to the X3, the Q5 and the RX and we went with the X3 due to price and the mileage and the car was a 1 owner car. Thoughts so far only have had it for a week but so far so good. No issues. Took the X3 in to get the “We owe you” repairs done. I will try to update as things happen. If you guys have question I will try and answer.

  • Another "like it but" - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    Comfortable, largely well-handling and a great value vs. our previous series of Jeep Cherokees. BUT, despite three "re-programs", acceleration after slowing is tortoise speed (a full three second delay before the trans kicks down) making high speed merges a gamble. Also hate the electronic parking brake which eliminates the safety of a manual parking brake backup. It is either on...or off.

  • I like it but... - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    2011 X3 35I is my first BMW, I am a Honda Accord 3.0 6 cylinder regular. X3 is a beautiful, fun to drive small SUV. Its quick at high speed. It has roomy interior, front and rear. Good sound system as well as the blue tooth phone interface. This vehicle is really for luxury and not an economical alternative.

  • Poor handling - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    Has anyone experienced this issue and was there a resolution to this SUV's poor handling stability? I used to own a 2008 X3 which had the traditional great performing stiff hydraulic power steering, now this X3 comes with some kind of "electric" assist on steering which may or may not be the cause for an unstable ride when driving on uneven pavement (especially wheel gutters from nordic states spring thaw). The car is simply unstable in its direction, it feels like you constantly need to fight the direction with oposition move on steering wheel to prevent it from swaying to right or left. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please help, this car is great otherwise.

  • INSANE - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    I just don't even know where to begin with this hunk of [non-permissible content removed]!! First I'll start by agreeing with every negative comment I've read on this review board. Just purchased this junk on wheels less than one year ago and its already going back to BMW for service for the fifth time! I had to bring the car in for its first service owning it for three days. Little did I know this was just the beginning. PLEASE PLEASE listen to all the reviews on this board. Consider something else!!!

  • Best SUV in the Market. - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    I have owned this car for 11 months and put on 14200 miles on it. I have driven all four seasons now and can say that this is the best SUV I have driven. Performance is Awesome. I would say that BMW has built this like a mirror of your mood. If you slam on the gas it is the fastest with accurate handling control with (17mpg). My friends say that they could see a big difference in my driving style. If you drive it slow you get the best possible mileage (31 mpg). I drove 270 miles non stop and I looked fresh as I started to drive. Get the Premium Audio and it is one of the best&Every Penny is worth it. If you get this car from a reputed dealer it will not disappoint you.

  • I got a lemon. - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    I bought a brand new 2011 BMW X3 XDrive 35i from Autorgemana in Medellin, Colombia and I got a lemon. 1) The sunroof didn’t work. It took 6 months to replace everything and still makes a clunking noise when it opens. 2) when you step on the brakes the car shakes. It was at the dealer 3 times and they couldn’t give us a correct solution. They replaced all 4 disc brakes, pads and sensors. 3) The headlights fog up inside even if it doesn’t rain. They haven’t been able to figure out why this happens so they said it is normal and a year later still happens. 4) The steering system was broken. It went to the shop 3 times and it took 8 months to replace it. As i write this, my car is 14 months old, it has 14.800 kms and it is in the shop for the twelfth time. I named it St. Joseph because it goes from the shop to the house and the house to the shop.

  • I like it, but... - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    I am in month 10 and while I love the incomparable BMW handling, every time I drive it I am frustrated by the unnecessarily complicated shifter and the door locking system. I would not buy this car again if it had the same awkward shifter or if the door locking could not be reprogrammed. I am constantly pulling on locked door handles, but have been told by my dealer that this cannot be changed for safety reasons. Funny that Lexus does not have that concern. I also don't like the navigation display. Not enough street names are clearly identified and the background colors make it hard to read. By comparison, my wife's Lexus SUV has a dazzlingly clear and complete navigation screen.

  • Will not start, louisy Customer Service - 2011 BMW X3
    By -

    The car only has 300 miles and the battery died three times! Dealer (Motorweks) claoims everything is according to specs and battery runs down because of all electronics and that I must drive the car 3-4 times a week or use a trickle charger at all times!!! Contacted BMW customer service and they send me a standard staement that they bild "The Ultimate Machine" and that I must contact the dealer. I asked if I must take a very long extension cord for the charger when I travel for more that afew days but no one thinks it is funny! Would seem to me that electronics can be interlcked with the start switch so the only run when car is started???

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