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  • My wife is now officially a "car girl" - 2016 BMW X1
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    I've always been a fan of BMW's, but this is the first one I've actually owned. My wife and I test drove this and the X3 and quickly realized the fresh look of the new X1 and increased sized put in on par with the X3 from a space perspective. I'm 6'4" 235lbs and can fit comfortably in any of the seats even with the front seat in the rearmost position. It's been comfortable on several interstate trips and we love the zippy handling and performance around town. We have also been impressed with the fuel mileage considering the sportiness this car offers. Before we bought the BMW, I was the "car guy" in the family and my wife didn't really get too excited talking about cars. Now that she's has her BMW she says she's never buying anything else and is very particular about keeping it clean inside and out while making sure she can find that perfect parking spot. She's officially a "car girl" now! :-)

  • Nice car, but dealership service dept is worthless - 2016 BMW X1
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    I purchased my X1 off the showroom floor and when leaving found a ding on the dash and a light was missing in the door. The dealer wrote a "We Owe" to fix the problem. Trying to get BMW to do anything is like pulling teeth. 2 months later ding is still there and no light. Their response is, it's coming from Germany and we have to get approval. Just make sure your X1 is in perfect condition when you leave, because it will never get fixed. Sad to say this will be my last BMW because of the service I've received.

  • Xceptional! - 2016 BMW X1
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    3500 miles in and 5 stars in all aspects. Based on my experience, it lives up to BMW's billing...best in class performance, fuel economy and cargo. I evaluated other comparable models (Lexus NX, Acura RDX, Mercedes GLA, and Audi Q3) and chose the BMW X1. Car and Driver rating 4.5 out of 5. It's roomier on the inside than it appears from the outside. For both rows of seats, it actually has more head and leg room than the current BMW X3. I highly recommend the optional sliding 2nd row seat to gain flexibility for passengers versus cargo. Well-engineered and easy to use information technology (iDrive, bluetooth, Navigation, etc.). I didn't spec the safety technologies, so I can't comment on them. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!

  • Great 2016 BMW X1 - 2016 BMW X1
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  • Zippy new BMW X1 - 2016 BMW X1
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    Sporty, fun to drive X1. Roomy "trunk" area.

  • Great car, options expensive - 2016 BMW X1
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  • The worst seats imaginable - 2016 BMW X1
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    The good: it's faster than other similarly sized small suv's and has good bmw looks The bad: these are the worst seats. my test drive seemed ok but once you sit in them for a while you know. it's like sitting on a flat park bench. sport seats are only available in the m package, which dealers here don't order

  • Great mult-purpose vehicle - 2016 BMW X1
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    I looked at the Mercedes GLA, Audi Q3, and BMW X1. The 2016 BMX X1 was by far the best. A very practical vehicle, with excellent cargo and passenger room for a compact SUV. Excellent performance and gas mileage from the 4 cyl turbo engine. BMW handling and overall driving experience is an added bonus. I have owned two BMW 3 series sedans. The handling is not as good a these, but the handling is better than any other compact SUV I have driven. The most value for the money compared to other luxury compact SUVs.

  • Significant improvement from the prev. generation! - 2016 BMW X1
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    I had a 2014 X1 (prev generation) that was my favorite car ever, but was coming off lease. I expected this new generation of X1 to be fair since it was being molded to look like the rest of the X-line family (truth be told, I wanted the Tesla Model 3 but couldn't wait that long). I was wrong. Dead wrong. This is actually more fun than the last one. Slightly less horsepower, yet the 0-60 is quicker. The move to a front-wheel-emphasized 4WD is not noticeable. I sometimes miss the hydraulic steering (however, the 2016's adaptive steering makes parking and city driving much easier). I got every tech package except the ACC (c'mon, an extra thousand, really?) and it seems worth it. By adding a few extra PSI to the tires (compared to the door sticker), I am getting 35+ MPG on the highway! Eco-mode is much more useful now without sacrifice (I especially didn't like the jolt on the 2014 when I needed to pass someone on the highway due to the shift timing change in this mode). The interior materials are a step up (interior lighting at night is especially top notch). The rear view is crowded compared to previous gen (due to smaller rear window and seat back obstructions), but not dangerous. The front seats are narrower than the last model and could use a little more cushioning as well - make sure you like them first vs. ordering the sports seats/package. I am 5'8 at 175 pounds so the base seats work for me. Overall, It's more luxurious, quieter and more fun than the previous generation (which was already great). I will have a hard time giving this up in 3 years.

  • It's a little/BIG SUV/SAV - 2016 BMW X1
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    I was cross shopping the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, BMW X3, and Volkswagen GTI. And then I saw this new X1. I was thinking to wait for the next gen Q5, but I decided to buy this car. It’s a handsome car inside out. The interior is very spacious. The headroom and legroom are comparable or even bigger than the current Q5, GLC, X3, and GTI. It’s even comparable to the larger X5. (X5 vs X1: F head 40, 41.9; R head 39.3, 39.4; F leg 40, 40.4; R leg 36.6, 37) I am 5’10, 165 lbs, I fit in the back seat comfortably even when the front seat is all the way back. And my car is not even with the sliding rear seat option. The trunk is also big, fits $200+ groceries from Costco easily. The engine is potent. The transmission is smooth. The handle is nimble. The acceleration is quick. It’s fuel efficient. Overall it’s a very practical car. I understand it’s being categorized as a subcompact SUV/SAV, but you really have to test drive and get inside of the car to understand what I’m talking about. It’s BIG!!! OK, now the bad. The front seat is too narrow. The gas pedal is too close to the side wall of the center console. The center console storage is relatively small. There is still noticeable turbo lag when stop and go. The suspension is too hard, you can feel every tinny hole and bump on the road. The LED headlight and taillight only come with the premium package, and the price is pretty premium for that.

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