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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2014 BMW X1 receives minor updates to trim and equipment levels.

  • Good fuel economy.
  • Quick acceleration
  • Strong engines
  • Sport sedan-like handling
  • Automatic stop-start system is intrusive.
  • Less rear-seat room than other small luxury crossovers
  • Small cargo capacity

User Reviews:

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  • Great compact SUV (hatchback) - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I purchased a new Acura RDX and traded it after 6 months for an X1. I missed the BMW driving dynamics and this car delivers! The steering is meant to be heavy and an engaging drive. Those who want softer should look to Acura or Lexus. The X1 is not as luxurious as the 3 or 5 series but the price tag makes up for it. I have the Premium and Tech packages, it has everything I wanted in features. Love the handling and hatchback style. So happy to be back in a BMW!

  • Great little SUV - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I have a 328i convertble as well as the X1. The X1 handles as good as my 328i. Fun to drive, easy entry front and back seats, and quick when needed. Great car.

  • 'Disappointment' is the best compliment this car gets - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I have owned five BMW's now including a 2001 3 series convertible, a 2003 3 series, a 2009 Z4 and now the X1. I intentionally dropped down in size and class of car, so I went in expecting some compromises..but not what I have gotten. Horribly cramped, the auto engine cut off is terrible, average gas mileage is 7-8 mpg worse than the lowest rating, interior is flimsy and several plastic pieces fall out of their place regularly and worst of all, my side airbags went of with no collision at all as I was taking a corner (BMW dealer has told me this isn't the first time they have dealt with this!) Add to this the fact that the seats are horribly uncomfortable and I am beyond disappointed.

  • Continually Amazed by BMW - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I have owned/driven the whole range of BMW - 3 series, 5, X6, 650, M3, etc. This car has the same DNA. I wanted something small and simple for work, baseball coaching, skiing, winter/summer. I looked at Subaru Outback. The outback was $13K less based on MSRP but the X1 leased for $150 less per ($330 per month with nothing down but an old Escape with 130K miles). The little engine is just amazing even comparing to all the big BMW V8s. I dont need more than 240 hp. When BMW beats subaru on price+features, I'd call that value!

  • Just got one. - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I can't say much about it, I got it for wife who said she wanted a hatchback with pep. These criteria took me to the VW GTI, a very highly rated and affordable car. We test drove one of those, and wife found it too low, and plain looking. She somehow decided it was a "kid car". I was frustrated and so surfed to the X1. Wife loved it's classy look (the BMW emblem on it didn't hurt anything), it's higher stance, and was very happy driving it. It's amazingly affordable. Her's has the moonroof and the nice rain-sensing wipers. Most other features are standard. We picked out one of 3 white ones on the lot, I would have liked the premium audio and upgraded rearview with compass

  • Big Disappointment - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    After 2 new Cadillacs and making the change to BMW in May, I have been very disappointed. First off when I drove the brakes had to be replaced with less than 1000 miles. The On/Off functionality is stupid. When you park the car it shuts off except for the accessories and you have to turn it on and then off again which causes wear and tear per the manual. And after 4 months apparently there was liquid spilled on the iDrive which caused it to be replaced for the cost of $650. Unbelievable design to put an electronic iDrive between 2 cup holders that can't withstand condensation from a cup. Cheap interior as well. Never Again!

  • A BMW from the good old days of BMW design - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I bought this X1 because it's a dying breed of BMW from times before BMW went soft, heavy, and lost their steering mojo. It has the chassis and handling dynamics from the previous generation E90/E91 platform that's one of the best handling 3 series. It has hydraulic steering instead of BMW's new vague, imprecise electric steering. Those are combined with the most recent, excellent drive train. Add the comparatively low price and this BMW is unique. It will be replaced in the 2016 model year by a front-wheel drive platform shared with the Mini Cooper. Yuck.

  • from 325i to X1 - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I traded in my old (and long out of warranty 2005 325i) for new X1 with premium package. Note: I got it cheaper than edmunds suggested price, so use it as trading starting point So far I have 400 miles only and will try to update it later. But for now I am very biased and I like this car. I like driving and this one just pure joy. However my old 325i could turn sharper (X1 center of gravity is higher). Also turbo does not respond as fast as my previous car's 6cil from dead stop. There is a short delay and then turbo delivers massive torque and then traction control has to work hard ) On the hiway its pure joy, power is always there when you need it. At 400 mi I got 26+ mpg, no eco-pro

  • Not For Everyone, But Great Car For Me - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    Drives like a sports sedan but relatively roomy in terms of headroom and (to a lesser degree) elbow room. I'm a bigger guy (6'1" and about 240), and I bought this as a compromise between the 3 series, which I felt was a little more low-slung than I like, and the X3, which felt relatively boat-like. Bonus: not only do I prefer the X1 to those two vehicles, but it is about $10K cheaper when similarly equipped.

  • Much Better than Expected - 2014 BMW X1
    By -

    I was a bit concerned about the 4 cylinder engine but boy does it still provide a lot of pep. Lots of grip. Feels like I am driving an expensive sports sedan. Has the same confident, lane-holding feel when you are zipping down the far left lane on the highway like you feel in an X5. Lots of room in the front, though not much for storage. There are only 2 safety belts in the rear though there is room for a 3rd person in the middle. Because of the 40/20/40 split, there is a lot of storage flexibility. The fuel economy is nice too. I bought mine as a service loaner w 4K miles and WHAT A VALUE at around $31K. I am as satisfied with this vehicle as with any vehicle previously owned.

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