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The 2013 BMW X1 is an all-new compact crossover that slots under the X3 in BMW's model lineup.

  • Good fuel economy.
  • Quick acceleration
  • Strong engines
  • Sedan-like dynamics
  • Limited cargo capacity
  • Less rear seat room than other small luxury crossovers
  • Automatic stop-start system is intrusive.

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  • A great all-around package. - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    Driven my 2013 xDrive28 for 25000miles - and have no regrets. Really a surprisingly good wagon - the 8spd transmission and strong/efficient 4cyl. is impressive. Wish I had paddle shifters on mine, as I use the manual shifting option quite often and would prefer to use paddle shifters. Ergonomics are superb, electronics are for the most part all useful, iDrive system fairly intuitive, NAV system effective, though a bit frustrating to enter addresses/destinations using voice commands. Couldn't find a better package for the price two years ago when I bought it, and still can't find anything that on the whole offers fewer compromises. Yes it is small, but I'm 5'10", and personally find the back seats quite comfortable, with plenty of headroom and legroom. If you are worried about the space back there (as I was), I would say don't rule it out, sit in it and see for yourself. My third BMW, and this one is by far the most reliable. Great car - highly recommended.

  • X1 perfect and fun - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    A small SUV with decent ground clearance in the 2WD version, it is perfect for two people and a pet to take on forest service roads to remote fly fishing spots, will hold bikes with the front tires mounted, accelerates briskly, gets good gas mileage, handles very well, and cruises effortlessly. At 50,000 miles we have had zero problems.

  • Great for Everyday commute in the city - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    I've been looking for an all wheel drive hatchback car for my daily commute. Since I live in the midwest region I have always experienced that AWD cars are perfect. I am also into Cycling so I needed a car not to high so I can easily mount by Bicylces on the roof. I bought my X1 Certified Used at a local BMW dealership. I was so impressed with the performance of the car while test driving it on the roads both at High and Low speed driving. I've driven Domestic and Japanese models before but this car has surpassed the comfort and power and now I truly understand why they call it the ultimate driving machine. The warranty also is much better than buying brand new Domestic brands since it came with a 100K Warranty being Certified used. I've been driving my X1 for 6 months now and so far everything is perfect.

  • Great fun to drive - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    I have a 2013 X1 x28i Overall its a lot of fun to drive both acceleration and handling. It is not really a SUV so if you are expecting a lot of space in the back, you have to put the seats down (which is a bit of a hassle) It has room for 4 passengers (can do 5 in a pinch) but can't do luggage for 4 I have had good gas mileage (high 20's) and good reliability THere are some design features that are engineered not designed (cup holder is added on) but overall a good car

  • 2013 X1 - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    Overall, the car is a realy joy to drive, but we've had some major mechanical issues. Less than 15,000, and we've already had it in the shop twice for cylinder replacemets, once for failure of the catalytic converter, and now for a transmission failure. All within 6 months. We'll see how the BMW dealer chooses to help rectify, but so far not happy with the build quality.

  • Wow! This is Fun! - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    I've had my 28iXdrive for 14 months. This is my daily driver and outside 24/7. It's a small car, but good for me and my 22 mile daily commute in Chicago Winters. Mine had the heated seats and steering wheel, a must have for cold weather. The steering is so tight and precise. The acceleration of this twin turbo, blows me away, and it just keeps on going. Excellent handling car, firm suspension. I haven't had any problems at all. Mine retailed over $38k

  • BMW X1 - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    Have had our 2013 X1 since middle of May 2013. In less than 800 miles brakes failed. Again, the same problem at 1900 miles. Seems short on power and acceleration. Not very pleased and hope to trade up very soon to an X3. Would not recommend this vehicle base on my experience.

  • The X1 is fantastic - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    The X1 is a very solid, high performing compact SUV (or SAV as BMW calls it). The performance, corning and high quality interior are all amazing. The car has lots of power. I only have 3000 miles on the car so far but it handles very well and enjoy the many technology features on car including the numerous I drive features.

  • Better than expected!!! - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    I got mine last September and it has been a blast ever since, 15K miles already. I've picked a Valencia Orange with M Sport Package, heated seats and Harman Kardon sound system, nothing else and the only option I miss is power seats. This thing drives exceptionally well and the hydraulic assist steering is still the best. The manner in which this vehicle goes from 60 MPH to 80, 90 or more is almost ridiculous. Serious handling and solid structure feel make it even better. Of note this is my 5th BMW in the last 10 years and so I expect great things from BMW's and in this case they delivered a great little product. If you can get one and enjoy the ride, you won't be disappointed...

  • lacking - 2013 BMW X1
    By -

    Have driven my X1 over 2000 miles and still the fuel efficiency is only 27.3 max. I drive only highways, use the cruise control, and the eco option. The steering wheel feels heavy (in comparison with my old SAAB that is a delight to drive) but I will take a bunch of weight lifting classes with a personal trainer starting next week so this should help to drive (no kidding - it is a heavy cow, like it has no power assist, maybe it does not). The car does not allow for a trailer mount to put a bike rack on the back, the roof rack is hard to find (yes, Thule apparently makes it but I ordered one at REI over a month ago and I am still waiting). It looks nice in orange, though...

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