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For 2011, the BMW M3 coupe and sedan are now available with a Competition package that adds a lowered suspension, 19-inch wheels, a wider track and reprogrammed electronic damping and stability controls. This isn't as hard-core as the previous M3's Competition package, but it should still deliver that much more handling acumen -- especially for those who track their cars.

  • Sublime high-revving V8, otherworldly handling, agreeable ride, three available body styles, convertible's sleek retractable hardtop.
  • Limited interior storage, sedan's relatively cramped rear seat.

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  • Disappointed - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    Car build quality is extremely disappointing. I have very annoying wind noise on driver's side and significant rattling around front passenger door. Dealer response was terrible, and car was under warranty at the time!

  • Bad to the Bone - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    I've had my 2011 M3 for about 6 months. It is actually a dual clutch 7 speed. It's fast. It's sexy. It handles like its on rails. A real fun car to drive. Gets a lot of attention. Blast it straight or bend it around a country road and you just won't want to put it away. I'm a big fan of late 60s muscle cars and this reminds me a lot of the Chevelle with its deep exhaust note and off the line g force. Biggest difference is that it will handle the road like nothing else. The stereo is absolutely tight, even at ear splitting volume. I've never felt so safe or confident in a car like I do in the M. A touch of the wheel and it goes where you want. Brakes are HUGE and smooth. I am a lucky man!

  • Fast, Practical, But Not Perfect - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    The engine sounds beautiful and I love the high revs. Grip is outstanding with the 19" wheels. Four door practicality is a huge plus as the Cayman was claustrophobic. The stereo is great and the build quality is very high - you pay more than an STi or Evo, but this is a car you'd proudly give the boss a ride in. Xenon lights are terrific and all 3-series should have them standard. The manual gearbox is a bit notchy in 1st and 2nd. The throws are quite long for a sports car, but clutch travel is perfect and soft. These cars should also come with BMW Assist standard in case of a flat tire - No Spare is a huge issue. I had issues with the Tire Pressure Monitor when I took delivery.

  • Reliability Issues, disappointed - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    I have owned this car for about 4 months. I was extremely excited about he purchase and initially loved the car. I drove as prescribed during the break-in period and never drove it like a M3 should be. After the break-in period, I only put 300 miles on the car (for a total of 1500 miles) before the car started exhibiting problems. The most recent of which occurred this week with loss of power, slow acceleration, etc. Feels like I am driving a Camry. Took it in for service and they cant seem to be able to find the issue. If they cant resolve the issues, I think I may have bought a lemon. Extremely disappointed in BMW and the car at the moment.

  • 2011 BMW M3 Coupe Review - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    I recently bought this 2011 Ultimate Driving Machine. Two exotic cars in one fine package. I had a 2007 Porsche. The M3 Coupe has the Porsche inspired performance, but 4 people ride in the M3 (if allowed by owner). The rear seats fold down, it stores plenty of luggage, groceries, etc. Front-to- Rear weight ratio is 50%-50%. Options: 7 speed dual clutch system / F1 paddle shift or automatic drive logic programs, Competition Package, rear power sunshade. Drive it to work, around town, it is a dream. When track Club clinic days arrive, growl around everything in turns...It has more grip and agility than cars twice the price. 2011 is the Final year for the M3 V-8 forever. Don't wait, seriously.

  • Fun when you need it - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    I have owned many great cars in the last 25 years including Porsches, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Infiniti, and Lexus'. Without a doubt the 2011 M3 is one of my best purchases because it combines fun with comfort and (hopefully) reliability. The dual clutch is amazing and the engine strikes just the right note when you put your foot in it. Handling is superior and the brakes have been great for street use. I have also enjoyed the navigation, Sirius radio, and bluetooth features on my vehicle. To date (albeit brief) this car has been a pleasure. I decided on the M3 over the C63 because while the Merc is more entertaining on the street (great torque), the bimmer is the better balanced auto.

  • Powerful, great on the eyes, gulps gas - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    Ive had my M3 for a little over a month now--only put on about 500 miles so far, but its a BLAST to drive. With the 414HP, V8 by far the most powerful car I've ever driven/owned--esp coming from my 2007 IS 250. :) 14 mpg in the city no matter how easy you are on the pedals is a bit annoying, but you have to take good with the bad--kind of a "rare" car depending on where you live. I'm in Houston and Ive seen 2 other coupes, and NO sedans so far, so its nice to stand out a bit. :) Had my M3 "stripped"--i.e. speed cloth, 6MT, no navigation, no EDC, but I don't miss a thing. Love every second in this car--hopefully it holds up after warranty!

  • Wonderful sound, great handling coupe - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    First, do European delivery. This car was meant to take to the 'ring, drive on the autobahn and tour the Bavarian Alps. A true Jekyll and Hyde car. 6 speed man., 220m wheels, tech pack. Did not get the zcp comp. Pack. Amazing sounds and performance at higher rpms. Not a torque monster (it's normally aspirated after all) but the rush you get over 4,500 rpm is just amazing. Keep rpm down and it drives nicely and, considering it's a v8, does okay mileage-wise on the highway. Dial edc to comfort and it's a nice sporty ride. Go to sport, push the car, and it shows its other side. Carves like a knife. Incredibly composed either way.

  • Best toy I've ever owned - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    Just picked up a mostly base M3 last week. Manual transmission, leather/cloth interior, no Nav, no tech package. I had an Audi S4 on order, and the BMW people basically sold me on the M3. I was hesitant, but after 350 miles, I am SO glad I went M3. The engine is absolutely silly. It just wants to go. And the rest of the car feels like it's carved out of a block of aluminum, just so solid. I'm still in break in period, but even adhering to the rules, this thing is amazing.

  • Too early but here is my 1st impression! - 2011 BMW M3
    By -

    I got the 2011 DCT coupe few days ago. Too early to give any objective opinion, but here is my first impression. Perfect look, wonÂ’t change a thing. Nice driver seat and cockpit. The M button does change throttle response and sharpness dramatically. You can drive it as a mellow C class Mercedes on 7th gear at 40 MPH going to Starbucks, or as a crazy beast in 3rd gear at 80 MPH merging onto a highway. Power is too much for the street, needs a track to enjoy it. Get used to shifting at 4000 RPM cause it doesn't feel right shifting before that but enjoy the sound. Take a c shaped exit on 70 MPH and life will never be the same. Tried Audi S5 twice, good car but M3 is in different league.

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