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  • Best car I have owned - 2016 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
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    This car is more like a crossover as you have plenty of room in the rear with the hatchback and the rear seats fold down for even more cargo. The ride is smooth and quiet. Plenty of power when you need it and I have not had one issue with this vehicle. Great for long trips with plenty of leg room in the rear seat. The gas mileage is great for this size vehicle (35-37 on the highway) and it is a whole different platform than the standard 328 - much more roomy inside. Love this car.

  • Best of both worlds - 2016 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
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    Previous car was a 328 Xi. The Gran Tourismo gives you LOTS more room front and especially rear seats for long legged passengers. Handling is comfy in standard "old folks" mode easy on your butt, however with the sport package option, press a button and steering, transmission and suspension kick in to provide that old familiar handling performance I knew with the previous BMW. For people who like to throw a bunch of stuff in the back of their car, this is perfect. This is a car I plan on keeping for a long time.

  • Value missing - 2016 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
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    I've owned 3, 5, and 7 series BMW's which now includes the 328i xDrive GT. All exhibit good workmanship, tight construction and nice drive characteristics. Unfortunately I have two issues with this new BMW: (1) too many of the safety features now standard on other autos are extra cost options on the BMW, and (2) electronics are now being used to replace many features that are better provided through more conventional means. Regarding safety features - for example blind spot warning and lane monitoring are often standard features on many Hondas, Toyotas, and other autos, however they are extra cost options on this BMW. Although not safety related, heated front seats which are also now standard on other autos are extra cost items. Regarding the electronics - While the central electronics has been improved, the radio controls and many of the other electronics are still way too confusing and some seem unnecessary.

  • $60K+ Fun to drive, but has some interior rattles - 2016 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
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    At times I think this is the Ultimate Rattler. Less than two weeks into ownership and there are LOUD rattles emanating from the plastic entertainment console. Simply pressing on the frame halts the annoyance for a brief time or until the next bump. Other rattles are starting and can't determine their source. My 10 year old Infinitis have zero rattles. This car is difficult to get in and out from and the command center is not very intuitive. I'm 6'2" and sports seats have good support but the seat section could be wider. More than enough leg room, which is great. The car has terrific storage capacity, comparable or better than many SUV's. Never have to worry about the car bottoming out on rough road or a steep driveway, as it rides fairly high. AWD gives immediate handling confidence.

  • Get ready to do everything twice.... - 2016 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
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    Great car to drive. Fun, peppy, comfortable. Great space in both trunk and seat area. However, the logic of BMW controls baffles me. Turning off the car? Press the button (only engine turns off). In order to turn off the electronics (they DO NOT turn off automatically after a period of time), you must press the on/off button AGAIN with your foot off the pedal. Don't forget that, or else you will turn the car BACK ON. This same logic applies to almost every aspect of the car....from unlocking the doors while inside (no way to program an "all unlock") to navigation to Bluetooth. Yikes. I realized that I would be working with a learning curve when moving from a Lexus to BMW, but really? No front camera to help with parking? Wait, yes there is, but one must - wait for it - press the button, to activate (while parking???). As someone who places their purse behind the front seat while driving, I can only say that I guess I will have a permanent bruise on my leg from reaching ALL THE WAY INSIDE the car to get to the unlock button (why can't that be on the door with all the other door features? It seems unfortunate to have a car this fun to drive and look at that is so incredibly infuriating to utilize.

  • In its own class - 2016 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
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    Practical aspects of a SUV while still as sleek as a sedan. Cofortable and quiet. Lots of rear seat leg room and flexible storage space. Fun to drive. Lots to learn with all the gadgets. If you don't get the various packages built to your specifications (2-3 months), then have to compromise on what's available - not a lot of these around - in its niche class.

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