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The 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is an all-new model.

  • Strong and fuel-efficient engines
  • Upscale interior with straightforward controls and plenty of rear-seat legroom
  • Standard all-wheel drive.
  • Distinctive hatchback body style makes it easy to load bulky items
  • Lacks the handling precision of other 3 Series models
  • Less cargo capacity than most crossover SUVs
  • Nobody is going say to you: "What a beautiful BMW you have!"
  • Engine auto stop-start can be an annoyance

User Reviews:

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  • I'm loving this car - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I'm coming from a 328i Convertible which was fun but no so much in winter (live in NJ). It looked great but not too practical. Hard to get an adult in back seat and no trunk space. Was a drag driving on these terrible roads in and around NYC. The car was a VERY rough ride. So went for something completely different with Gran Turismo 335xi, loaded up and what a difference! Much smoother ride (missed the old steering though) and like slightly higher seat position. The back seat is like a mini stretch and adults fit VERY comfortably. Tech on it is great and it's FAST. Not sure why some think its so fugly. Most everyone who has seen it has LOVED the look. Not perfect but LOVING IT

  • 335 GT xdrive -- Love it. - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    If you could just have one car, this would be the one to have. It's terrifically fast, fun to drive, comfortable, incredibly spacious (we can fit two bikes, luggage and three people inside this car), gets reasonably good gas mileage (about 23mpg, mixed use) and looks great to my eye.

  • Best car I've ever bought. - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I've read professional reviews that say this car is extremely ugly and I have to disagree. It's exterior design looks both class and sporty at the same time. Back seat leg space was important as I have four college age children. This has as much room as the 7 series. I needed cargo space as I transport kids to/from their schools with all their dorm needs. There is plenty of room for all their stuff. In addition, I am disabled and love how easy it is to close the hatch and pull down the back seats for additional cargo space. I had a 2007 525i with an inline six-cylinder engine. I now have the four cylinder and it has more power than my 525i, making is amazingly fun to drive.

  • BMW with room and fun - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I wanted to replace a Saab 9-5 wagon. The 3 series wagon did not really have the room for me. The X1 and X3 didn't appeal to me. So I was going to get a sedan, and keep the wagon as a station car and junk hauler. My wife and I went to the dealer to buy the sedan and found the 238i GT. We never looked back. No, it is not quite as sharp as the sedan, but I have a convertible for that. It has tons of room, accelerates and handles well, especially in sport of sport plus modes. Bring it down to comfort or eco-pro when just humming along the highway. You can still drop a couple of gears quickly with the paddle shifters. No second thoughts

  • Hits and some misses - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I live intown in a big city with 2 little kids. Was looking for a small sedan after I dumped the 2008 X5, since the wife just got a Subaru Outback. Was leaning towards getting a 3 Series when I came across the GT. Little known fact: The GT was a best seller chassis for the upscale china market for people who wanted to be chauffeured around. This need gives the GT 3-4 inches longer wheelbase than the standard sedan. Hence, the backseat is the size of a 5 series. Absolutely huge. Great for a family. Only issues I have had: 1-Sunroof broke after 3 weeks. Software fix. 2-Backup sensor broke-Replaced 3-Steering wheel off center Other than those (I leased so I don't care!)

  • Totally love this car! - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I was looking to go from my 2007 X3 (which I loved) to something with a bit more refinement. I also don't want a car that is very common. The 3-series is very common place in SoCal but the are very few GT's (of any type). I just purchased a 2014 dealer loaner (loaded) for a sweet price and that's why I gave this review a 5 for value. I've had the car for less than a week and have had numerous folks commenting on the beauty of this ride. Shout out to 'Penske' BMW of Ontario, CA!! Amazing team.

  • Sports car for families - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    It may be difficult to think of a better *sports* car that can carry four people in comfort. This is as much a sports car as typical driving situations allows nowadays. In my view, to enjoy any more sportiness you need to go to the tracks, so it is a moot point for me to demand additional driving dynamics when I can't use them 95% of the time. The 335i GT is perfect blend of power, handling, and comfort. It looks great from most angles except may be a couple of side ones. The iDrive system is flawless. The only thing that could improve it in my view would be gesture recognition, which BMW is already working on. The sport mode is awesome and makes me forget that it is a GT and not a 3sedan.

  • Meets a Lot of Needs - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I had a demanding set of criteria for this car. I'm mid-50's, single, no kids at home. I enjoyed having multiple cars for my different moods and purposes - a 740iL for traveling, a Subaru Forester for bad weather and hauling, and two C6 Corvettes for pure, unadulterated fun. I also wanted to get better fuel economy than my old vehicles (harder than you might think as my V-8 vehicles all got 26 - 30 MPG Hwy, Subaru rarely >20). I wanted to get as much of these into one car as possible. Mission accomplished in the 335i Xdrive Gran Tourissimo.

  • Great Functional Car - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    It is a functional Car, replaced a X3 with this vehicle, this is by no means or close to a 3 series drive, 3 series owner will be disappointed with this car, in my opinion BMW should have not named it in 3 series, we got this cars for leg room in back and good storage in trunk and to keep the car feel of drive, it is better than SUV with low CG, hence low chance of roll over as compared to SUV, this is our 6 or 7th BMW so most of the cabin amenities or lack of it we are familiar with, the car does not drive like 3 series at all, it is softer ride even with M sports package. i rate it higher for its practicality for my family.

  • Ideal and Realistic Bimmer - 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
    By -

    I went from a Honda Ridgeline RTL to an Acura MDX SH-AWD with tech package to this, the quintessential family car. The 335i xdrive GT drives like a sports car, carries passengers like a family car and can be loaded up for 80% of the transportation tasks that most "city folk (including surbubia)" need. It's amazing!

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