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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Audi S4 gets electric-assist power steering and minor interior updates, but otherwise carries over unchanged.

  • Attractive interior
  • Sharp handling
  • Superb supercharged V6
  • Standard all-wheel drive.
  • Good fuel economy
  • Unintuitive standard control layout.

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  • My S4 Experience - 2013 Audi S4
    By -

    If you want a cushy car, this isn't it. This car is designed for performance and the experience of driving. You will find quieter and cushier cars in this category, but the S4 gives you a "feel of the road" that you won't find in other cars at this level.

  • S4 brings back the fun of driving - 2013 Audi S4
    By -

    The S4 is a great combination of a sedan and a sporty fun to drive sports car. It responds well to normal day to day driving and handles anything the road throws at you. When given the chance to drive it in sport mode this car wants to take off and runs the curses like its on rails. A lot of fun to drive and yet very reasonable for a daily drive car. Audi has a winner with the S4!

  • Steering issues - 2013 Audi S4
    By -

    overall the S4 is a very nice car. Plenty of power and good overall handling. MPG is good as well averaging 25 combined in 7500 miles. Tires that come on the car are summer tires, not sure why they deliver a car in NJ in December with summer tires, do not try to get through the winter with them, you will need to put all season tires on. Navigation is not up to par with other vehicles i have owned and slow to load data and respond, also no touch screen. Biggest issue i have is with the electric steering, the on center feel is terrible, worst part about it is Audi acknowledges there is a problem but has no solution. Dealer says Audi is working on it. Car is 6 months old and still no solution

  • MY 2013 w/110,xxx Mile Review - 2013 Audi S4
    By -

    This is my 1st Audi and unfortunately my last, not because my experience with my s4 was poor but because Audi s4's will no longer be offered with a manual transmission. I am very impressed with my s4, thus far 1 unscheduled visit to the dealer to repair a leaking water pump (covered under warranty @46k miles). I now have over 110k miles. I went with a "Stage 1" software upgrade from Revo when the car hit 50k miles....best bang for the buck upgrade I've ever done. 333hp in stock form to 410hp and torque from 325 ft/lbs to 390 ft/lbs, not only did I get a lot more torque (which is noticeable when overtaking) but my mpg improved as well! No other issues to report. I am due to replace my OE clutch. The ride is stiffer than in the past, I think the shocks are on their way out. The interior has worn well, no tears on the seats and minimal stretch marks on the leather seats. The navigation is a tad on the slow side (as others have mentioned). The car is heavy though and I can definitely feel the heft when I track it. Because of it's heft, the brakes get worked thoroughly....on the street, you won't notice any brake fade (just on the track). Tire wear is even, perhaps due to the AWD system, you really don't need performance tires. The s4 has impressive lateral grip. Fuel economy has dramatically improved from 23.1mpg when new to now I'm consistently getting almost 27mpg (mostly highway driving). In the 110k history with my s4, I'm on my 4th set of tires (OE Continentals & 3 sets of Pilot Sports), on my 3rd pair of brakes (front), 2nd pair brakes (rear), and 1 headlight bulb replaced (right). Everything else, just fluid changes. Hope this helps any future owners......

  • Vrooom Vrooom - 2013 Audi S4
    By -

    Love this car!

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