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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Audi Q7 receives three new options packages (Offroad Style Plus, Sport Style Plus, Luxury) and a few minor trim changes, including the deletion of the optional rear seat entertainment system.

  • Premium, high-tech interior
  • Sophisticated driving character
  • Strong and fuel-efficient TDI diesel engine.
  • Subpar cargo capacity
  • Cramped third-row seat
  • Lackluster fuel economy and mediocre performance with gasoline engines.

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  • Q7 2015 the worst - 2015 Audi Q7
    By -

    the worst experience i v ever had .... i leased a brand new Q7 2015 back in october 2015 and i have taken the car back to them 8 times!!!! barke problems , from the first day i picked up the car ....windows making noise , wheel bearing problems, wheel alignment and tires off balance, smart key door opener not functioning , squeaking when u apply the brakes, driver side and passenger side molding coming off, tires making very loud noise .... i have all my documents with 8 visits i had and finally the last visit they have hit my car in the service department and i have to t\leave the car 1 week to get fix( bumper and rear bumper light was broken!!!! The service manager is a nice guy but he came up to me saying .. Dear Mr Zahra this is all normal and it could happen to any car u buy !!!!what!!! a brand new Q 7 2015 for the value of $60000.00 and i have to expect this to be normal?!! im sorry this is not normal at all my dear friend. im very disappointed and very shocked

  • '15 S line Prestige does not come with USB ports - 2015 Audi Q7
    By -

    I'm fairly peeved that I bought a car in 2015 that doesn't have USB ports. Didn't even look because every car I've been in since my '12 Q7 has had them, including every cheap rental. My '14 Audi S7 has them, as did my '14 Silverado. I assumed that there would have been some kind of progression of in the equipment on these cars since 2012. But seemingly, I bought the exact same car again with a slightly different options list. :-) Seems like an easy thing to work around, but they did not even provide a charger socket in the armrest, just on top of the console, near the shifter. So if you want to charge your phone you can cram it over in the glovebox or have your charger and wiring and phone sitting on top of the console like it was 1996 all over again. It was bad design in 2007 and it's comical in 2015. I'll have to go to a stereo shop to get wiring run into the armrest. Just like it was 1996. :-) Enough whining about that oversight. It's still the capable SUV it was in 2012. Because of the VW TDI scandal, I was unable to purchase the TDI. Which I thought was a phenomenal powertrain. So once I've driven it a while, I will review the new 3.0T more thoroughly. I was expecting it to be sadly underpowered by comparison, but so far I've been pleased with it. Sadly the back up camera setup has not changed, and compared to my other '14 model cars it seems really tiny and poorly laid out. As I said before, it really seems to be the same car as before but more options have become standard. Or at least more available? Big ones that I didn't get in my '12 are keyless entry and start, and XM traffic info on the nav display. Also, with the S line or prestige package, I got ventilated seats up front and heated seats in the back. The ventilated seats seem to work better than those in my '07 A8. They also offer a black optics package which blacks out almost everything.

  • 2015 Audi Q7 - A pure driving pleasure - 2015 Audi Q7
    By -

    Pros: Real pleasure to drive, very quiet vehicle, roomy and spacious, luxury finish and classy interior. Very pleased with the overall performance, styling and technology features. Cons: Some items are smaller than competition - MMI screen, glove compartment, sun glass holder. Navigation is a little more complicated than the rest. Front camera not part of the parking assist package.

  • wife loves it..so that settles it - 2015 Audi Q7
    By -

    Looked hi and low for a Q7 TDI Premium Plus. Found one and couldn't be happier. Had to take it in for a minor adjustment on the aft sunroof that rattled. Local dealer was very supportive. Yes it might be pricey, but your getting alot for the money. The quality of build, fit and finish is top notch.

  • Ok car, but Ok at $50k doesn't make the cut - 2015 Audi Q7
    By -

    Where to begin with this car? The biggest problem is that the controls, for the most part, just make no sense. Let's take safety - all other modern vehicles with front sensors alert you when parking. With this car, you have to enable the feature (or go into reverse first) before the system becomes active. That's not just non-intuitive, but just downright dumb. As for the side assist, make a turn when a car is next to you and nothing will register. The side assist is only blind spot assist, and there are strict parameters where this function only works. This is junk - the truth in engineering is that you help the driver and take the risk out of driving by adding modern technology, not that you take technology and make it not work the way it should. Other controls are not intuitive either - from AC to the pain of having to use the wheel to enter an address for navigation. Interior looks nice, but functionality and design are fighting each other. Lexus and Infinity vehicles have much better fit and finish to them and are intuitive and easy to use.

  • great car - 2015 Audi Q7
    By -

    great suv but had some issue 1 time gas tank lid did not open even with emergency opener did not open glad I have enough gas to drive to dealership road side assistant don't send anyone to fix this minor issue

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