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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Audi Q7 receives a slight power increase for diesel-powered models and a minor shuffling of features.

  • Autobahn-bred high-speed stability
  • Well-crafted interior
  • Available diesel engine.
  • No DVD entertainment system available.
  • Cramped third-row seat
  • Hefty vehicle weight
  • Limited maximum cargo capacity

User Reviews:

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  • Very pleased with my Q7 TDI - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    Wanted to wait until after my first required service for a true evaluation of the Q7. Bought my Q7 TDI after driving/considering the X5D, ML350 Bluetec, Toureg TDI. Only the TDI provided me with the space I needed in cargo area and fairly useable 3rd row, even if only occasionally. I have my own soccer training business and none of the others would fit my gear without much struggle. Close 2nd were the ML, which rode wonderfully, and the X5D which felt very much like a BMW. The Audi is a great combo of all the things I needed. Very powerful, quiet, and tremendous gas mileage! Came from an '07 MDX where I struggled to get 330 miles from full tank, I now get that on a half tank!

  • Best SUV you can buy - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    The 2013 Audi Q7 is a great SUV. It has great power, handling, and safety you can ever ask for. It has plenty of room for hauling the family around including the dog (75 lbs) to and front soccer, grocery store, and family road trips. So far i have al but positive experiences with the Q7.

  • Q7: Power and Luxury is possisble! - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    The Q7 TDI with the 8 speed automatic is a pleasure to drive. This is not your typical diesel found in US cars. The TDI is very quiet but really strong, the torque provides a very smooth acceleration and the 8 speed transmission shifts flawlessly. On a recent highway trip to Atlanta, Ga we locked the cruise in at 78 and were getting 26.6 MPG with 3 adults. The Audi MMI ( multi media interface that controls the nav, music and voice recognition works great. I really like the Goggle Earth Navigation. The MMI allows for up to 8 devices to be connected through WiFi. The seats are comfortable and 2 position seat memory works well for the needs of 2 different sized drivers.

  • My Squeaky Brakes??? - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    Since the day the car left the lot, the brakes have squeaked, made noise, annoyed me.. I took it back to the dealer and there response was “What Noise”.... I am two brake jobs and new rotors into the car and still they squeak?? I was told get up to 30-40 Mph and slam on the breaks to get the dust off of them. Huh Really.. Didn’t work. As I talk to more and more Q7 owners they all have the same bad story. For the cost of this car, they should be able to engineer brakes the don’t squeak.

  • Perfect Q7? - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    If performance is critical, you really need to verify you are getting the 333hp engine. Very confusing and I missed it. I think that you are limited to the Prestige package.?

  • 24,000 Trouble Free miles - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    Highway mileage great, city not so great. Third row access is tight. Solid feel.

  • best Euro SUV on market - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    Bought Q7 TDI 3.0 used in 2014 with 25k miles. Exterior styling is very Euro-slique. LED headlight design is very eye-catching and bright. Crisp ride with almost no vibration or wind noise but a little harsh. I traded out tires for Pirelli scorpions and dropped recommended psi and that has helped. Still rides less cushy than Tahoe or Yukon and especially our Escalade which we traded. The interior is scandanavian like minimalist with easy buttons but lacks a factory DVD player option and any rear factory monitors for entertainment and rear seat climate control that is worth a darn. That's a fail for Volkswagen/audi in my opinion since the Tahoe, Suburban and Escalade have a movie theatre quality rear entertainment system and rear heated and colled seats now. What you get with Audi is impeccable materials. Fit and finish is exceptional. Eveything in cabin is tied down, no rattles like US SUVs. Also, they use REAL leather in seats, not "pleather" like US brands. That means the seats actually last and wear over time and dont crack and lose tanning like our Cadillac did. Rear luggage space with 6 people is inadequate. Third row seats only big enough for 7 year old. Cant get two pieces of luggage behind 3rd row seats. Had to buy $800 roof rack. All that said here are the pros...acceleration with turbo diesel is nasty! Once it revs up it just goes like a stabbed rat. 0-60 in close to 5.5! At 75-80 highway it sips fuel. We have seen actual Mpg of 36 and close to 550 miles between fill ups. This engine is superior to any US diesel even in the Fords! I know they may have "fudged" on emission reports but I have to say (california tree huggers) worth it!! We have 100k on vehicle now and maintenance has been a problem. It has developed bladder control issues like all my prior Germans and leaks oil all over garage. Dealership said they could replace gasket between engine and trans to fix for a meer $7k. I'll get a drip pan...tnx. It also chews up tires like a 5th grader goes through tennis shoes. The Quattro does not allow a slip like other US AWDs and it takes 2mm of tread off every tight turn. It also consumes brakes like a teenage boy goes through food. Two complete sets of brakes (dealer will not turn rotors?!) in 3 years at $2200 a pop!!! No bueno...volkswagen needs to abandon Bosch and talk to Raybestos or Brembo. Overall amazing engine and impeccable attention to detail with interior finish, but add 10% to sticker price for post warranty and all maintenance. Its a pricey ride. Update on Q7: the car has now crossed 120k miles. We have had more engine problems and it has been back to dealer twice. We are considering buy-back with VW/Bosch class action for the emissions fraud. We love the gas mileage with the 3.0T diesel and the interior and exterior are holding up very well with little signs of wear. But the vehicle maintenance and reliability is starting to become a problem. Unfortunately, it seems to be following the tradition of my other German autos after 100k where they start to break frequently and the out of warranty repair bills become astronomical. Seeing at least $1100 per visit or more with $120/hour labor charges. We have friends with identical vehicle and they are at the same conclusion. Disappointed with overall experience of ownership with this vehicle, hoped it would hold up better than BMWs. VW needs to work with dealers to drop labor charges and high ownership maintenance costs and build them with more reliable parts.

  • Q7 Love! - 2013 Audi Q7
    By -

    I'm in my third q7 and I cannot get enough. Frankly, the vehicle has no flaws...and trust me, I look for them!

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