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This Year's Model Updates:

Every Q5 now comes standard with xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED taillights and a power liftgate. Minor options changes include the debut of an "Audi exclusive line" package and the availability of the upgraded, console-controlled MMI system with navigation across the lineup.

  • Top-notch interior craftsmanship
  • TDI and hybrid's impressive fuel economy
  • 3.0T's strong supercharged V6
  • Superb brake performance
  • Sporty handling.
  • Slightly artificial steering feel.
  • Compromised control layout without navigation
  • Relatively stiff ride

User Reviews:

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  • I wish I had stuck with the Acura - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    The car seems to ride OK except for the steering wheel which seems very loose. I find it particularly difficult to control in high winds or at high-speeds. The acceleration is fantastic as is the breaking. The ride is sort of smooth but the tires don't seem to provide much in the way of comfort than you would expect. For the price point of this car, the stereo system is abysmal. It is like listening to music in a tin can. My mistake was not checking that out before hand. Assumed it this day and age and at this price point that he would be as good as the Acura's. When I took it in to find out if there is anything I was so much is told that it can't compare. So I took it to an expert who told me it would cost me no less than 1500 to make it sound halfway decent. The whole navigation system seems OK just a bit complicated. Making phone calls is equally complicated. I'm going to wait until I get a few thousand more miles on it and then I'm going to trade it in. I would not recommend this car particularly for this price.

  • Cheap interior parts, avoid vaccum - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    I've been a Ford owner for over 30 years from sedans to pickups very satisfied. First Audi Q5 bought with 30,000 miles on it now has 80,000 a year later to give you an idea of the miles I Drive. Overall was satisfied until had an issue with a vacuum ripping off a part on my console. Audi will not sell me that individual part for $20 they bundle it with the entire consol for $300 dealer said it was my problem to go online and see if I could find the individual part itself. I then called the national Audi customet service and did not get any better service there. very disappointing. I won't own another Audi. Im going back to Ford or Lincoln. Someone should buy the senior management team at Audi copies of the book raving fans their customer service is horrible

  • Q5 TDI Perfect family crossover - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    So far with 7500 miles the Q5 has been great. Plenty of power, great gas mileage, very comfortable around town and on the highway. Good value for cost of ownership. Hope to keep it in our family for a long time.

  • Audacious Audi - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    The vehicle at this point (4K miles) exceeds my expectations ! The drive is excellent and the interior technology is well crafted and fun. My take on the car is that I've purchased an SUV, with all the advantages of cargo space, passenger room etc.,that performs like a sports car. The panoramic roof is fantastic, I love that feature. But most of all I like the power and stability of the ride on the open road. In fact my favorite moments are merely cruising along the highway and just reveling at the quiet, yet powerful nature of its ride.

  • Love this car! - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    Not too big and not too small, perfect size SUV for me. Handling is great, nav tech can be improved (needs to be more intuitive but I have adapted), overall great ride. Bang and Oluf upgrade has awesome surround sound preferences. Its been 6 months, 2 long road trips with mountain driving, no flat tires or any other issues. I was worried about compact trunk space but my medium dog fits fine along with my groceries/travel baggage.

  • A driver's SUV - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    If you want an objective review, read Edmunds own. Compair to Accura RDX, Volvo XC60, BMW X3 and MB GLK350. Own a 2014 Q5 with 24000 miles, two trips from Florida to Boston and zero problems to date. AC is great, MMI is difficult but once mastered it becomes somewhat intuitive. Needs to be simplified. Bad position of the Cruise Control stalk. Confusing, gets mixed up with Turn Signal at times. Need to move controls on the steering wheel. ( Are you listening Audi? ) Would I buy again? In a heart beat.

  • Ride is great, MMI is TERRIBLE!!! - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    I'm coming up on a year with the Q5. I love the ride, it sits well, and handles well in the snow. Unfortunately, the MMI system that controls the navigation and entertainment is TERRIBLE!!!!! It is not intuitive, it is both on the steering wheel (IF you can figure out which dial to roll) and has a small joystick on the console. It is way too confusing, too distracting, there is no touch screen and overtime I try to use it I get frustrated. The book doesn't help at all because a lot of things aren't in there or aren't explained clearly. The system is so bad that it colors my entire feelings about the car.

  • NOT COOL IN THE DESERT!! - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    The sunroof is so hot. The shade doesn't stop the heat from your head and the AC does not cool the cab to comfort. Bad AC!! Shame on you Audi. I expected better for what we paid.

  • Brakes Screech known issue with no resolution - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    The brakes have been screeching since 5,000 miles. Called Audi Care and representative said it is a known issue with no remedy. I will never buy or lease another Audi. Horrible product and response from Audi. I cannot wait for my lease to ends. Do not purchase or lease this vehicle.

  • So far, so good for the most part - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    Have had a 2015 Q5 3.0T for five months and 2K miles now. It's the S-line with MMI and the B&O stereo. I love the looks, the comfortable seats, the panoramic roof and the smooth and torquey engine. Quattro and the 8 speed transmission make for a nice, fairly refined drivetrain. Zero issues to date but it's early. As for negatives the B&O isn't much of a premium stereo and sorely lacks both overall volume and bass. The MMI is overly complicated and just OK. The back seat could be a bit roomier but is not terrible by any means. The cargo area doesn't seem as roomy as I would have hoped. Curb weight at around 4400 lbs is excessive. The engine runs out of power a bit at higher rpms

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