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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Audi Q5 returns essentially unchanged from last year.

  • Roomy backseat
  • Class-leading fuel economy
  • Top-notch interior craftsmanship
  • Top crash scores
  • Sporty handling.
  • Below-average cargo capacity
  • Unintuitive control layout without navigation
  • Artificial steering feel.

User Reviews:

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  • Car of my dreams turns out to be a dud! - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    I've wanted this car for 4 years. I finally purchased one after test driving all other vehicles in its class just to be sure. Only 35k miles when I purchased and was a lease return (keep in mind I made sure they put new rotors and break pads on the vehicle when I purchased it). I have owned this car less than one year and put 20k miles on it. I had completed the 45k mile service no problem. Just took it in for the 55k service and was told it needed new brake pads and rotors along with brake fluid flush, oil pressure valve replacement and of course that's on top of the $399 price tag for the 'normal' maintenance at 55k miles. All of that totalling $2,300!! And I haven't even owned the vehicle for a year. I knew that audi's were expensive to fix but did not realize the poor quality of the factory parts such as brake pads and rotors. I'm not a crazy driver and take pride in driving my car gently only occasionally speeding and braking when needed. On a side note the blue tooth is horrible and the navigation is useless. After this experience I have lost faith in Audi. I definitely will not be purchasing one again. I do not feel that this car is worth the price tag...disappointing altogether.

  • It Makes Me Smile - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    I have shopped for an SUV for three years, awaiting the Jeep Cherokee, then opting for the AWD Nissan Rogue. When I couldn't get the color and version I wanted on time, I found a 2012 Q5 very lightly used for the same price as these new cars...only12k miles. Today I took it on the infamous run to costco and found myself smiling...when the back gate opens automatically, when I stashed the wine bottles in the compartment under the rug, when I got in and turned on the Bang & Olufsen upgraded sound, and when the turbo kicked in and I shot past another car uphill. The build quality is excellent and this 3 yr old feels tight and solid. After my last Nissan Murano, it feels like a sports car

  • 2.0 L is plenty fast - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    Very satisfied with our 2012 Q5. I would recommend the smaller engine to anyone. Very quick and plenty fast. Great gas mileage. The 8-speed must help that. My only grip about the engine is sound at idle when you are outside. It is only a sputter that comes out of the exhaust.

  • Nice Car - Horrible service - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    Audi service is horrible. I bought new a Q7 TDI and a Q5 for my wife. First the Audi dealer overfills the oil in the Q7 causing all kinds of problems and would not fix them because the car was just out of warranty. Then my coolant in the Q5 starts leaking all over the garage and they say it won’t be fixed under warranty because the leak could be caused from an “outside influence”. I called Audi America who says “sorry” nothing we can do…. I am going to relay my terrible experience on every blog I can find. Such a shame as I really loved the Q7 and thought I could get more than 70k miles out of it. FYI- Criswell in Annapolis was the dealer.

  • Lovely vehicle but far too many issues for the price - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    We've owned a Premium Plus (3.2) Q5 for around four months and have driven it extensively in city and on highway. It's a fine vehicle, very comfortable, and has plenty of power. However, there are many small issues with the car that really boggle the mind at the $50k-ish price. 1. The multimedia system is, frankly, awful. It's design that feels a decade old, the control dial scrolls things the opposite way from other consumer devices (eg iPod), and the menu system is convoluted. 2. The GPS is completely useless. The maps provided with the car are at least 4-5 years old and the routing is poor. 3. The gas cap cover has broken already, 4 months in. Flimsy construction.

  • audi the best - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    Audi Q5 2012 my first and last suv. great to drive quiet, fun great handling, suspension, steering and trans, can be adjusted to your taste, all in all its the best

  • Rear hazards of the car - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    Overall, great car. However, I would alert families to that the 2 tailpipes are nice looking but extend too far out from the car. I have a crescent shaped burn on my shin when I let the dog out of the back. Three small boys eating a snack off the back nearly missed being burned by these pipes. Since these events, I've noticed that most car makers do a better job of hiding the tail pipe under the bumper. Also, rear door does not stop quickly enough and for small objects in it's line of descent to a closed position. My son who is only 9 had it push down on him. If you can't get bags, body parts or dog paws out of the way in time, it could dangerous.

  • 2012 Q5 @ 20k Miles - Great SUV - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    We just passed 20k miles on a 2012 2.0T Premium Plus and just passed the 1 year anniversary of buying this vehicle. Overall this has been a great crossover SUV. Made it through the Chicago Winter and I found myself driving it more than my 2010 4Runner with 4WD. The AWD is great in the snow and on icy roads. The front seats offer a lot of room, and at 6'3" AND 250 lbs.....I fit in this car just fine. Plenty of head room. More head room than most full size SUVs. The back section doesn't offer as much storage space as a full size SUV, but the back seats to fold (almost) flat to make a pretty good sized cargo space. If you need to haul a lot on a long trip, the integrated roof rails

  • Q5 2.0 Premium After 12,000 miles - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    Amazingly fun to drive. Averaging over 25 mpg in mixed driving with a high of 29 and a low of 23. Transmission is quiet and smooth (unless I drive really hard, you don't even notice the shifts). Virtually no oil loss over my last oil change (7000 plus miles). Get the Audi Care Package as Service Costs are high.

  • Q5 Audi review - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    The Audi Q5 is a wonderful addition to the Audi line up. This vehicle is traditional Audi with all the bells and whistles that makes an Audi and Audi. Great pick up and tight steering. It drives just as a German car should drive. The 8 speed automatic transmission is very smooth. The keyless entry and push button actions are what one would expect from a luxury vehicle. It is fun to drive. Mine came with the technology package which is a bit disappointing.

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