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  • My Wife Calls it "The Spaceship", I call it Heaven - 2016 Audi A7
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    I recently leased a white over black A7 Prestige with the Driver Assist, B&O, 19" Sport, and Comfort Seating packages along with a few other options. I also had the windows tinted, which in Florida is a big help. The car looks fantastic without being overly showy - I wanted something that didn't advertise it's price too loudly. The car is very fast but in a very subtle way... I find myself doing 100 feeling like I would doing 60 in a lesser car. Exceptionally quiet and smooth riding. A far as comfort, the heated/cooled seats work very quickly and the massage function on the Comfort Seating Package is ridiculously great. I find myself using it almost 100% of the time. The seats themselves offer as many adjustments as I could imagine and are very comfortable and supportive when cornering quickly. The B&O stereo is outstanding, although I miss a graphic equalizer. The AC is somehow 10x better than my last BMW, both faster and stronger. Where I was running the old AC at 63-65 degrees, I'm at 69-72 with this car. The 4G hotspot works well and saves my cell phone's data plan. The only negatives I can think of are that Apple CarPlay still doesn't support apps I consider necessary like Waze and the SiriusXM app. Also driving with all the tech options activated it can be a bit overwhelming (hence my wife's nickname). If you want to just drive the car I suggest the following: Put down the LCD screen using the button on the dash, it will pop up only when needed (this also looks cool). Turn off all the driver assist functions and the HUD and you're basically driving a really fast, super quiet car that happens to be massaging you while making love to your eardrums. I find myself driving for hours sometimes at night just to enjoy the car. Highly recommended.

  • Awesome Audi A7 - 2016 Audi A7
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  • My Third Childhood... - 2016 Audi A7
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    I traded a 2013 Lexus ES350 for the A7. The Lexus was the best car I've ever owned, comfort-wise, overall performance, etc.. But the ES is a smooth sedan, without much punch. The Audi, in comparison, is that redhead in high school you wished you'd asked to the prom, just to see what might happen after the prom! It is fun, and that sums it up. It's over priced; for the money one can choose from an array of fine rides, BMW, Mercedes, maybe a Jag, any of which could get your blood flowing. But this a vehicle you won't see too many of on the street. It truly stands out with great styling. I've had no less than four strangers tell me what a fine looking auto the A7 is. Audi is famous for beautiful interiors and this car has one. The interfaces, voice or touch, are superior to the Lexus, in my opinion, very nice for a non-techie such as myself. The media interface alone is marvelous. At first I wasn't sure about the feature where the engine shuts off at red lights (on or off, your choice), but have come to appreciate the option, especially since premium fuel is strongly recommended, the main negative thus far. The restart is nearly seamless and I expect we'll see this in many more cars in the future. Overall, this is the most fun, best driving vehicle I have ever owned.

  • Happy in Virginia - 2016 Audi A7
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    I owned a 2011 Porsche Panamera that burned up in interstate 95 on the way to vacation. Prior to the fire I was looking at the Audi line of cars. After quite a bit of research I decided on a Audi A7 due to its versatility and great interior. I didn't go back to Porsche because of their lack of concern when my car caught fire!! I was planning on buying off of the local dealer but they told me it would take 90-120 days to order the A7 configured the way I wanted it. I got on the net and connected with Lauren Whitcraft at Rick Case Audi in the Atlanta area. She located a dealer who had a car that was being built in Germany and traded one of their vehicles. In a little over three weeks she notified my car was ready to go. I must add that we did the deal over the phone in thirty minutes from the time I called initially. I flew to Atlanta on a morning flight and she picked me up at the airport. After I hit the road I drive from Atlanta to Richmond in a constant rain. My new Audi A7 impressed me the entire trip averaging 37.5 mph. I have owned a ton of cars and this one is a keeper. On a recent trip I averaged 42.6 mph(diesel). My wife keeps telling how much she like the A7 and just smile and go "yes I do. I really with I could complain about something but I can't. I am looking forward to taking a long trip some day soon. In closing I can tell you this puppy is pretty darn fast too. It midrange acceleration does not seem to bog down until I loose my nerve....Did I say I love my A7? I can't wait until the 2016 Q7 comes out so we can fly to Atlanta and replace my wife's vehicle.

  • Slick, Hot, Functionally Awesome - 2016 Audi A7
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    love the car and edmonds blog tremendously helpful in negotiating the lease.

  • I never want to be without one! - 2016 Audi A7
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    This is my second A7, and the improvements in performance, reliability, style, and technology are significant. I chose this car above all German and Japanese equivalents, and it was no contest. Ease off the line and it rolls sedately forward. Crush the pedal and it pins you back in the seat, the engine giving a subtle growl that quickly becomes a roar. 70mph comes fast, as the steering, handling, and balance tighten. It is the best performing sedan I've ever driven. Hit the gas out of the apex and it hunkers down and rockets out of the turn. The curve speed sign says 40mph? Try 70 and you will be fine. The interior is sumptuous, ergonomic, and classy without being fussy. The electronic systems are user-friendly but have layers and layers of functionality once you start exploring. In the snow, this car outperforms the most eager SUV. Speaking of SUVs, when you open the lift gate you have a storage cave that serves almost any cargo need. Every possible situation was contemplated with this car. This A7 feels like an extension of me--more so the longer I own it. And as with my 2012, the 2016 turns heads and solicits conversation wherever I go. I have the Mythos black with Nougat interior, and it couldn't be more compelling. The car exudes understated success and standing, and imbues the same upon its driver. My only fear is that one day Audi will stop making the A7. It's that good.

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