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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2016, the Audi A6 gets slightly refreshed styling in the front and rear as well as more powerful engine choices. Although they were already respectable performers, the four- and six-cylinder gasoline engines boast considerable increases in output, while the TDI (turbodiesel) V6 is unchanged. Audi has also updated the infotainment system with a faster processor, new 3D animated graphics and 4G LTE connectivity for the in-car WiFi functionality (previously 3G).

  • Finely finished interior with generous passenger space
  • Strong supercharged and diesel V6 engines
  • Impressive diesel fuel economy
  • Top crash-test scores
  • Sporty handling.
  • Firm ride
  • There's only one front-seat design and it might not fit all.
  • Numb steering

User Reviews:

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  • Traded In My '14 For A New '16 - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    For the first time in my life, did I decide to go Diesel. I had NO IDEA of the stats for cars equipped with Diesel Engines. i.e. I didn't know they have a higher value, higher (MUCH) higher gas mileage. I enjoyed my '14 A6 - THAT MUCH, that I just went and traded that in for a new '16. (Faster MMI/Console MUCH better resolution on the screen - that "techie" list goes on and on, though I have to admit, it's the "techie" stuff that sells me.)

  • Not bad, but still disappointed - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    Coming from 5-series BMW I see a few faults in this car: horrible gas mileage for a 2 liter engine! I'm getting about 12 mpg in traffic with rather conservative driving habits. Navigation system is OK, but certainly missing street routing and traffic display for local streets that I'm acostoumed to relay on for my daily commute. Engine vibration, while not a deal breaker, can be pretty annoying in stop and go traffic. Controls are less than intuitive (may be personal preference).

  • Still in the honeymoon phase - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    So far really enjoying the A6. It's the right size, looks terrific, a comfortable cruiser and the materials inside and out are top notch. It's really too early to comment about things like reliability, maintenance costs etc., but both my wife (the primary driver) and I feel good about the purchase. The A6 replaces a Q5 which was our first Audi and the ownership experience was stellar.

  • What a Car - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    This car handles like a sports car on the back roads. You would never know it is a mid sized car. I have a BMW Z and it is second fiddle to this car. Acceleration is quick and gas mileage is in low thirties driving 70 mph. What's not to like. Plenty of leg room in both front and back with a pretty good size trunk. The led headlamps are amazing. I have two other cars with HID, but no comparison. The car is just fun to drive and the driver assistance with lane tracking works great. It does tell you to put your hands on the steering wheel after about 15 seconds, but I just like checking it out. Before I purchased, I tried the E300 and the 535xi. The E300 was old fashioned, the acceleration was subpar and it did not feel as sharp in the handling. My wife was leaning towards the BMW 535XI until we drove the 3.0 A6. Then we drove them again and it was no contest. The BMW handling was nowhere as good as this A6. Loving it.

  • Audi Up - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    This is my second A6 and I will probably buy another. This is a great road car, very comfortable on long trips. The interior and electronics are top notch. Buy the audi care for the first four services. It will save you you a lot of money. Audi makes a great car that is fun to drive.

  • You pay way for way overpriced Honda Accord - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    I got this car all excited by the Audi name. First, the engine is very loud, even when you close the windows you can still hear the engine, comparing it to my wife's MB E350, huge difference. The ride is rough, even on the most comfortable setting, especially if you sit in the backseat. Everytime we go out as a family, the kids would run to my wife's car. I am really disappointed at the infotainement system. Search and scrolling through the setting is so antique, I wish they can learn from Tesla or Volve how to make the infotainment system user friendly: easy to use and attractive. I don't think I will be keeping the car beyond its waranty, God knows what else Audi was misleading the customers in their products.

  • Great to drive - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    This A6 is one of the smoothest rides I have had. Great acceleration and command of the road. A joy to drive.

  • A6 Quatam Leap.... - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    Great, simple, muscular and "light catching" design with an interior that will stunningly surround and sooth you. The precision and quality of the interior and its fit are truly reflective of exceptional thought and engineering. The car holds its grip on the road and curves; rides with extreme comfort, and acceleration when needed is precise and perky. You won't ever notice when the 8 speed tiptronic transmission is shifting. If you are into a lot of tech, you won't be displeased. And if you are an average person, you won't be overwhelmed. The infotainment system in the center console is very driver-oriented and one you get familiar with everything it does (and you probably won't get that far, it does so much!) you barely need to take your eye off the road to navigate the system. The driver display (between the gauges) is awesome and easily and efficiently keeps you, the driver, oriented as to a variety of systems in the car (including the radio, media, navigation, fuel consumption and so many other things), all easily accessed by the steering wheel buttons. Fuel efficiency is great, especially with a car with this much muscle. Although I am not a speed demon and am past the age of wanting to take the car next to me at the stoplight off the line every chance I get, I can attest to this amazing six-cylinder engine's ability to get you from zero to sixty in 5.2 seconds. It's an amazing car, amazingly and thoughtfully engineered in every detail. I know that the Japanese inspired and designed luxury brands are great, but they just don't seem to have that Germanic edge that the Audi brand possesses. I drove a lot of other cars before I got behind the wheel of a 2016 A6, and I was sold before I even pushed the start engine button. And if you are looking for real quality in this category, you will find the A6 3.0 Quattro to be a car of real comparative value to other cars in the $60k-$70k price range.

  • First Audi - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    I bought this Audi after extensive research and driving A4's as rentals. I had a poor impression of Audi in the past. When I drove the first one I was surprised how fast I found myself driving without even noticing, no noise, no fuss, just effortless acceleration. (previous car had 370 hp). Audi is a car you discover slowly. And the more you drive it, the more you enjoy it. I would start with complaints first: at this level, the car is missing some basic equipment found on much cheaper vehicles: rear cross traffic alert, Apple/Android Car Play. I think the windshield chips a bit too easy and so is the paint. The Bose sound system is good but not outstanding. My previous Genesis had a better sound(Lexicon). The electronics are somewhat fussy and distracting. But when it comes to driving pleasure and performance, this car is outstanding, it moves so fast with such ease, it's quiet, planted on the road like it is on rails. It has an intrinsic elegance and a remarkable presence. Update: almost a year later, I keep enjoying this car more and more. Long trips are a breeze. Passing other vehicles or merging on highway is super easy and fun. No malfunction. Bose sounds better after some adjustments. Audi added another year of free internet access. Comfort and quietness are excellent. Complaints: the screen that comes out of the dash is a gimmick, I worry the mechanism will brake in the future. Also the kill engine at stops is very annoying, this is what one of my first cars used to do, only it won't start when pressing the gas pedal. Brings back stressful memories :-).

  • Techno Car - 2016 Audi A6
    By -

    A great driving car. Handles well, great pick-up. For those of you who are technologically challenged, there is a lot to learn about many of the features of the car.

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