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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Audi A6 is fully redesigned. Highlights include updated styling, increased interior room, a lighter curb weight and new technological features. The A6 Avant wagon has been discontinued.

  • Fuel-efficient base four-cylinder engine.
  • Strong supercharged V6
  • Finely finished interior
  • Plenty of technology features
  • All-wheel drive not available with base engine
  • Unnatural steering feel
  • Sport package's ride may be too firm for some.

User Reviews:

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  • German "cruise" missile - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    I was fortunate enough to find a rare very loaded A6 just off lease. Previous owner had Audi Care so all the services were done-key to a used Audi. Car has Sport Package, night vision, HUD, Prestige, OEM 20" wheels, Havana black-incredibly cool color upon close inspection- nougat interior heated cooled, LED headlights and interior, adaptive cruise, Nav, becomes WIFI hotspot, on and on. Huge trunk, fold down rear seats-tons of cargo spaceDoes not have B&O sound, my traded S4 did. Have to say I find nothing to fault with the Bose surround to take nothing away from B&O both are great (Bose$6K+ additional cost on this car. MSRP was $67K. Bought for $34.5K with 49K miles. Car presents as near new. 8 speed auto is a pleasant upgrade from the 7 speed in S4. DSG was great but, this tranny shifts like silk and does not require costly DSG fluid replacement intervals. Plus you still get the paddles if you want to use them. Mileage is a solid 28-29 highway. 8th gear makes the difference. S4 struggled to get 23 on highway. Pick up is robust when needed but, super smooth and comfortable unless you get into the right pedal. Awesome car. This is my 4th Audi. I highly recommend the Prestige package, it costs more but is in my opinion clearly worth it. Great car.

  • Unreal - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    I have the Prestige package, Innovation package with night vision and the 20" sport package. I cannot believe how much power this car has. I mean really, this car fly's. I was clocking 94 mph like it was nothing on the highway. Of course I did not do it for long, but I am convinced I could have had this car at 130 mph very quickly. Off the line it is very sharp and sends you back in the seat. If you have it in sport mode it can get real stupid. Of course I have already had the idiot kid next to me in a lowered Honda Prelude with his fat muffler trying to impress his girlfriend which only led to him looking stupid in my rear view mirror.

  • far exceeds my expectations - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    I bought the prestige line 2012 as the '13s were coming into the showroom and got a great deal. This car exceeds my 2005 Acura RL in every way possible, although the costs on an inflation-adjusted basis were nearly identical. Most importantly: after 6000 miles, I do not have any rattles, squeaks or mechanical-electrical problems of any kind. Love this car!

  • German Gem with Head Turning Looks - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    I am very pleased with my decision on purchasing the Audi A6. It has great exterior design combined with great interior design and fit/finish. I love the many subtle design cues that I didn't notice when shopping around. I have enjoyed the Audi MMI and find it very easy to operate and get familiarized with while it also appears to seamlessly pair and operate with my iPhone for telephony and audio uses. At night, the cabin is nicely lighted with the "cockpit" lights and nice (adjustable) ambient lighting which I didn't even know it had prior to purchasing. I feel Audi has a strong product portfolio for 2012 that has exceptional design, technology and value among its luxury

  • Sleeper - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    This car has been owned for 6000 miles now. It has all of the features one could ask for, including an incredible sound system Bose 14 speaker system. The prestige model adds the S line exterior and really sets the front end apart from the other models. Gas consumption is a combined 25mpg. It can go from a comfort cruiser to a rocket with a few button pushs and a flick of the wrist to shift into sport mode. What is so incredible about this car is it seems like it is two cars in one when you make the adjustments from comfort to sport. Interior is top notch and so far squeak and rattles are non existent. The normal suspesion is pretty stiff on its own (which I like). Good control!

  • Beyond My Expectations - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    I've had my A6 Prestige 3.0 for about 3 months and clocked about 3,500 miles. This car is amazing. Well beyond my expectations. Exceptionally smooth and quiet ride. Effortless power. Quick and instant acceleration at any speed. The car feels solid and drives like it's on rails. The exterior design is sleek and powerful while still having a luxury image. The interior is equally as nice. Very comfortable seats. The wood grain inlays have a beautiful high-end look and feel. I love the lightning-like feel and acceleration from the supercharger. Cruising at 80 mph is effortless at a bit over 1800 rpms. All this with outstanding gas mileage. Two recent 400 mi trips averaged 34 mpg !

  • Loving my car, but... - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    WOW!!! That was my 1st impression of this car. The car looks nice on the outside and looks stunning on the inside. After testing driving the 2013 Cadillac XTS, I was real close to buying it but for some reason I kept looking at the 2012 A6 and I'm glad that I did. I'm coming out of a 2008 Infiniti M35 and driving the new A6 was night and day. The Audi has a great car on their hands. I'm loving it so far but the car is lacking some feature that my M35 had. You can not control the a/c by voice, no remote start, no remote power windows up or down option and to get a power steering wheel you have to get the prestige package. Tons of room in this car. Besides those minor things I LOVE THIS CAR.

  • Certainly different from prior A6's - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    I have only had this car about a week and its my 3rd A6 with Premium plus package. I replaced an 06 with a 2012 . While this A6 is quite nice, it does lack the luxury feel that accompanied my last 2006 A6 with the same package. Sound proofing seems a little less and the road noise is certainly more noticeable. I had 18" tires on my last A6 and barely heard them. Now its an issue. Things like keyless entry which came with Premium plus editions has new limitations. Its really just key less start as you have to use the fob to unlock and lock the doors. This was not the case in the 2006 version. Its still early in ownership so maybe I will forget how great the other A6's were

  • WOW!!! - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    Having owned an '07, '09 and '11 A6s, I fugured that that couldn't be be much change for 2012. Was I ever wrong! This car blows away any of its competition. I purchased the Prestice with Driver Assist and Cold Weather Package. I did not think the other options were warranted. This car is like a smaller version of the A8. I love the new 2012!

  • Love the A6... - 2012 Audi A6
    By -

    I just purchased my 2012 A6 Certified used. Drove all day from Southern California to Phoenix, AZ to get it. During the last 10 years I've gone through 7 different cars from BMW to Land Rover.... & by far this is the best car I've ever owned.... I traded my 2011 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI for the Audi. I drove the BMW 535 & Lexus... but when I drove the A6 I didn't want to drive anything else, it was almost like the car picked me.... I own a custom vehicle wrap shop & will be wrapping the A6 in a two tone matte black & matte dark grey. I had the headliner & pillars done in Black Suede...

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