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  • Definitely love it!!! - 2016 Acura RDX
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    Very comfortable ride, VERY roomy, safety features are excellent, technology pretty good, will definitely stay in the Acura family, they have yet to disappoint me!! Also would like to inform buyers that I had the best experience ever @ Acura in Gainesville☺

  • Bad car ruined by punishing suspension - 2016 Acura RDX
    By -

    Purchased the 2016 RDX advance which comes with nice tech features. Ride is comfortable on highway, punishing on bad pavement or potholes. Also what Acura claims are rain sensing wipers is false.they must be turned on and off manually each time it rains.as if left in Auto position, they continue to wipe even if dry.otherwise no complaints. Good car if you don't mind feeling every pebble on the road, but my last car was a Lexus so I may have been spoiled.

  • Most car for the money - 2016 Acura RDX
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    The RDX probably isn't the best vehicle in the small luxury SUV category in any particular attribute, but it does score near the top in most attributes, and it's that, combined with a price $10,000 or more lower than similarly equipped competition, that makes it a great buy as well as a very enjoyable vehicle. We've found it very comfortable on a long road trip and around town. We also feel that the understated styling will endure over time without looking odd or dated.

  • A great car, I love it !! - 2016 Acura RDX
    By -

  • Great overall value. Nice luxury features. - 2016 Acura RDX
    By -

    Owned the 2016 RDX for 2 months. Bought the FWD with technology package. The RDX has the best overall engine for small SUV. Same engine as the MDX, but much smaller car means better performance. Great HP for its class. Very good gas fuel economy and uses regular unleaded gas. Other SUV's that had similar HP were turbo charged engines that required premium gas (i.e. more expensive to operate). Transmission is 6 speed automatic that is very smooth and shift points are perfect. Ride quality is a little stiff, but that helps with handling. The car is very quite when windows are rolled up. Seats are very comfortable. Very nice dual displays (one of which is touch screen). Premium stereo with XM and HD FM. I like the HD FM sound quality. It has a 15GB hard disc so you can save CD's or transfer songs from USB stick. There are 2 key fobs that you can customize most of the car features for each. Seating position, radio settings, navigation settings, are just a few of the items. Car recognize which key is closer and those settings are active for that driver. Very nice. Only a few negatives: Lots of wind noise when back windows are down more than about 1 inch. The electronics take about 1 minute to boot up when you start the car. Does not sound like much, but much slower than my Lexus that is 8 years older. Navigation system works good, but a little funky to set. Sound quality is good compared to standard quality systems, but less than other premium systems.

  • Great Car - 2016 Acura RDX
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    Glad we decided on the RDX. Everything we had hoped for in our new SUV. Safety features of the Advance technology are exceptional.

  • Nice - 2016 Acura RDX
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    This is our 3rd RDX and I must say the 2011 was best the best handling and most fun to drive although kinda choppy. I liked that, wife didn't. We got the advanced package and the tech is way much and rather complicated for her. It's her car and she likes it. Got the advanced because of parking sensors front and back and nicer rims. Biggest complaint was the lack of color selection (did away with silver-now slate silver BLUE) ugh. Bought the white. Almost went to BMW because of that. Interior selection also limited, parchment only with white, no black. They still insist on a 16 gallon tank, way too small considering mileage has been about 21. Always stopping to feel up. Took a small 200 mile trip and still about 22.5. We've never had an issue with an Acura product and love our dealer. Have a 12 TSX and 14 TL SHAWD as well. Love them all. In retrospect tech would have been fine at 3000 less. And yes she would buy again. UPDATE Have now had this vehicle 7 months and still not sure of the tech stuff and not liking most of it. Hard to see buttons and writing on them. Find myself searching all the time. Dual screen is foolish, makes no sense and is distracting while driving and hard to see in sun. Stupid that you cant operate phone book while driving. I guess designers think it's safer to pick up a phone and start searching. My 12 TSX and 14 TL both tech so much more user friendly. Find myself looking for those keys when heading out. Wife can have this thing, doesn't bother her because she ignores tech anyway.

  • Loving it! - 2016 Acura RDX
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    Bought an RDX Advance model and so far I love it. The nav unit and center console took time to get use to but now a I float with ease. Awesome SUV!!

  • RDX offers the best overall value for money. - 2016 Acura RDX
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    This is my 2nd RDX. The first was approaching 10 years old original owner no problems aside from normal maintenance items. The 2016 RDX has come a long way - is extremely comfortable fun to drive and loaded with Technology and safety features. The adaptive cruise and lane keeping assist work very well. If you're in the market for a reliable new car with state of the art technology this is one you should take a good look at. While i'm not big on extended warranties, especially not having any issues with my first RDX, they did sell me on a transferable 4 year extended "bumper-to-bumper" warranty (9 years total). If nothing else it adds re-sell value. My only con is interior/exterior color selection. You're pretty much stuck with what they offer but not a deal breaker. Overall very happy.

  • The RDX offers the best overall value for money. - 2016 Acura RDX
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    It may not be the best vehicle in each and every category in its class, but when you weigh the pros and cons of the competition, it comes out on top. The factors that I look at in an SUV, are ride, performance, styling, interior room, resale and reliability. Sure, if money wasn't a factor, I would have chosen an Audi 6 cylinder Q5, or a BMW twin turbo X3. I just don't see $10,000 to $12,000 worth of difference. Keep in mind most of the competition comes standard with 4 cylinder engines. The RDX has surpassed my expectations in my early ownership, and I suffer no buyers remorse. My only issue is that I had to pay $468 to the service department for a "spare tire kit", as it comes with only an inflator and sealant pump. Other then that, all is well with my RDX.

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