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This Year's Model Updates:

The Acura RDX is unchanged for 2015.

  • Strong yet fuel-efficient V6
  • Lengthy standard features list
  • Generous rear legroom
  • Competitive price.
  • Some rivals are sportier
  • Short on the latest active safety features.

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  • Significantly Less Value Than Expected - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    First off the technology package is a waste of money and a sad trick Acura has played on buyers. The NAV system is near worthless when programming at a standstill, it is completely worthless once you are moving down the road and the "Technology Package" takes you into voice mode. The voice mode makes you spell out destinations one letter at a time and then, for each letter, goes through a long (10 second) dialog on how to choose the next letter (?). This is really a poor joke on the consumer. The voice recognition system operates with about a 50% accuracy and by the time you get the address entered, you have spent your entire trip arguing with the "Technology Package". Simple fix purchase a $100 Garmin and put it in front of the useless NAV screen. The road noise, harshness, and vibration is horrible the Honda CR-V has a much improved ride over the more expensive Acura. Handling the body roll is annoying and feels downright unstable on twisty roads. Fuel economy, throttle response, and acceleration are dismal on the "Multi-Point/Low Pressure Fuel Injection" compared to "Direct Injection" engines found on other similar and lower priced vehicles of the same vintage and category. The controls and displays are awkward at best and are not at all intuitive. Compared to earlier model Acura vehicles, these "technology" systems have taken a huge step backward. Oh, unlike the cheap Honda CR-V base model, this Acura does not include a rear cargo area floor mat. Imagine that! What can I say about the car that I like... it looks good, the leather feels nice, everything works (albeit it's a new car). I've been a Honda customer over the past 10 years, Honda makes a solid no-frills, trouble free, turn key vehicle. This was my first Acura and this will be my last Acura unless Acura gets serious about building a car to help a driver get from one place to another efficiently, easily, and with minimal frustration. Thank God I only took out a 3 year lease on this buggy I'll be happy to hand the keys back and tell the dealer they can find another Acura customer. Make sure to test drive this vehicle thoroughly (like for several hours and over bumpy twisty roads) before signing on the dotted line.

  • Nice ride - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    Reliability of a Honda, better interior, really a great ride. The reliability of the Audi and Volvo scared me away. The move to the 4 cylinder engines have poor performance and depending on where you live, are not that safe to drive. The twin turbo/supercharged engines will obviously have thier issues in time, so this feels like the right choice. However, the BMW, cruises on the open road a bit nicer. This starts pushing the rpm's at about 75, while the bmw will cruise up to 100 without breaking a sweat. There are minor advantages to each. Overall, I went with the reliability of the Honda brand. At 13K miles, it has been a great decision.

  • Acura RDX Rules !!!!! - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    I purchased a 2015 RDX, AWD Technology Package in May 2015. As time goes by I love the car even more. It has a smooth, quiet ride, great handling, excellent performance and great fuel economy (23.5 mpg avg). It also has an excellent sound system. The neighbors must wonder why I don't always get out of the car right away when I get home (because I am still listening to the stereo).

  • Worth the Money - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    This car gets mpg as advertised. I do mostly highway/suburbia driving and I'm at 26 mpg. You can get 30 mpg with all highway if you're light on the gas. I read some suspension complaints, and I understand why they're here. The back axle is pretty rigid and clunks over rough bumps. It's the only real problem with the car I've seen so far, but it's tolerable. The car handles great and has a smooth, linear power delivery with more than adequate acceleration. The transmission also shifts smoothly. The steering is a bit loose at slow speeds, but picks up heft with speed. Overall, this is a great car for the money.

  • Buyer beware - horrible suspension - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    I had a 2015 RDX AWD (non-tech package) for a year. Bottom the rear suspension on the RDX is horrible. Whenever you drive over the smallest bump on the road the rear suspension "clunks" and transmits the impact directly to the occupants. There's nothing wrong with the car (I had the dealer check) basically it's just poor suspension design. Unfortunately when I test drove the car it was on smooth recently paved roads - big mistake. Search any of the Acura owner/community sites and you'll see plenty of similar comments about the 2013 to present RDX and the same issue with 2014 - present MDX and TLX. There are other quality issues/non-user friendly quirks with the RDX but the horrible suspension was a deal breaker (and ridiculous for a $36K "luxury vehicle"). I've now sold the RDX - my first and last Honda/Acura product. Very happy with a German SUV now.

  • Excellent Luxury car for the price - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    Driving: Very smooth and comfortable and powerful Price: Best luxury SUV for this price. I would say very less when compare to other compact luxury SUV with given options Options: I dont want to blame that few options (like blind spot monitor) are available since i know it before buying. But the Bluetooth connectivity for phone is very poor. When i am using bluetooth calling, the audio is very poor and other end, they hear lot of noise (like wind blow sound). I have 2012 Camry but the bluetooth phone connection is very nice. Overall: I am very much satisfied for the price. I love my car. You can get lot of standard features in base model.

  • RDX---first 3 months - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    After getting a great deal on the base RDX using a buyers service, I'm pleased. Not thrilled but pleased with my first SUV. Sitting higher is a benefit with so many larger trucks and SUVs already on the road. I've used the RDX around town and on one long trip. Very comfortable seats on the trip for both driver and passenger. Lots of legroom and headroom. The rear seats fold but its a small SUV so don't expect to move beaucoup things. Wish it had come with a few tech package features like automatic rear tailgate opener/closer, xenon lights, and more blindside detection but it gets great safety ratings. Nobody uses NAV systems anymore so I'm not paying another $3k. Solid B+.

  • Love my car - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    I purchased the 2015 RDX AWD, I did not buy the tech package. I did add the fog lights. I love most everything about this car. Rides very nice and is quiet this was important to me. The stereo is nice and am happy about the satellite radio. My complaints would be no heat/air conditioning vent in the rear my former non luxury car had this. The mirrors hang out far on the sides really hard to get in my garage. I wish the temperature gage read larger. Overall a great purchase and my insurance did not go up. The RDX has a good safety rating.

  • It's great, but... - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    After driving the 2015 RDX AWD for 5 months, I am happy about the car, but not thrilled for sure. It has excellent space compared to competitors and my family loves the leg space in rear seat. Great looking interior and decent mileage for a 3.5L V6 AWD. I was confused whether to take the tech option or not and at the end I decided to save 3.5K, which Acura was charging for the package. But now I feel I should have taken it, as the basic model miss some 'basic' features that we expect in a luxury car. Like the power tailgate, halogen lamps and fog lamps. Acura should not be selling any car without these. Its a little annoying when Honda sells Accord with more features that Acura RDX..!

  • Overall a strong segment competitor with some significant gripes - 2015 Acura RDX
    By -

    Besides missing a few basic features its a great vehicle. Reliability and build quality are top notch for this segment. The design is more subjective but I like think its sporty.

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