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This Year's Model Updates:

The Acura MDX cruises into 2015 unchanged.

  • Quiet ride
  • Quick acceleration
  • Long list of standard and available features.
  • Capable handling
  • Excellent crash test safety scores
  • Good fuel economy
  • Touchscreen has so-so graphics and a distracting interface
  • Less cargo space behind the third row than some rivals.

User Reviews:

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  • Strange and dangerous downshift. - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    Be careful with the strange sudden acceleration when braking. Shifts into lower gear and lurches forward when applying break. Dealer recognizes this and tells me Acura needs to hear more complaints before addressing the problem. I'm worried a lot this during slippery roads.

  • GPS sucks! - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    I had great expectations for this car and it has been a great disappointment. Driving experience is excellent, comfy, well responsive, good visibility to the front. Poor visibility to the back when parking. Infotainment is big mess. I find using my i-phone more than car's features, because it takes so much time to enter or find any Point of interest from Acura database which is extremely poor or algorithms for searching are poorly designed. Acura owns apology to all owners for this mess and perhaps free update to fix it. It is also very slow in response and user experience requires numerous endless clicks to get to anything. I prefer hands down my GPS in 10 year old Honda Pilot EX than this new Acura. It seems that a lot of owners are furious over this infotainment fiasco. I really want to love this vehicle but in the future I will definitely look more closely at many other brands before buying another Acura.

  • 7 months into MDX AWD w/ tech - Using everything - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    My first MDX. Owned a TL and a TSX so familiar with the Acura style. Overall - great SUV. The most striking thing you will notice 1st is the ride. Here in N. Texas, very bumpy riding on hard concrete roads that heat crack and leave you wishing for quite & smooth blacktop. The MDX performs extremely well taking a lot of the smashing right out of the ride. The leather on the seats is the softest I've ever encountered. Handling is great with the AWD. Engine power is throaty and responsive. For improvements, the NAV is crazy. Found the best way is to just type in the address (good display for such). Trying to use the voice recognition for NAV is just stupid. You say, "Dallas, TX" and it says "Ft. Lauderdale, FL." Whatever. Also stupid is that the NAV system locks (most features) while driving. Come on! Hey Acura, there is a passenger who can NAV while driving! Any new car with a lot of features will eventually make you reach to understand the system instead of being intuitive. The NAV takes time. Once you have the address in, the NAV works great. Storage is good so long as the 3rd seats are not used. Using the seats leaves you with a small space left. Also, these 3rd-row seats are kid seats as grown ups will have a difficult time getting to them and being comfortable. I've had luck with the quality- no issues. Got a recall notice for the bolt on the compressor for AC. Easy fix they say. Dealership experience is great. Give you a free Acura loaner if your request. This is my wife's car and she loves it for herself and our daughter. In fact, my daughter always wants to take the MDX over my car.

  • sorry i purchased an acura mdx - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    very noisy cabin,very poor electronics,etc.radio,stereo,navigation,overall all electronics is very poor.very,very poor suspension,when you hit the smallest pot hole at a very low speed it sound like the tire is coming in the cabin to join you.very loud road noise.no sound barriers or noise insulation installed in vehicle.for the price of these vehicles you should have a much quietier ride.i owned o cadilac srx before purchasing the acura and my butt is so sore from kicking it for buying this over priced,over rated vehicle.beware buyers do not buy an acura mdx. I am very honest

  • Huge disappointment! - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    I have owned my 2015 MDX for about 8 months so far. I have tried to love it, or even like it, but I cannot. I traded in my 2008 MDX after six years of loyal service to “upgrade” to the new model. That was a big mistake. The 2008 MDX was a great car and I loved it from the day that I bought it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good at almost everything. The 2015 was a hassle starting on the day I drove it home. It was raining really hard outside, so we did most of the deal looking at the showroom floor model. My mistake. The salesman informed me that all models had parking sensors, fog lights, and Michelin tires and I assumed that he was correct. In fact, he had lied about all three… I got the dealership to agree to swap my tires to Michelins for free (they only come on the top of the line model now). The fog lights and parking sensors were something I should have checked, so I decided to pay for the upgrades myself. Buyer beware. The fog lights went in without issue, but the parking sensors were a joke. When you upgrade, you can only get rear sensors, not front, and they are not the same sensors that are used on the top model. My installed sensors were not flush with the bumper and they did not work. I had to back almost completely into a brick wall to make them start beeping. So a 50% success rate for dealer installed options. Not impressed. Why Acura would dream of building a $50,000 CUV, make it longer, and not include parking sensors as standard is beyond me! The changes from the 2008 to the 2015, or rather the 2nd generation MDX to the 3rd, were largely not improvements. The power to weight ratio is better on the new car, but acceleration feels anemic in comparison. The suspension is absolutely awful. I had the electromagnetic dampers on my 2008 and it was impressive in the corners! The new model feels far less confident when pushed and my front dampers have developed a constant squeak that causes pedestrians to watch my car as I drive past. The stereo in the old MDX was one of my favorite features and somehow they managed to ruin that on the new model as well. The bass response is weak at best. The touch screen controls are simply awful and make things like adjusting the fan speed for the climate control dangerous while driving. The safety features, like lane departure warning was such a nuisance that I had to disable it. The forward collision warning is dangerous. Mine would go off randomly when I wasn’t near another car! The last thing I want is for my car to slam on the brakes and cause an accident that otherwise would not happen. I spoke with the dealership about the function and was informed that sometimes metal manhole covers or expansion joints will cause the system to produce a false positive. Another safety feature that I had to disable. The materials used inside look and feel cheap. I have a black interior and much of the plastic actually appears to be dark brown. I have had people ask me about it as soon as they get into the car for the first time, so it is noticeable. Finally, the redesign has lowered the height of the vehicle, so while there is a slight increase in cargo space, I’m finding it to be less useable. Oh, I just received my first recall notice… Acura North America has been useless. To be fair, there are a few minor improvements. The cabin is generally much quieter, the LED headlights are great, and the gas mileage is better. I was previously getting 14-16 mpg city / 20-22 mpg highway and I am now seeing 19-21 city and 26-28 highway. If I could go back and undo this deal, I would! My 2008 MDX was superior in almost every way. Build quality has seriously gone downhill. I'm not sure if it's just with the introduction of the 3rd gen MDX or if it's also the assembly line moving from Canada to Alabama. If you are seriously considering a new MDX, I suggest that you take your money elsewhere. I wish I had.

  • My first step up. - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    I have had my MDX for 10 months now and have several problems that cannot be explained: The indicators for blind side vehicles will go off when no one is by them the gas cap light will go off when nothing is wrong the front breaking light will go off when there is nothing in front of me and the windshield wipers will go off when it is nice and bright and sunny. I'm told at the service area that they can't find anything wrong and cannot pinpoint the problem, but will keep checking the their update sheets and if anything comes across, they will let me know. This is a safety issue as far as I'm concerned as the breaking light comes on, my reaction is put the breaks on. Also, have a problem with the windows being down at high speeds, the tailgate wants to try to pop open, you can see gaps appear along the sides. Again the service agent cannot find anything wrong. I have the heated seats and it feels as if they were never turned off, making it a little uncomfortable during the summer months. The interior is comfortable, but with a lot of road noise handling is good and acceleration is really good. I am sorry that I spent what I did for this car.

  • It's on the inside what matter - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    The 2015 Acura MDX is not a "flashy" car to the normal eye but certainly does hold its own against other luxury SUV. Handling is very light but easy to get used to. The interior is where the MDX shines, materials are very nice inside and easily accessible however having the tech package you certainly must be good with today's technology because at certain points it can feel overwhelming. Road quality if very nice as well, having owned the Audi Q7 it is very comparable. However only having 15,000 miles I cannot touch base on reliability quite yet.

  • LKAS and LDW Do not work when car is hot - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    I live in AZ and have had this vehicle for 2 months and whenever the temps rise above 90 degrees and the car is parked in the sun the LKAS and LDW do not work. I get a message that the camera is too hot. 15-20 minutes later, the cameras start working but by that time I am already home. I purchased this car because of these safety features but did not realize they would not work. What a waste. I will not buy an Acura again. The navigation system is equally poor and does not recognize addresses or place names so it is another lost cause. I do not recommend buying this car for these features.

  • GPS and Bluetooth are unsable- get a base model - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    I have had my tech package MDX for over 6 months now and can confidently say that a $100 tomtom GPS beats the in-dash hands down. Boot time takes about 60 seconds. Sluggish input. Passenger cannot input an address while moving. score 0 of 10. The Bluetooth phone is horrible. People ask if I have the windows down or if they are on speaker phone. My $100 Plantronics voyager works perfectly. Also can't press any digits on touchscreen when vehicle is moving. But can use the iPhone to press # for conference calls, etc. 0/10 Save your money and get the base MDX. I do love the ride and 28mpg highway that I average. Probably the most comfortable front seats on any SUV out there. 10/10

  • Thermometer/AC problem - 2015 Acura MDX
    By -

    I haven't seen anybody else mention this, but it's probably my only problem with the car since I bought it last December. If I drive the car awhile, and then park it for an hour or so, the next time I take it out, the car thermometer will read about 10C to 14C degrees higher than what it should be. As a result, the AC will then blow full blast for about 5-10 minutes until the thermometer gradually adjusts itself to the correct temperature as I drive around. For instance, it could be about 17C degrees out, but when I take the car out later, the temperature might read about 29C degrees for a little while. If it stay less than 1h there is no problem at all.

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