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This Year's Model Updates:

The Acura MDX has been completely redesigned for 2014. Highlights include improved fuel economy, a higher-quality and quieter interior, and a new control interface.

  • Quiet ride
  • Quick acceleration
  • Long list of standard and available features.
  • Capable handling
  • Excellent crash test safety scores
  • Good fuel economy
  • Touchscreen has so-so graphics and a distracting interface
  • Less cargo space behind the third row than some rivals.

User Reviews:

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  • Great Car - But be aware - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    Car is great overall! Be sure to check for covered recalls and ensure the electronic transmission has been evaluated.

  • Another great Acura MDX - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

  • Nice highway suv - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    The mdx drives like a sedan on the highway. Comfortably and very quiet. Surprisingly good gas mileage for a full size vehicle.

  • MDX outshines previous Volvo - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    We got this because we needed more space and a 3rd row. This vehicle is great! We love the comfort and space. Would highly recommend it!

  • Best value I could find under $65K - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    Family SUV dream car. Very satisfied and will keep it for at least 10 years.

  • Just Dumped it - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    This was our third MDX, and the last. Unfortunately, they got progressively worse. We had a 2004 that was great for nearly 10 years. We bought a second in 2007 which was different, but fine. An accident with the 2007 left it with electrical issues that the Acura dealership couldn't fix after a dozen trips in so we got rid of it. I immediately bought a 2014 without really looking around - what a mistake. -The transmission and breaking are horrible. -The navigation system performs less reliably than my iPhone maps app. -The voice command system is completely worthless. -The seats are among the least comfortable I've been in. Overall, the 2014 MDX would be a disappointment at a price point 10K under what it sells for. I dumped it after 20K miles. Goodbye, Acura.

  • The car is not worth leasing or buying - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    I leased new Acura MDX in 2014 after talking to a dealer and reading a brochure. I was assured that Acura MDX was the highest rated luxury SUV built by company that cares about its reputation. After driving an Acura MDX for 18 month, I am extremely unsatisfied with the car’s performance. The engine is lacking in power, the car jumps at 20mph and 40mph points and stoles and shakes, so speed changes are very palpable inside the car. It also lacks in performance as it’s almost impossible to get the speed to 80mph. There are noises from the front and sides of the car every time the speed is over 40mph and they increase with speed. Break safety feature works at its own whim and beeps at any time, no matter if there are cars in front or if road is completely deserted. Lane departure feature is unusable, when its on, it beeps all the time and distracts from driving. Multi-view rear camera does not have all necessary angles to maneuver safely in a tight spot, it is too high and not a wide angle. However, absolutely unacceptable is the way audio system and navigations system work, or more accurately – don’t work. It’s a shame that car that costs more than some homes do has such a poorly designed and obviously malfunctioning navigation and audio systems. Navigation gps, if able to find an address at all, which happens 5 out of 10 times, will show you the longest route, if to the correct place at all. The directions end about 400 ft away from the address and you are left guessing about your final destination all the time. The gps screen is very user unfriendly and when you enter the city it “helps” you by showing you cities that start with the same letters you typed all over the US. Many times it cannot find the street or the house number on the street. Gps cannot be updated without spending additional $200 every year and it is about 10 years behind even on a new car, so any road or development built after 2005 will not be found by this gps. The good navigation system in the car was one of my main requirements when I was signing a new lease, because I use it for work, and I was assured by dealer that this is the car with best gps in the marketplace. I am ashamed every day to use it in front of clients because in most cases it will either take me to a different address, cannot find address at all, or directs me to drive 16 miles in a roundabout way when my destination is located 2-3 miles away. The features to find a place by name or by category usually show places that are on the other side of the country. If I am searching for closest coffee shop or gas station, it will usually direct me to KY or NJ, and I am in FL. You cannot find an airport by name or address or any other popular venue by name at all. Audio system does not work with blackberry phone, it does not transfer contracts, interferes with audio and navigation when linked to a phone, and changes settings automatically without me re-setting the system. There were so many times when after a phone call I was not able to disconnect, or not able to pick up a call at all, or the panel screen would freeze on the phone disconnect screen and would not switch back to navigation. Many other features do no work at all, but I have no use for them anyway. When talking on the phone, navigation sound increase so that you do not hear the person you are talking to. The voice recognition does not work, the voice dial does not work, I stopped using Bluetooth function completely because it interferes more than it was ever useful. So the second main feature why I leased this car is also not working, and creates a danger on the road when I have to hold the phone instead of being able to use a Bluetooth. Overall, I am completely dissatisfied with the car functionality and features. I asked the dealer to help, but if system does not work, it does not work, there is not much the dealer can do. I went to a dealer and asked him to exchange my car before expiration of the lease because it makes no sense to be paying over $550 a month for a car with features that don’t work and create problems for me. I wanted to get out of this lease and switch to Acura RDX without the crazy navigation and audio systems, just a basic car that drives (hopefully). But I was told that there is no way I can change the car until the end of the lease term. So my understanding of the situation is that car does not hold value and it makes no sense for company to buy it back. I send a letter to the Acura headquarters, and after a long conversation was told that they cannot help because every dealership is doing their own thing and the dealership only can make a decision to exchange the car. I advised both the headquarters and the dealership that I will use all available social media to share my experience with Acura.

  • Poor Customer Service - I will NEVER buy another! - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    As an owner of an Acura MDX I must express my sincere disappointment with the company's customer service (or lack thereof). The dealer from whom I bought my car lost its contract with Acura. (This can happen.) Acura has never contacted me to advise as to where I should take the vehicle for warranty work. The nearest Acura dealer is a 2 hour (one way) drive for me, but an certified Honda dealer is only 10 minutes away. Acura now sends me a recall notice informing me a bolt needs to be replaced. The Honda dealer tells me they can do the work, but it will be covered by Acura only with prior authorization. Acura denies authorization and will require me to undertake a 4 hour trip to effect this recall. Oh... and it took Acura 4 weeks and multiple calls on my part to decide my request to deal with the Honda dealer would be denied. Never once did Acura return my call. Oh. Acura did send me a letter to wish me a "Happy Anniversary" in recognition of my Acura Ownership. Based upon their lack of caring, and lack of responsiveness, I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ACURA!

  • Tech package does not work in Arizona heat - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    Brakes disks get damaged from heat, car vibrates when you brake, radiator leak after 30000 miles and Acura refused to fix under warranty saying it was damaged by a small stone hit from the road. I have news for you, Acura, Arizona is hot, cars radiator should be protected by design, and brake disks should not heat up and bend from normal driving.

  • Many many issues and trips to dealership - 2014 Acura MDX
    By -

    The voice control does not work Fit and finish is not up to par Door out of alignment Steering needed update Shim kit for squeaking noise in engine needed Infotainment system is the worst ever - you are locked out of basic functions while driving Nav system is a joke

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