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This Year's Model Updates:

All models get a tilt steering wheel and an electric trunk release as standard equipment. Three new exterior colors debut, while the three-speed automatic transmission gets dropped from the lineup.

  • Lack of refinement, overdone styling, old-tech engineering, sloppy handling, poor crash-test scores, uncomfortable cabin.

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  • My 1st car - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    Bought this car used around July 2016, as every 1st time car buyer I was skeptical at 1st but when I drove it for the 1st time I loved it. Also the previous owner installed a Bluetooth radio so Im always jamming out. 😂 However Id say that around a month after I got the car the shift cable broke and it was a $200 fix including the part for it. Then a couple months later at around 175,000 miles the brakes were bad when I got this car ( I knew it but didnt have enough to get it fixed) so I finally took it to get it repaired and I had a brake fluid leak, my brake shoes, drums, pads, and rotors needed replacing so all of that came out to a $300 fix. Now the car drives sooo smooth. However the check engine light keeps coming on and sometimes when driving all the dashboard lights come on and Im pretty sure its a sensor error somewhere. Every part of this car I want to restore before I eventually sell it but for now I really love this car. I have a red 2002 se and still driving like a champ. Might have a few dents and sun damage but its a cool ass car. However room interior could be better. This car I can clearly tell was made for the younger generation. This car is a smart investment because if you have any problems its pretty cheap to fix than cars nowadays. 😂 Like they said in the Pontiac commercial. "The Pontiac sunfire, get one for yourself." Also, awesome on gas compared to a Honda. For an older car it sure keeps up with time. If you ever see these cars on the road especially any Pontiac brand that owner is probably proud of their car.

  • The odds and ends just the ends - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    fuel pumps go bad, and my chain snapped at 120,000 but other than that lol, my advice change fuel filter every 30k and change your timing at 100k

  • I loved this car.... - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    This was my 2nd car ever, from April of 2006 to this past Monday (7/2/12) when a monster storm hit and did too much damage to be repaired (total loss). I went from 63,000 to 187,000 between 06/2009-06/2012, if that tells you how good this car is. I about cried when they told me I couldnt have it back. Only things Ive ever had to replace (besides tires/brakes) was the water pump and snake belt, which together was only 250, and the alternator went out this year and was 300. Thats less than 600 for all the wear and tear I figured I have put on it. If it hadnt been for the storm I couldve most likely driven this car another 3-5 years. Gonna miss, that is for sure.

  • Brand NEW CAR for $12,500 - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    This little car cant be beat for the bang for the Buck. I looked for 3 months and couldnt find anything close to the features of this car for the money.. auto, Powersunroof, kickbut stereo and head turning lines. Sure you wouldnt want to take a family vacation in it but for getting to work and cruising around town you cant go wrong. I dare you to find a car with this much to offer for what theyre getting.

  • Ronnie Perry - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    I bought this car in Jan. 2003. It had 22,000 miles on it and now it has 25,000 miles on it. Its dark navy blue. It runs great, and gets 26 miles per gallon on the hwy. The cars performance is awsome.

  • sunfireSE01 - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    Have had this car for 13 months now- bought it new and have 21,000+ miles on it. enjoy the "sun and sound" package (CD, sunroof) and the stereo sounds great. ABS and air conditioning were standard while traction control was standard with 2.2L 4-speed auto (have it also). For the money, this coupe delivers a handsome and reliable vehicle to those who want functionability without a $20k price tag.

  • Great price for a sporty coupe - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    Despite the increasing competition, I wanted a gas-sipping coupe with a sporty look that will keep profits in my country of residence (American built and designed). With all the rebates and price cutting going on, I compared specs and decided that I was going with a winner. I havent been disappointed yet. It is a really peppy little car, and feels significantly different with the new Ecotec 140 hp engine than the 98 Cavalier my wife once drove (which was a good car with no problems, part of my reason for going with a J- body again).

  • Great Car - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    This is my second sunfire SE coupe. I purchased this car in April 02 with 2 miles on it --- now it has 32,000 on it. This car is great. it has the sun & sound package and it gets 33 MPG on the highway and 26 MPG in the city. No problems runs great. looks good and less money than a civic ( I compared prior to purchase ). It has good performance for a small engine. just put custom wheels on it. looking forward to many trouble free years.

  • running like a top at 250,000 km - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    bought this car brand new with out even a test drive. cheap, good gas mlg. cheap price. 290k round trip a day Hwy 401. around 120 to 140 kmh daily. never over 3000 rpm. oil change every 26 days, one set of brakes, plugs and wires. in 5 years no problems runs like a top. passed emissions last week with flying colors.

  • Not great, but definitely good. - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
    By -

    Bought this car used with around 30k miles on it. I added 17" wheels and high performance tires which greatly helped handling. Overall this has been a good car with only two major problems thus far: At 62k miles I had to replace the fuel pump and computer. Was told that the bad computer attributed to the fuel pump problem. Total cost to repair was $480 (Would have been more but thankfully I have connections). I average around 28 mpg which isnt bad for an automatic. This car seems to still have that "hip appeal" because all of my sons teenage friends like it and my son wants this to be his first car. Hell probably get his wish in a couple years!!

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